Thursday, 19 August 2010

What you see is what you get...if youre lucky!!

Pretty is she not?
I think so, what she might think of me and my chances are of course up to her, but whatever, I like looking at her and the women like her that inhabit my world. Some may call me names like "dirty old man" etc. but I really do not care what they think!
Women have every right to be free to dress as they wish, however, and the point of this post really, I do not include in that right the complete covering of anyone, male or female, and I will give you some reasons why.
When I can see a face I can tell whether the person it belongs to is happy or sad, in need of help or content to rely upon themselves...many things can be told from a face for those observant enough to percieve!

For an old man like me there is a certain pleasure in the sight of a pretty young thing dressed to thrill her intended quarry (whoever that may be), we have fought against repression for hundreds of years in this country, we have fought for the right and the safety for these young things (and the not so young things) to express themselves as they wish, and I for one would not see them stopped from doing so. In my lifetime I have seen fashion go round full circle through mini skirts, midi's, maxi's and back again...
and I would much, much rather see this...

or this

or this

than this

or this

well not as you might think because I can see more flesh and become excited by the sight of it (thats just a nice side effect) but more because I can see the faces of the women, and the less clothing (or tighter) the less I have to worry that they are hiding something beneath the cloth they wear. For instance I do not have to worry that what is beneath the robe and veil is one of these...

Possibly carrying one of these...

or maybe the robe wearer, male or female, is wearing one of these...

I do not like to feel unsafe within the borders of my own country, and the truth is that anybody wearing clothing which is so all enveloping, and of a religion which espouses violence towards me and my kind, IS a potential threat, no matter how innocent they may compain they really are. Also women who wear as little as this

rarely are able to hide abuse such as this

This is the result of 50 lashes for appearing before men not of her family wearing less than the full niquab, even though such a thing may have been unintentional/accidental. I do not agree with this sort of brutality at all, and will always defend a womans right to be safe, wearing whatever she likes, but NOT to hide permanently behind a winding sheet which will serve just as well as her death shroud!

Ladies of the world should be celebrated for their beauty, and their freedom to cleave to any one of us 'men' should be her choice and decision, the wearing of the Burkha and Niquab is nothing short of a kind of chastity belt for a slave!

For any who may disagree with me, I would suggest that you go to a country that requires the wearing of such garments, for you really do not wish to be a part of this 'my' country, or you would live by the mores of this country, and respect the fact that the Burkha especially, can and does seperate you from us and causes fear and revulsion.
I admit this 'my' society has many things wrong with it but it does not need or wish to be taken over by a fundamentalist religion which forbids half of itself from showing their face!


ChastityDevice said...

I love chastity belt

Indyanhat said...

CD I can see from tracking you back that you do indeed love chastity belts, and though I mentioned them in my post they were not the same kind that you favour!
I have no problem with consenting adults wearing the kind of devices that you 'enjoy', that is up to you! However the complete removal from society of a person by the veiling tactic is not, I repeat not a healthy thing, as it can hide all sorts of things as I point out!
Thanks for your input, having read some of your blog I may do a post about the subject in which case I will link to your 'very' informative blog.

Too funny WV is Nolesle!

Anonymous said...

Those bin bags are just Sooooo empowering dont you think....does my bomb look big in this...

Indyanhat said...

That anon is a question no gentleman should EVER attempt to answer, but as you ask yes it looks fucking huge!

Amusing Bunni said...

Good Post, Indy.
I can't think of why any woman would consent to wear those hideous burkha's. Esp. where it's hot out.

If I had the bad luck to be born into that system, I'd of run away.

Indyanhat said...

Bunni, there are few things that get me worked up more than women being brutalised and beaten...grrr...hiding the evidence under a blanket just makes it worse as far as I can see!