Saturday, 18 September 2010

Strange bedfellows for me...

The Poop (sorry) Pope, worlds premier kiddy-fiddler cover up artist is now in Britain, presumably on the lookout for new talent to take back home to the Vatican city state to 'serve' at its altars. I have already blogged that I do not want him here or want to pay for his 'superstar tour' on which he (the vatican) will make an absurd amount of money while we ( the non catholic Brits) pick up the bill!

I think it is a complete disgrace that he is not being arrested for his part in the cover up of the child molestations that have occurred and most probably still are occurring! but who is going to listen to me...

What worries me however is not the old crossdressing nazi (ex, supposedly) so much as that I noticed in the Daily Wail yesterday that there are others who also are not best chuffed that he is here, so I am now ranked along with the likes of Peter Tatchell Stephen Fry, Ac Grayling and amazingly Sally Bercow, am I to suppose that I am turning left wing or something?
Sky pixies imaginary wonderland forbid!

Each of the above mentioned gets their little tuppeny worth said and in print and each says something that is reasonably well reasoned, well all except the Bercow cow anyway!

I liked Fry's comment the best, "The Vatican is in no real sense a state. Visit the place: it takes 50 minutes to walk round. You don't need a passport or visa to enter. So by all means come, but please don't ask the British taxpayer to foot the bill". Hear hear! I say, well said that (erm) man?

I cannot be bothered quoting the other shirtlifter supporters arguments, suffice it to say they have their own points and they are reasonably well phrased (so fair play to em).

Then we have the airhead/bimbo/braindead quote, why it was even included is beyond me. If this is what passes for intellectual comment in the MSM now I am glad I no longer subscribe to any, and I quote;

"The Pope has landed!" Followed by a wonderfully to the point and incisively  devastating by a piece of self serving tripe toadvertise herself as a caring Lieborite to as many minorities as she possibly can.."Mark the occasion by sponsoring my parachute jump for Stonewall UK and Gay Rights".

(Sally showing her knickers and hoping for a quick and successful jump)

Apparently I am not the only one irritated by this, MP Nadine Dorries (Tory)  said " Mrs Bercow just 'didn't get it' and was letting us all down"....

Sorry Nadine but 'Mrs' Bercow has got 'it' more times than a Cardinals choir boy ( from all accounts) and from every and any direction that was available in a drunken stupor (which would be the only way I would have her, and I would have to be very very drunkenly stupored at that).

Sally I wish you much luck with your parachute jump, yours is packed in the big bag marked with a red cross and the words first aid kit, remember when you jump out to count to 4,000 (using all your fingers and toes, or just try and remember 'all' the one night stands you have had) before pulling the chord ,OH Yes and do try to remember not to fall upwards won't you dear, gravity wants even the airheads to go in a downward direction!

The trouble with life is, if you live long enough you end up having the weirdest people agreeing with you!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if my original post was lost as upon clicking the publish button I received an error message so, here goes again.

It appears that the Nazi in the frock held a special religious ceremony on London on Friday morning for 3,000 children, boys and girls.

There is no truth to the rumour that it was a Papal, Pick and Mix for the faithful.

Indyanhat said...

Oh Bugger, I like it, Pick n Mix for the faithful...:)

I have been having a lot of error messages too recently! must be blogger methinks, or could it be censorship???

fraser said...

I have been getting alot of errors on blogger also.

If you pop over to my new home Indy you shall see what i have to say about the popes last remaining hours on our soil.

And Ms bercow,at my old place was refered to as an old spunker.