Sunday, 12 September 2010

Too sickened to post on this...

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I just cannot post these vids here as they sicken me completely!

I know the Catholics burnt witches, but for fucks sake that was hundreds of years ago, surely we have evolved away from such hideous practices by now!!!

Anyone who can do this to another human being deserves to have the same done to them, these people are sick and evil, their twisted idea's and religious ideology which gives them a spurious excuse should not be allowed the light of day in this 'our' world!!

That these kinds of people are flocking to our shores and taking up residence bringing with them this mentality, this barbarity....

I have rarely been this sickened by mans inhumanity to man and do not think I will ever 'get over' it. I do not trust that there is such a thing as a moderate muslim anymore, for if there were then these horrific deeds would have/should have been stopped years ago.

Where is the outcry over this, where are the Muslim rescue/aid resources like our Amnesty International that are fighting this stuff tooth and claw? 

Would I support such an initiative, 'with all my heart', but instead all I see is Muslims burning our flags, burning our bibles, threatening us with the horrors that they show no compunction in dealing out to their own people, how much worse will they treat those they see as the 'enemy'?

I am afraid, yes today I am very afraid!! 

I have defended the Muslims over the 9/11 attacks (which I cannot believe were orchestrated by them) but this is indefensible. Perhaps we needed the false flag attacks to wake the people up to this horror...No, the false flag attacks were still wrong and the barbaritty of them matches the barbarity shown in the vids easily...perhaps it is me who is wrong and the WHOLE of humanity reeks with the stench of evil, if so then the sooner we ALL are expunged from this planet the better!!!!

We truely are in the last days!!


Anonymous said...

You can understand why Hindus don't want anything to do with them (Muhammadans). Throughout the 11th and 12th centuries Islam killed over 100 million in India.

Islam, the machine that says convert or die - and they die.

Islam, the religion of slavery for 1400 years - blacks especially.

Islam the unchangeable, hides its true intentions until the time is just right.

Islam the superior, the only religion to be left standing when all the others have been crushed.

Feeling wide awake now Indy, good to see. Some of us have been awake a while longer mate, saw how English towns changed during the 60's, the 70's and the 80's. Saw how they were organising as the 30-fold increase in their numbers told us what the future will be like.

Watched as our dhimmi politicians allowed huge numbers to settle here, to break our nationhood and destroy our way of life. The most useful of 'useful idiots' you could imagine.

Oh yes, Parliament really is the enemy of the English Nation.


Indyanhat said...

Yes I am awake Steve, to a lot more than just the Muslim issue as well. I have avoided the inner cities for many years now since in fact the 70s as I saw what was happening and did not like it, perhaps it was wrong of me to do so but there was no real way of protesting without joining the skinheads/NF, neither a natural place for me.
What is now becoming apparent as the numbers grow and the beast raises its head to roar at us is there is NO political will to protect our freedoms and traditional lifestyle. I deplore the state of our government and its cowardice in facing the real issues, but what can be done?
Yes I did not post the vids this time round but will do some other time, we need to protect our own and protest strongly, whether that will change anything I am unsure...but try we must!

Amusing Bunni said...

I say the same thing all the time, Indy. It's the last days time and people who don't read the bible esp. revelation, are in for a world of hurt.
NOT organized religion, they suck ass, esp. those pedo catholics, scum of the earth....but
just a God fearing person and the bible.
And those that deny God are in trouble too, I have to say it. I know you guys out there don't take much stock in the Bible, but it's our only hope now.

No wonder obummer the devil's minion made fun of the "Bitter people who cling to their bibles and guns"

At least we can be happy they'll be in hell for eternity...I'm sure there's an extra awful place for him, and blair.

Indyanhat said...

Bunni my love you may be surprised what people take stock of out here!

We bloggers are the visible awake ones and as such will be the first that get taken down I would think. That we know this speaks loudly of our belief in something worth fighting for, we all have different terms for it some speak in religious terms, others speak of morals/right and wrong. Who knows what moves us to do what we do but didn't some one say the sky pixie moves in mysterious ways eh!