Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ashes to ashes-council jobsworths to dust...

Sandwell..Sand-well...San dwell....what the fuck are you playing at, picking on OAPs is that the height of your aspirations for your citizens?

Cigarette ash?...are you out of your tiny misbegotten minds!!!

I am a smoker myself and I feel like coming there and puffing up a storm, flicking my ash everywhere and generally making a desperate criminal of myself just to see if one of your flourescent coated nazi scumbags has the effrontery to hand me a ticket.....

Shall I tell you where that ticket will be found milliseconds later?... do you think you can guess?

I have had it to the back teeth with the council apointed jobsworths, I am not JOKING HERE!!!

Let just one of them try it on with me ( a fairly able bodied person) and you will need to advertise for a replacement

70 + year olds are now the focus of the nazi state, as if they did not have enough to worry about with rising prices and all the other shite that is going on, now they cannot even flick ash off their ciggies in peace. What difference does it make to the environment ...NONE...what about all the gum chewing (filthy habit) vegetarians then, spitting gum onto the pavements to be picked up on shoes or bags you put down, half the pavements in the country look like fucking leopards or spotted hyenas!

Sick to the back teeth  with all of you, and if the lady in question needs a few quid to fight you nazi scum then I will reach into my pocket on her behalf, and if (god forbid) any magistrate i,s stupid enough to allow the case against her  then be prepared for mass demonstrations at the council offices, at the courts, at the homes of the officious little bastards that served a completely spurious fine on her.

WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! the Liebore years of your anonimity have passed and we will find you and we will watch you and god help you if you drop anything, anything at all anywhere!!!

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Anonymous said...

They don't know it but these drones of the state are digging their own graves mate. I'd say we're about one year away from civil unrest - on a scale not seen since the 19th century.

On a wider note the LibLabCon are gonna burn for what they've done to our nation over the past 50 years. Burn in hellfire.


Indyanhat said...

The worm turns on the simplest of things....the least of things...the camels back is broken by outrage over one more fleabite...its coming Steve and very soooon I would say!

tris said...

Sometimes you really wonder... you really really wonder.

There are people starving; there are people sick, and some twat is wandering around looking for people who haven't had the foresight to bring an ashtray and demanded a wind free day before they ahve a cigarette OUTSIDE.

I'm not a smoker and I loathe the smell of cigarette smoke, but come on... people have to be able to smoke somewhere, and tehy may not like the smell of my cologne ....

I'm a bit like you Indy... I'd happily light up a cigarette just to piss them off.

The idiot who did this should be in the dock for wasting police time.

Indyanhat said...

Hiya Tris, this is a case of councilitis gone rabid! It is all beyond the pale now if this is how much they think they control us/wish to control us.
Hell (Sandwell is miles from here but I am thinking of going there just to piss them off!
The costs of these litter nazis is far beyond the wage for a street cleaner, employ more of the latter and stop bothering people who are just going about their daily routine!

tris said...

LOL... Piss away matey.

I have to say I get angry with people who litter just because they can't be bothered to find a bin.

My boss for example, who opened a packet of cigarettes as we were driving along the road into town, and dropped the wrapper out the window (St Andrews educated too!!)

Or kids at lunch time near where I live, leaving their fast food wrappers for someone else to pick up, or for us to enjoy. At 2 pm, the place looks like a tip, liteally!

In particular I get angry about it being done in the countryside, which I love. From drink cans to three piece suites dumped in the beauty of our countryside....GRRRRRR

But for heaven's sake, cigarette ash .... I mean next they will have you up for rubbing your hands together and depositing billions of dead skin cells all over their precious road....

tris said...

PS... dunno why, but you weren't on my bloglist... that's remedied now!

Indyanhat said...

Thanks Tris for the add to your list, I dunno why I wasn't on your list either, perhaps because it has been a busy time for all since the election (I started in April) and it takes a while to service the blog roll you have let alone find newcomers.
No probs !