Monday, 23 August 2010

Bye Bye for 5days or so...

As I said in the post beforee last I/we are off to tour Scotland for a few days to give sproggo some driving practice and hopefully some confidence!

If any Scottish bloggers want a meet, then leave an e.mail with a number to contact, I can access mail on my phone . No volunteers so far but I will take a couple of bottles of my home made wine just in case we meet up somewhere, if not I will be forced to drink em myself, no loss!
Have a good time while I am away everyone and do not stop giving out hell to those who deserve it, I will catch up when I'm back.

I will be taking a laptop with me so if I can post somewhere I will Ta Ra for now!!!


Barking Spider said...

Have a nice break, Indy, enjoy yourself, mate. ;-)

Captain Ranty said...

Bit of a pisser, this.

I am just about to nob off to Africa for five weeks and one of the most sensible bloggers around is venturing north!

I would have happily met you at any vector between Aberdeen and Inverness.

I am genuinely sorry we will miss each other Indy.

Do me a favour and contact he of the Iron Leg.

He is on your route and I am sure he would be happy for you to buy him a dram or two.


Indyanhat said...

Ha Ha the wonders of hotels with modern facilities eh !!!!
I'm back!! what do youi mean you didn't realise I'd been away, its been a whole 27 hours...
Cap'n Cap'n...who is this sensible blogger heading North i may be able to meet up with him if I can't find any Scttish ones around the place!!

Wv = Zintify if there is no such word there should be it loks like it should mean sommmat to me!

Indyanhat said...

Tried to comment on LIrons blog but he only accepts comments from friends so not much hope there Cap'n