Wednesday, 22 September 2010

IRAN calls for NEW WORLD ORDER!!! what is going on here????

What is occurring here????

The Iranian president speaking at the UN has called for a NEW WORLD ORDER????

In a departure from his usual fiery rhetoric, the president has calmly stated that the western capitalist regime is all but over and in a departure from its usual practice the USA, which usually walks out when he speaks leaving just a notetaker, had its entire delegation stay to listen to him make his speech???

We have been waiting recently for an attack on Iran and its nuclear facilities, if not from the USA then from the Israelies. This has not come to fruition even though the rhetoric and the troop movements suggested it was well on the cards. Now instead of giving his usual "Damn America" type speech Ahminejad has suddenly become a voice of 'reason', roughly mirroring much of what the US administration have been putting out.

What are we to make of this volte-face?

I cannot tell you the answer to that question but I have to admit to being very disturbed by this latest turn of events. View it for your self ...

See what I mean?

There is more here Fox News , now people we all know fox is a government tool and they are reporting this way????

Tell me I am dreaming, tell me this is not happpening, tell me I should not be worried and I will tell you to WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

Big hat tip to On the ball BUNNI!!


Dazed And Confused said...

On our beloved state broadcasters news channel yesterday they broadcast This Robert Mugabe speech at the U.N., to run back to back with Amadinejad, as sort of a matter of fact reality, of what was right and wrong these days, in the lefts opinion of the World. No beeboid criticism of either despot, just a matter of fact, well there we have it pronouncement of the way things are heading.

Indyanhat said...

We have been/are being sold out by our so called leaders here Dazed, WTF its going to come to I shudder to think!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Indy! I glad I'm not the only one who sees what is going on here. I know you, CS, and all the mates "get it". This wasn't in any of the MSM outlets. And out here, FOX News, IMHO, is not a tool of the gov't. obummer HATES them, he tried to shut them down. He said they are not "Real News". I don't know if that is smoke & mirrors? But Fox is good. Frankly, I'm surprised they put this out. Who knows, as I study up on this more and more, the wormhole gets deeper, so before I starting digging a bunker and hoarding gold, I better stop being so analytical ;-)

Thanks for the h/t. I'd rather be on the ball than behind the 8 ball ;-)

AdamS said...

Mahmoud is a troublemaker for sure. Not the first time, this one's from April:

He is also Crypto, like the Saudi royals are.

That said, what his game really is, is hard to tell.

Indyanhat said...

Bunni , you are welcome to the H/T as you pointed me at it...I have never liked Fox news but if you say O'bummers agin them I will take your word for it (for now)

Adam, thanks for the link, I had not heard that bit of news WTF is going on ....

The Old Statesman said...

Hello Indy

I think it is apparent that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is planning to exploit the empty gulf left by the Obama administration's inability to produce a coherent foreign policy. Iran clearly desires a greater role on the international stage, and it is inevitable that if it is to shed its negative image in the West, it will have to move away from the extremist dogma it has preached in the past.

I speculate that the USA is too distracted by the Sarah Palin/Tea Party headlines that will be central to the outcome of the midterm elections in November. At the current time, Obama will be more concerned about the opinions of his own countrymen than those abroad.

Iran has recently approved an economic reform plan to reduce its budget deficits by reducing state subsidies, and inevitably in the long-term this will mean a move towards a free-market economy. Iran relies largely on petrochemical exports and its service industries to keep its economy running, and this suggests that maybe it has more in common with the USA than either side would like to admit.