Wednesday, 1 September 2010

So Iain Dale is ashamed of us....

Iain Dale was just on Sky news commenting on the Newspapers, and said he was ashamed of Bloggers..

Over what did I hear you ask?, over the way in which the blogging community had villified William Hague over spending a night in a room with his aide during the general election...

Hold on a minute Iain, I think that saying that is a bit strong don't you?

I certainly never said anything about Hague or his room sharing, nor to the best of my recollection do I remember anyone that I read having said anything about the matter either!

I may not be widely read on the net and I may also have a limited selection of blogs that I in turn read, but as I said I saw nothing on this subject.

So what does your comment amount to then Iain, tarring us all with the same brush is it?

I am offended Mr Dale, if you read rubbish sites here in the blogosphere then be ashamed of them, name them! and let your shame at least be identifiable. It irks me that you should cast such vague generalisations on the legions of bloggers out here, many of whom do a fine job of exposing the weaknesses of the government and even individuals within it. 

That 'some' bloggers, no doubt anti Tory ones in this instance, would try to villify Hague in this manner is unsuprising really. Should you not have identified the section of the community that these things came from to warn readers of the perils of reading such rubbish! I think you have done the whole blogging fraternity a disservice here Iain and I think you did it to 'sound' good on the telly! 

I'm glad you are not on my blog list Iain as it saves me the trouble of removing you, and I should think again if I were you, for the person to be ashamed most is the one who makes unsubstantiated allegations, you as a blogger should know this!!! and in the face of that knowledge the person I am most ashamed of being a blogger at the present moment is YOU!! in your highly visible role of blogging spokesperson.

I'm afraid I have to agree with certain other bloggers that I do read, that you are a pompous ass!!

In other more important news , I see the copper who abused the squaddie by punching and rubbing his face on the road has been severely told off by the judge on his case and given THREE YEARS , Well done Judge, welll done!


Smoking Hot said...

l can only post my comment to Obo

"Obo, you are so wrong on this ... how dare you? You sound like my wife complaining about my new secretary.

Ok, my new secreatary may wear provocative clothing and in these harsh financial times has to share a room with me when we are away on business.

I personally deemed her qualifications for the position of personal secretary above all other applicants. Although l must admit that it would be a bonus if she could type and have a little more knowledge of a computer than Facebook."

Indyanhat said...

You mean he's who Poofty Dale is ashamed of???
I read him for a bit but he was pretty fucking boring mostly, so I stopped bothering!
If Dale gets airiated enough over Obo to be ashamed of the whole bloggging community his panties are twisted tighter that I thought they were!!!

Indyanhat said...

I may however have to look again at Obo as I have just seen his piece on the Dale shit, and he was making a lot of sense!!
Maybe I was just viewing him in an off period or something...

Barking Spider said...

It was mostly talked about by Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes as far as I know, Indy, I just looked at it as another spiteful non-story - which has now cost a man his job!

fraser said...

Very well put Indy,Iain Dale is a cock.
B.S,same as that its a non-story really Iain Dale and Guido want to be popular,they are not much better than the M.S.M

Indyanhat said...

You mean Dale is complaining about being ashamed of himself...I suppose he's still whipping himself for being a fat poofter then! Why does he not just FUCK OFF! and leave us all in peace!

I just knew neither of them were worth reading on a regular basis from the word go, they are or seem to me to be govt plants!

Anonymous said...

Well said!

As you know, I have been banging on for ages about what a pompous media whore that fat poof is. Perhaps, after his latest tonguing of the MSM arse crack, a few more will begin to realise it too.

Incidentally, I did a post on that Hague thing a week or so ago. Just saying ;-)

Indyanhat said...

I'm sorry GOT I read you most every day, maybe missed a couple while in Scotland, whatever Dale is still a sychophantic fat snot and I really do not like his tarring us all in the way he did...pissed me right off it did!

The Old Statesman said...

Hello Indy,

Once again, I find that you have touched upon a subject very close to my heart! As you alluded to, my blog is only five entries old (younger than the entry that I am commenting on, in fact) but already I am starting to feel a part of a bigger community and I don't really see the benefit in someone being critical of certain elements of that community just because our opinions are different to his.

I'm afraid I don't know who Iain Dale is - perhaps someone could give me info so I can see/read his comments myself? - but I read an article by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown very recently about the same subject.

I should point out that I do not feel any particular antipathy towards William Hague - but I am critical of his behaviour because I feel it shows poor judgement, and as a voter, this concerns me more than whether he is gay or not.

My response to Ms Alibhai-Brown can be found here:

Indy, thank you for your kind comments on my previous entry. I very much look forward to reading your blog in future. As soon as I have arranged to link to other blogs on my site, I shall definitely have a link to yours.

Kind regards,

The Old Statesman

Indyanhat said...

OS Iain Dale is a tory blogger, his site can be found here;
I have never liked his style though he can at times have some interesting things to talk about (but then just about anyone can manage that I suppose) He does have his fingers on the 'Westminster pulse' and is often called upon to speak on the gogglebox. supposedly he is one of the countries top bloggers, but as I intimated that is a matter of taste, and probably politics.

As to being new round here ,I have only been blogging since just before the General Election this year, so welcome to the fools paradise of the blogosphere!

If I can help at all please feel free to e.mail me for a private chat, if you wish!