Friday, 6 August 2010

A good cause to support...for a change!!!

Mostly I have been blogging on stuff which makes me see RED, and lately theres been a lot of that to blog about.

Now for a change there is something that I want to put to you all, something which we should support, namely the abolition of the EU ARREST WARRANT. 

I do not know how much influence a facebook group can exert but it could be a good vehicle to find that out on.

The idea comes to me from reading the link from this post by He's Spartacus   (thanks Spartacus!).

Or you can click the logo on the right and go to the facebook page straight away!


He's Spartacus said...

Thanks for doing this.

fraser said...

Indy,UKIPs MEP, William Dartmouth does a lot of this i think in the EU parliament,and he also helped 2 men get released from a hungarian jail and flew out to see them on their release

Indyanhat said...

You are welcome He's Spartacus, it is a good one to back in my opinion!

Fraser,thanks for the info, maybe he might sign up as well!