Sunday, 19 September 2010

ALERT! Swine Flu vaccine to be combined with seasonal flu jab WTF!!!!

A short piece in the Newsof the World today gives us the information that the notorious Swine Flu vaccine is to be presented in the seasonal flu jab to all OAPs, expectant mothers and others at risk..

Given the controversy over the UNTESTED vaccine which roared at the time, how is it that the PTB can now slip this wholly unwanted vaccine onto the population in this way. It wasn't accepted then and it will not be accepted again if offered as a single jab. 

But that is not the way it is being done this time around, this time people at risk will have no choice, literally being forced by the PTB to take a medicine that few would accept any other way.

This is not our GOVERNMENT BY CONSENT! this is the totalitarian state abusing the people it is supposed to serve.

The so called pandemic never materialised, and what is more the panic instilled by the BIG PHARMA and the WHO was all based on faulty science and lies...

We all need to let everyone know that this is happening and educate everyone as to the reasons that they are doing this to us, look back at the scientists who opposed this the first time around and all their reasoning based on the facts of mixing viruses together and then applying them to a large population base to cause the mutation of both viruses to become the killer that the original never was....

WAKE UP PEOPLE and WAKE UP NOW!!! we need to make a lot of noise about this very quickly or it will be a done deal and the end will be in sight!

Ask the right questions and tell them NO, the debacle that was the Swine Flu pandemic along with its wasted £billions, claimed no resignations, the WHO was not censured and reformed to it's original remit, it can still call for the emergency vaccination of every living soul (even by force) if it so deems it needed....This must be stopped NOW

Update on the above in this video

Thanks and a big Hat tip to The Gorgeous Bunni


Caratacus said...

Hi Indy, made sure my kids were vaccinated against absolutely fuck all in their childhood and in the years following. They are now a disgracefully healthy 32,27 and 24 respectively.

Apart from a loathing for all things bureaucratic in general and medical in particular, they seem to be normal in every way. Which is more than may be said for their father...

Indyanhat said...

Caratacus, you did well with your kids protecting them in that way, what needs doing now is protecting everyone from this lunacy they are about to foist off on us all.
Please make as much noise as you can about this, I will try to find the links to the relevant research again and post them for all to see but they need spreading!

Amusing Bunni said...

I have been reading about this too, and AJ had a great video about it with a dr. I posted on my FB page

"In case you are even THINKING of getting a Flu Shot, you need to watch this. I wouldn't get one for ANYTHING! But, if you still feel the need to have one, do what this Dr. says!

Lucky for me, I never had a FLU shot in MY WHOLE life that I know of, maybe when I was a kid, if it was mandated by the school, but I don't recall. My mum didn't believe in them either. I've had a life long distrust of dr.s and hospitals, and I'm that I know about the NWO plans and stuff. I was against shots before I "woke up".

It's sickening now, every paper, drugstore ad etc. is promoting "Get ur shots" only $30...., bring your baby, if you're pregnant you really need it" Bullshit.
They are trying to create autism so they get special ed money and also to dumb down and kill humanity.

Once the scales fall from your eyes, all this crap suddenly starts to make sense.

Indyanhat said...

Bunni , you are a sweetheart, I have had to be out all day so not had time to do any looking up of links yet , so your film comes as a 'godsend' I will add it in to the post and thank you very very much, big kissy from me darlin MWWWAAAHHHH!

Amusing Bunni said...

Awwww, I'm blushing, I'm glad you liked it. It was really good timing, GMTA that's for sure! If I can be a Godsend, I am happy to do the Lord's work in my own little way ;-)

Thank you for the glowing h/t ;-)