Sunday, 12 September 2010

Be advised DO NOT WATCH THIS!!!

I am not joking here! this is a truely unbelievably barbaric action and film. However the truth must be known and if you have the stomach for it this is it...

Please do not complain to me that this film is of 1999, or that things have changed! We here in the west have for too long been insulated by a press and governments who do not wish us to see the sort of things which may radicalise us against the scum who perpetrate acts such as the one shown above. As far as I know this has not happened to any of our troops as yet, but I hope for their sakes they NEVER fall into the hands of the enemy they fight...

It is time we ALL understood just what fate awaits us if we do not make a stand NOW against this sort of evil not wait too long people for our governments are being and have been subverted and they are trying to allow open borders for people animals like this to enter our lands and societies...Enoch Powell was right 30+ years ago and we took no notice, we chose not to look...well will you look now or turn your backs untill it is your turn?

I am not a right winger by any means but ...can I continue supporting governments who refuse to tell us the truth, who refuse to give us the means to defend ourselves and who let increasingly militant  people animals like these stride down OUR streets shouting and screaming for our blood, while our own people are restrained from protesting on these issues. There may be no alternative but to vote BNP... for one thing is for sure WE DO NOT NEED THIS TO COME HERE!!!

H/t to Barking Spider


AdamS said...

I saw one like this a while ago, only it was a kid doing the beheading, must have been no older than 14. He cut the guy's head right off and held it up as a trophy, these fellas just aren't hardcore enough, lol.


Barking Spider said...

Thanks, Indy, I couldn't bring myself to post this at my place - what a bunch of cunting barbarians!

Indyanhat said...

This is butchery, it makes the Japanese Samurai sword beheadings of WW2 look civilised by comparison and they raised a great anger and revulsion in the British people!

Spidey, you did the others I cannot turn away forever and even though it makes my skin crawl and my gorge rise these things must be shown the light of day by someone somewhere.
I will no doubt be accused of being BNP or somesuch by some/many but it is time we ordinary people spoke out.
I am no fan of the war in Afghanistan but I hope our troops are never left to this sort of abuse!

Anonymous said...

Which is why our lads never leave any wounded behind in a firefight in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Our officers and senior NCO's know the score and once deployed everyone is briefed on the situation regarding Islam and Geneva Convention.

You can figure out what they are told yourselves.

As for the BNP, I don't support them but have they killed anyone, ever? Fuck me some people are more afraid of words like racism than defending their whole way of life.

Its the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and I'm finding harder to believe we were a heroic nation once. This brainwashing of our people has got to end FFS.


Indyanhat said...

I can well believe our troops are well briefed on what may happen to them if captured by the opposition, that they do not leave their mates behind is a testement to their professional standards and character. We have always had the best troops in the world, and still do!
Bless em all and may they come home safe.
Its the politicians who are to blame for starting these wars, I say if they want war they should be the first on the front line and the ast to leave!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Indy, I'm too chicken to watch this. I can tell it is HORRIBLE. You are good to post it, as people must be aware of these monsters.

Indyanhat said...

You Bunni my little cherub are far far too delicate to view this...It gave me nightmares and I am far from cherublike!

Amusing Bunni said...

Ahhhh, what a nice comment, you made my day!
I'll stick with cute kitty video's, thank you!