Sunday, 5 September 2010

Blair arrest...well done Kate O sullivan

Well Tony it seems us bothersome little people just will not go away eh! Its high time you realised wherever you go and however long it takes there will always be one of us about to step up to you and say as Kate did "Tony Blair I arrest you for crimes against peace, for genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq and for waging an illegal war on innocent people"

We will never go away Tony! remember that and always be looking over your shoulder for one day one of us will make that claim against you stick and you will find yourself where you thouroughly deserve to be 'behind bars' and not the kind they serve alcohol at matey!

Well done Kate nice try, if you read this then you have my admiration for your attempted arrest. How they have the audacity to arrest a person for attempting to arrest a criminal is beyond my understanding, any one so involved should themselves be arrested for perverting the course of justice!

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