Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The (Phoney) Journey!!!

I hate to be any kind of part of the hype around Bliars book launch , even a wholly negative part, but needs must when the devil drives and the devil really puts his foot down when driving me over Anthony Lyerton Blair!!

There are some brighter moments when I find things like the picture below made by someone who hates him as much as I do...

From Beau Bo D'or who's pages you can view here Beau Bo D'or great work I have not seen before, I will be back BBD!

His book which is due to hit the dustbins shortly after its release date in septumoctubular (why would I help the bastard) is now being publicised by the snake himself in a video which shows the half a dozen 'good' moments in his career as the British Prime Minister, it also carries a vague threat that he is not finished with his political career yet (you are if I have anything to do with it you two faced twat)

I am not going to give you , my readers, a link to it as I am sure you will see it soon enough and if it wasn't bad enough seeing him lying and twisting HIS STORY, there are a couple of shots of the 'Letterbox' in it as well which may make people re-gurgitate their food as I so nearly did!!!
According to the press releases on his book he glosses over or just plain ignores all the really defining moments of his time in office like Dr David Kelly's so called suicide, the four wars he dumped the country into, and his lying and spin over the WMD affair, leaving only the more sychophantic episodes for his deluded follower to use as ammunition in arguments over how great Tony was when he/she next goes down to the local mirror to see an idiot (albeit their only friend).

The Fucker has been paid ...wait for it...£4.5 million in advances for this load of self serving shite, which by rights belongs not to the fucker himself but to the service personnel who have been damaged in his illegal war enterprises.

Anthony Lynton Blair I have only one word for you;



Anonymous said...

Rumour has it he's the most heavily protected British politician in history Indy (Churchill's bodyguard would often go home - for his tea).

Scum mate, words fail me.


Indyanhat said...

Too right Steve, absolute scum and his security is needed, if only in his own fearful little mind, he is the sort of little snot that told tales in school and then ran to his 3 elder siblings when threatened with a smack in the gob!

Barking Spider said...

I'd like to do a lot more to him than smack him in the gob, Indy, although that would be a most satisfying start to the proceedings followed by thumbscrews on the bollocks and dung beetles up the arse, etc., etc.!

Good punchline, btw!! ;-)

Ah..... the word verification is "sings" - he certainly would be doing by the time I'd finished with him!

Indyanhat said...

LOL BS, singing will be his downfall,puts me in mind of the old joke of the little bird with the damaged wing that couldn't fly south for the winter, starving he ends up eating the grain left in bull droppings , warm and happy he perched on a branch and sang his little heart out (the book) and was heard, caught and eaten by a cat....moral ;if youre full of bullshit don't sing about it!!!