Monday 14 March 2011

A part of a conversation

Reproduced here are a pair of comments that come from a different site, I include them here as I find them pertinent to the general argument of the times, the writer of the first comment shows an admirable grasp of the realities most ordinary people face and feel about today's situation, and the deep concern and puzzlement I believe shines through, people today are deeply worried that the world and certainties they once knew and respected have been stripped away to leave little that is worth having....

 The second part is my answer to this man, and indirectly to the general reading public, I hope that both comments may help inform the public debate to some extent....
What can I say, but if the things I've heard so far in this entire discussion are true then I'd be very pleased. The injustice of many different things in this country rankles deeply and I'm very tired of government intrusion in our lives, nanny-state nonsense and everything that goes with it. If nothing else I'd love to stop paying council tax. It's more than I can afford, frankly and I'd rather not see the inside of a prison cell for the "crime" of not yet obtaining full-time work.

My background is one of respecting the rule of law from an early age. I was brought up to respect the police, respect the state and obey the law regardless of whether or not I agreed with it. Which, in many cases, I don't. For one, obviously, I think people should be able to own firearms and other weapons freely. I don't think we should be allowed to randomly murder each other, but killing in self-defence is not the same and I think the law should allow for that. I also think the law is far too soft on serious crime and far too harsh on non-serious crime, with financial penalties over-used, prisons too soft and no other options apart from community service which is difficult to enforce.

Believe me, I would love to find that all these laws and statutes don't actually apply and I can't be fined huge sums for minor "offences." I'd also love to find that the local council has no real, lawful authority, because I don't think they're any use to anyone and should simply be abolished. Unfortunately it all sounds too good to be true - but we'll see, won't we?
My Friend , we are all in a similar state to the one that you so eloquently describe in your opening paragraph, we have been brought up to respect and uphold the 'LAW' and most of us I think would agree that we need the police and 'laws' to control excesses of behaviour etc.
What has happened though is that the law has increasingly diverted itself from the mental picture (and respect we give it for that image) that we used to hold of it. It has become something much different to it's original respected purpose.
Much of this difference has been levered into the police force by the actions of ACPO (association of chief police officers) which is an unelected, unaccountable PRIVATE body that is funded from public moneys ) these people have lobbied hard with their funny handshake friends in Westminster and their power and influence has grown and grown (reading almost anything written about them , and not by them, leaves you wondering how they have been allowed to do what they do for so long). Whatever the upshot of it all is that small minded cretins who pretend to be superior have made bad law which is either made with a poisoned base ingredient ( as in the lawful Rebellion arguments challenges) or so full of holes that Swiss cheese looks solid by comparison...the first was accidental, based on a basic failure to look in their mirrors for overtaking traffic and, basically an accident waiting to happen, the second I believe has been wholly deliberate for it gives the rich and those with fancy lawyers at their disposal huge amounts of wriggle room to evade their liabilities.

This same wriggle room is available to all of us if we know where to look, but until the advent of the Internet we were denied the ability to research it all without huge difficulty and many hours of searching through reference books in various libraries. It wasn't possible to drop in on a neighbour and ask, and solicitors usually if asked would lead you down the path of most profit to themselves (for the least amount of work)

We have had to find out for ourselves and now in today's courts there are many and various challenges being made on many grounds searching for the fatal loopholes in the law, and they ARE being found.

Most of us instinctively know what is right and what is wrong, we are aware of the systems disregard for all but our basic welfare, in my mind it is time to stand up and speak your truth, individually perhaps it may make little difference  but as our voices swell together speaking these truths, as more and more people join in shouting these truths, then eventually the game will be changed.

Make a small start and search for the truths others are working out TPUC, Lawful Rebellion there are many out there, take a stand and stop paying your council tax (if you feel the case has been made to do so), do not fill in the census on the same grounds( of finding out why you shouldn't), etc etc when masses indulge in such civil disobedience the state will grind to a halt and have to re-think!

My personal opinion if you want it!

There is little time left to do any of the above, I feel that it is in some ways a side show to what is about to overcome the entire world, I believe in the very near future we will all be fighting a different battle and a more immediate one at that. I believe that the PTB, and I don't mean the government,s will shortly be attempting to annihilate the greater part of the population of this planet, it is there to see if you would but look, Article/Agenda (cant remember which ) 21 (I think) of the United Nations states clearly that it is desired to reduce the population by do the math!

We should be fighting tooth and nail to stop this eventuality from becoming reality and that means stopping the 'One World Government' (that they are no longer trying to hide) from succeeding to come into power. Our small part of that must be to remove ourselves from the EU as soon as possible and stand up proud and free once more!

It is no longer acceptable to not look out and define the wider picture, not unless we would all not mind the trip on the cattle truck....

Your friend

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