Monday, 13 September 2010

Compare and Contrast...and think on...

How are they allowed to do this? There is no respect here for our laws and our country let alone our freedoms (save to abuse them) or our Queen.

The EDL have been banned from marching recently, their marches appear to be expressing a real concern felt by many of the British public, and yet the Muslims march with the UAF in support and scream for the destruction of our democracy and the institution of Sharia law upon us all. No one seems willing to stop them from doing these things, no one stops them from burning our and the USAs flags, why not?

I do not wish to see protesters stopped from marching in protest of the many and varied things people feel the need to protest about, but I do not wish to hear people screaming for the destruction of the very system that gives us a right to  march, I do not wish to hear people shouting for the burning of our Queen and country, surely this is or ought to be a crime. Surely this is a treasonous act to engage in , is it not after all an exhortation to damage us and the place we all live in.

After my postings of the last few days every time I see this sort of thing happening on the streets of our country I feel a deep unease and indeed a fear that this will soon escalate into uncontrollable violence and civil unrest, and I worry that the winners of that contest will be the hate-mongers, the flag burners...where is the peace of the Muslim greeting "a'salaama laikum"(peace be on you) it is nowhere to be seen here.

What can be seen is a desire to drive others into an act against them, so they can play the minority being persecuted card. They may have had some chance of winning the empathy and even support of the British people if their demonstration was quiet and dignified, a demonstration of the peace that they claim their religion brings, but what we see time and again are the shouting, screaming crowds baying for the destruction of our way of life. If they were doing the same against a Muslim government elsewhere in the world I do not think they would enjoy the same tolerance, as was shown in Iran in the demonstrations in which Needa died

The Police (and Politicians) should think hard about what is going on here, it is an offence ( a race hate crime ) to burn one of their black flags and yet it is not a problem for them to burn ours???? The British people do not like to see this kind of double standard used against them and I fear they will not tolerate it for much longer!

Think hard on what you see and who supports whom!

I, for one, am getting very afraid that our Democracy, critically weakened as it has been by successive governments who have sold our sovereignty to the EU,  may well collapse in the face of this internal threat.

I do not worry about terrorism striking our country from outside sources, I worry about the man standing next to me in the street, if we cannot live in peace and settle our differences through the law established in this 'our' country then we are all in great danger!

Hat tip to New English Review for the video!


Dazed And Confused said...

Just a thought.....But How About......

Indyanhat said...

Interesting link that D&C thanks still reading it at the moment. It IS a bit of a text to chew through but has a lot of stuff to think about within it!