Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lord Pearson of Rannoch resigns

Well what can I say?...a politician resigns as head of his party!!!

Well done sir!, it is unheard of these days to hear that a politician resigns because he personally thinks he is not up to the job,let alone the head of a party doing so. 

Personally Lord Pearson I think you have done the right thing on two counts, firstly (and to give defference) you have the humility to realise that you are not the right man for the job and therefore should not stay in place when you believe others could do the position more justice, secondly I think that the british public are somewhat put off by titles (rightly or wrongly) and it is possible that the party were hampered in this respect.

I doubt you will read this but I wish to say, Well done that MAN!!!, yes MAN for it takes a MAN to admit his limitations!

I understand from the press that Lord Pearson wishes to devote more of his time to causes close to his heart, namely helping people with intellectual impairment, teacher training, the threat from Islam and the relationship between good and evil.

I wish you much success in these endeavours sir, though you did not have to look far from the field of politics (or even outside of it) to find intellectual impairment on a grand scale (the entire Liebore Party for a start) and the threat from Islam is exacerbated by those who hold power here in Britain, of any and all hues it would seem. Also the relationship between good and evil is obvious in anything political v the people, wouldn't you say!

As for teachers...well the less said etc...

Still Good Luck Lord P and do keep us up to date on your blog won't you please!


fraser said...

I was going to post something on Lord Ps resignation the other day but was a bit late.I'm starting to worry a bit for UKIP these days,i think Farage is good,he can deal with the media.Its touch and go for UKIP now,they need a good new leader,or it could all go pear shaped,there is also to many tories amougst their ranks whitch is getting up my nose

Indyanhat said...

Though not a UKIPP'er I felt the need to say something for the MAN, Farage is probably the right kind of man for the job but are there any more like him in the ranks? To my mind they are not making enough noise now and should be at the least chasing Liebours crimes if they cannnot criticise this government, they need a higher profile than they have Fraser or PR (unlikely)

Paul said...

I was never a fan of Pearson (and I don't know anyone who was - even in one of the strongest UKIP-voting constituencies in the UK he was never liked) but I understand his reasons for retiring. To be honest, I thought he was a bit of a liability.

I like Farage. He's not afraid to say what needs to be said and 95% of the time I agree with him. I would like him to resume the leadership if at all possible but his health must come first.

Indyanhat said...

Welcome Paul, I have no axe to grind one way or the other over L.Pearson, I just thought he showed an admirable attitude in admitting he was not the right man for the job!
Farage has a much better known profile and would I think make a good leader given his outspolen ways. Sadly you are right however he must be fully recovered to do the job or he faces doing himself damage that if avoided now could let him add more to his party at a later date.