Friday, 6 August 2010

Thugs no other word for em!!

Well, obviously peeved at not being able to attend the Raoul Moat electrification test, these two supposed Police officers attempt to cause heart attack and or injury on a hardened criminal, his crime nort wearing a seatbelt!!

What a felon eh!, obviously the Police reaction was completely proportionate and balanced in view of the seriousness of the offence they were dealing with!!

I don't know about you but I have had enough of this BULLSHIT!, the Police are acting like rabid animals with no fear of any sort of comeback for their applied thuggery. I know that there are still a few good coppers, old style coppers about , my advice to them is GET OUT NOW!!! so we know that the rest are just legitimate targets when they drive down OUR STREETS, yes OUR streets they are not the private domain of the police they are not the governments, they BELONG to us the PEOPLE!!

The Police are supposed to be there to serve the Queen, keeping the Queens peace, thats why they are known as Peace officers, there are none left and the legitamacy of the Queen holding the streets for US has dissappeared under the Jackboot of repression. 

It is time we all stood up to them and dis-armed them OUR streets will be a lot SAFER once we do!

 Original story from Daily Mail  

Fraser  and Subrosa  have also covered the piece in their different styles, there is a great deal of anger at this!!!


subrosa said...

This is part of the takeover of a police state. I wish more ex-servicemen would join the police and show them how to treat the public.

I still can't get the video to embed. :(

Indyanhat said...

Rosie, we need real epole doing the job , not the thugs that inhabit the uniform (sic)today!
No way is the response right here, No way on Gods earth!

fraser said...

Fucking pigs Indy,i've had a rant over at mine and linked to you and Subrosa.

you see that little prick who smashed the window in,i would have kicked his head in.

Anonymous said...

The worse our police force gets the more it attracts the wrong sort of person to join.

Act like thugs, attract thugs. Close ranks, protect thuggish behaviour and you validate that behaviour.

Give them tazers and guns and guess who will be cueing up to join.

Indyanhat said...

Just back from a funeral, so apologies for being late answering!

On my way to yours now Fraser!

Anon, you are exactly right , they have been attracting thugs for years now and slowly losing the old style coppers who were doing the 'right' job, that and the paperwork have caused many older heads to retire so I am told.

fraser said...

Indy,if you click on the link over at mine you will see the kid get tasered then run over,its in the U.S,how long before our coppers think they can get away with that shit

Barking Spider said...

Those "coppers" need a good fucking kicking, mate.... cunts!

Indyanhat said...

There is little to wonder about left as to why people like Moat appear is there?
This gent was just minding his own...when they decided to mind it for him better,it is insufferable arrogance and nothin short of unprovoked attack,criminal damage and attempted GBH!(splinters of glass could have blinded the man)
Youre right Spidey... CUNTS!