Saturday, 21 August 2010

Indy (thats me) to tour Scotland...

Starting monday evening my sprog and I are going to be doing a round trip of Scotland (he's learning to drive) to give him some serious road time on (relatively quiet) and good roads.

We are doing a complete round the Highlands tour starting Tuesday morning from Loch Lomond and working our way up through Ft William, Ullapool, Durness at the top, across to John O Groats then down to Inverness across to Aberdeen, Dundee then Edinburgh and Home again!

There are 2 reasons for blogging this here;

1. He's a learner so if you're about then please be kind... on the other hand you have been warned now so you could stay indoors about when we pootle past!


2. If you are one of the merry band of Scottish bloggers that occasionally visit my humble little rant here on the blogosphere and live somewhere closeish to our intended route and would like to meet up in a cafe or hostelry for a chat then please e.mail me a contact number and I will give you a bell as we come through your neck of the woods.

Time is limited so I would imagine 1/2 an hour to an hour will be the longest we want to stop in the day, we will be camping overnight though so a pub meal and meet up are not out of the question depending where we stop!

The Hook???

Anyone answering this call by the time we leave (about 5ish Monday evening, last computer session) will have a bottle of Chateau Indy put into the boot as a gift on meet-up (can't say fairer than that now can I?) ((sorry its all red)).

I am not seeking a place to stay or even to visit anyone at their home, the offer is on for a meet and greet so we can put a face to the blog owner, its completely up to you.

Just look out for the Hat!


fraser said...

Its realy should try a bit of speyside.I'm seriously thinking of relocating to the Highlands.

Just steer clear of Alex Salmond

Indyanhat said...

Fraser, I know Scotland is beautiful, I know it well and have lived in the far north up near JoGroats before The journey is to retrace some of my ols footsteps and show the sprog the stunning land that I still think of as my home!

We will get a few drams as we progress round I expect plus a few pints of heavy and a haggis supper or two...can hardly wait!

Caratacus said...

Have a great time Indy.

I told my kids when they learnt to drive to imagine that every other driver on the road is a homicidal maniac. I survived years on a motorbike following this course!

Amusing Bunni said...

Have a fun time with your Son, Indy!
This will be a great experience for you and he.
Can't wait to read about your adventure, and I hope you meet up w/ some of your blogging pals.
Have a nice Sunday.

Indyanhat said...

Caractacus, already told him that one, thanks!. My dad told me it when I first started and as a biker for the last 40 years its very true!

Bunni , thanks love we will have a great time , so far no bloggers have volunteered to meet up, we will detour a bit if needed! I don't think they want to meet up as it happens, we will see there is time yet!