Friday, 17 September 2010

We have been conned....the truth about light ...

I have never liked these bulbs and hated having to switch to them when our totalitarian government decided it was 'best' for us and the world....well they as per usual lied through their teeth and we will all pay the price!

Full marks to Timothy anti-terrorist and a big Hat tip to The Cap'n


Smoking Hot said...

In their quest to get everyone using these subsidies have been given in order to sell them cheap. lt started over a year ago and stores such as Asda and Tesco sold them for 1p ... l kid you not. We filled our boots but only with the most useable 20w and 23w. We have hundreds of them. These same bulbs are now £1 min. They still have offers but are the 11w which are bloody useless but are 3 for £1.

We don't use them though as we have stocks of the higher wattage tunsten bulbs that will last us for our needs indefinitely. We sell the others at 50p ... happy days!

lncidentally the problem will be when councils start fining householders for putting the used ones in the garbage. lt's not happening yet, but mark my words ... it will.

Amusing Bunni said...

I hate these bulbs too, and don't use them. They gave them away free at a chicago police meeting, and I got a few....they make your lamps look stupid and stick out of the shades, etc. plus they're POISON.
The Anti terrorist rocks.
Have a nice weekend, Indy.

Indyanhat said...

SH, I wish we had had the foresight you have shown, when I did et round to it there were none left in our area!

Bunni youre so right on the way they look and yes, the AT really rocks!