Monday, 16 August 2010

Coming to a High Street Fashion Boutique near you, the latest fashion...

Yes its the new fashion ladies, the 'must have' of the century and for all time, and it is available in any clothing shop anywhere in the land, it comes in a choice of colours (depending on how daring you are, and how much you want to 'inflame' the male religious zealot).

Hurry now the queues are getting longer as you read this

What about a sexy little black number, fit for any occasion... yes you too can radicalise and revolutionise your wardrobe today! No more need for extensive wardrobes that bog you down on the pre-holiday "what shall I pack" front!...

Think how much fun you will have with the family, and no more sticky expensive sunblockers...result!

Here is the answer, a one size fits all ...and fits all occassions as well, now doesn't that relieve some of the stress of your daily life eh!

(Free harem bedroom version with every heavyduty Burkha)

Well what are you waiting for???? get down to your local CLOTH store and buy yourself the latest blanket from Burkha products (comes in a series of weights to suit the weather, from light and silky for summer wear to extra heavy horse blanket for the more challenging northern winters!)

The PRICE???? need you ask ...only a small token is needed from you, lovely lady, to take this garment of your choice away with you today...a little thing that is not needed by you in this 'new' society anyway...a mere trifle...your  freedom...

(is this why muslim women wear burkhas, so this kind of brutality is not visible???)

Follow these links , you need to know these things, if you don't already!

Sean Robsville


Atlas Shrugs (last pic comes from here)

 h/t Barking Spider
where I found the original link to Sean Robsville that inspired this piece!,Time to WAKE UP LADIES!!!!

Many thanks to Smoking Hot for directing my attention  to this

Islamic Dating site, see how much fun you can have!!!  I am not responsible for anything if you go clicking further links from this page!!!!


Indyanhat said...

..and before any of you sharp eyed buggers out there spot it ...yes I do believe the last woman in the queue is holding a large pink dildo!!!

Smoking Hot said...

lndy ... edit your blog and ad this :)

Anonymous said...

Keep twisting the knife Indy and never let-up because THEY won't.

THEY will kill dozens of cultures across Europe and the world.

Multiculture has but one purpose: the destruction of monocultures.

The Danes are the first people to come to their senses, they are about to ban all immigration from the Third World.


fraser said...

"Radicalise and revolutionise" your wardrobe,like it Indy.

Indyanhat said...

Steve, I will always say it as I see it, and I don't much care who is on the recieving end of it. Hopefully that is why people will read my ramblings.
As to the muslim thing there is no excuse for many of their radical actions and I will twist the blade as you put it as long as they keep acting like they do!
Fraser, glad you liked it mate!

Dazed And Confused said...

Three more for you........How about Focus U.K. or Logan's Warning or Gates Of Vienna all decent blogs tracking religion of peace.

Indyanhat said...

Thanks D&C, haven't found them myself yet so a big help!

Barking Spider said...

Good man, Indy, keep the pressure on, mate! ;-)

Indyanhat said...

Do what I can Spidey!

Anonymous said...

talk about rude. this blog is pathetic.