Monday, 9 August 2010 it politics???

Seen in the Daily Wail Fence life  What is the point of trying to agree with anyone about anything when these sort of attitudes abound in the Britain of today, lets face facts very large numbers of people just cannot stand other people at all!

How can the Police be involved in this sort of trivial spat?, it beggars belief that

1. They were fined, with the threat that it would go to court and cost more!!

2. They paid the fine!!!

3. They didn't speak to each other about it!

What does this show about 'us', are some of us so wound up and screamingly obsessive about 'our' rights that we cannot bear to hold a reasoned conversation with our neighbours about any problem which may come up? It would seem that way

Are the Police now making the law up as they go along just to collect revenue at any opportunity...we already know the answer to that one don't we?

Is it politics?...well yes it is!. As a reflection of society in general this incident just shows how polarised people have become, there is no thought given to conflict resolution, consensus of opinion is nowhere to be seen, just a singular reliance on 'my rights' as I see them , even if those 'rights' do not exist the framework to attempt to enforce them does and can easily be coerced into unquestioning support due to the lack of braincells of the applying authority in question (in this case the Police).

Thank you Labour! this is the society you have bequeathed to us with your invasive new regulations and 'Uman rights' crap which is obviously totally misunderstood by the general populace and only really amounts to new work for solicitors and the courts!

Fucking unbeeeeelievable!!!

I leave you with a nice little video which sums up this shit perfectly..


Anonymous said...

Remember when Transactional Analysis was all the rage?

The male half of society has been infantilised by corporations who see endless business opportuniies: computer games are played by 40 year-olds and the BBC's Top Gear has gone from being a simple magazine program to three kids playing cars in a sandpit.

I see a firm connection between attitudes today and those of, say 30 years ago.



Indyanhat said...

Yes there is a long standing attitude as you say, the Vid of the Bonzo's tune is 70's stuff, but back then the Police would never have allowed themselves to be involved in such a way!

fraser said...

Most of this shit is down to 13yrs of labour,they have dumbed people down to the level where the state has to do everything for them,even sort out minor disputes,it's pathetic,what is becoming of the human race?

And the pigs,just another gang demanding money with menace.

Dioclese said...

If there is one phrase in the English language that really gets by blood pressure going through the roof it is "human rights".

Indyanhat said...

Fraser the Liebour fuckwits were the rot that decompoed a slightly bruised fruit, no doubt in my mind they are the cause of virtually all the pain we suffer today!

Dioclese, you and me both mate!, you and me both. Closely followed by 'elfnsafety!

fraser said...

Elf and safety Nazis strike here.

Indyanhat said...

Wonderful..methinks that present councillors have it in for her for some reason!