Friday 27 August 2010

and back down (more Scotland trip)

 this is one of the old fortified'tower' houses that dot the coast of Scotland, half house half castle!
 The road upin the far North West
 Ullapool and tired driver!
 The stormy North West coast

 Oh to have your own private beach eh!

The young pretender himself...

Some people make sand castles, this person George, manages to rescue this post from the travel category and back into a more political realm..
You see George is a 'homeless person' and an alchoholic (self confessed) to boot. Bit instead of just sitting on his arse drinking himself to death on benefits he has entered into a different kind of lifestyle. For George considers himself to be an artist, and he embarked on a MAMOTH project, he is sort of half way through it at this point.  Starting in Brighton a year ago, George is walking round the coast of Britain and building pebble/stone sculptures at suitable places on beaches, for which he recieves donations from members of the public which keep him going, George does not claim any benefits! Local papers do stories on his sculptures and when the trip is finished he hopes to write a book.
His purpose is to draw peoples attention to the homeless problem in the UK today and show that even the least regarded of our society can do something which is worthy of support, more power to him I say!
He has a facebook page Georges page (Dr Geebers)
some other angles of his sculpture;

Using only natural materials he finds on the beach he is on

his fanciful representation of a twin outboard boat and octopuss are very cleverly constructed...
 One of Georges press cuttings, do go and see him if he is near you, he is a very friendly character!

The Artist George (Dr Geebers)
When it started to rain we headed off leaving George sorting through a beach full of stones for the right ones to finish his work.
Thats as far North as we could get really and its all'downhill from here
The harbour at Lybster, I once lived in this area and dropped in on an old friend on the off chance he was there still, he was but sadly his wife Sandra had died three years previously, Fred gave us a cuppa and took us to see some friends of his who are the second saving grace for this post...

For the friends, Steph,Roy their daughter Sky, and a friend of theirs Mark are all living on/off the land. They have fought the local council for the right to have their 'home' (above) on the croft they are farming about 16 acres.
They told me they went along to the local council meeting when their 'tent' was on the agenda, only to sit through an application to bury NUCLEAR WASTE at Dooneray Nuclear power station to which absolutely no objection was raised by ANY councillor, yet when it came to their 'tent' they were ALL up in arms!!!
Hypocrites and carpet baggers I would call them (actually you know me and I would call them far worse than that but Sky may read this one day so...)
Freeman on the land was the flavour of our converations that and Law (mostly planning), and we were then given a tour of what these hard working and friendly people were doing. Everything is done in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible from turf roofed structures to being totally off grid, I hope we stay in touch and I get the chance to visit them all again! a few pics follow, they have been in residence now for 3 years or so and all you seee is their own work, well done folks and long may you prosper!

Created from the off cuts from a local saw mill the sheds and raised bed system they use is producing their food, there is other stuff growing in a cultivated field as well...

It is hard to envisage a more sustainable lifestyle and they are perfectly happy to be just left alone to survive...

On down the coast to Brora we were seeking food by now and the chippy was closed so on further to Golspie and the Trawler for a marvellous meal of Haggis and Chips (the best chips I have had for years, no kidding fresh and with a slight crunch, brill, go there if you are in the area).
and then a long drive to just past Inverness where we camped at a place called Moy

Yours truely getting round the no camp fires rule...heh heh!, it isn't a camp without a fire (besides it helps keep the midges away)

We left at 4 in the morning cause we were freezing our tits off and unable to sleep, it was nice and clear as we drove out  and I was hoping for some spectacular sunrise over the mountains pics for you all but a mile up the road it turned into this (above) and sonny jim had to drive 80 odd miles  through it too following this lorry at.. wait for it... mostly 70 miles an no views at all sorry!

Except this one...

 and this one...

The Bridge in Perth, where I spent the first 3 years of my life...Perth, that is not on the bridge(or under it)

Down into the Scottish Borders...

a teensy bit more political comment to pad the blog out....

Just outside Edingurgh we picked up Marie a french hitch hiker who came with us down country, the castle thing in the background is Hermitage castle just above Carslile, impressive place, really forbidding and mostly intact...

The thing is huge and has seen much bloodshed in the years it has stood here...
and its miles into the hills and hidden in a valley...give up hope all ye who enter these gates, could have been written for it...
and so after dropping Marie off, after a chat about Sarkozy (she's as impressed with him as we are with our lot) she calls him an idiot, in such a nicely emphatic french accent that you know she is only being polite...she will regret that once she reads my blog I think.
So thanks to all the people we met, you were all stars in your own way, and here's to meeting again some time, some where, Slainte'var

Oh well back to the ordinary political bashing tomorrow I suppose, though there is more to say on the subject of some of the peole we met and talked to, which I may return to as and when, hope you enjoyed our 'little drive', 1,380 miles on the clock, 500-600 odd done by the young 'un! Not bad going for his 5th time out eh!

Tuesday 24 August 2010

On the top!

Well since last signing in we have driven for 16 hours ish with breaks and a couple of hours kip above Glencoe, The 'lad' and I are having some 'us' time, bonding time before he goes off to University and We both no longer have the time, we have arrived here in Castletown on the North coast of Scotland , not far from John O Groats and have managed to get a room in a Hotel here (most are packed with tourists so we were lucky to find a room to die in!

Its an unassuming little place the Castletown hotel but it is clean and homely, the manager Andrew is very friendly and helpful, and the room comes  with a BATH, and lashings of red hot water, yesssss! The food smells good too, something to eat a couple of drinks and we' will be set up for a nights blissful kip, if you care here are afew pics taken on the way (the weather was atrocious most of the way)

This is the real rainbows end to our travelling though The Castletown Hotel, Castletown, if any of you Scottish bloggers are around here we will be in the bar all evening and would love to buy you a drink if you turn up!

Monday 23 August 2010

Bye Bye for 5days or so...

As I said in the post beforee last I/we are off to tour Scotland for a few days to give sproggo some driving practice and hopefully some confidence!

If any Scottish bloggers want a meet, then leave an e.mail with a number to contact, I can access mail on my phone . No volunteers so far but I will take a couple of bottles of my home made wine just in case we meet up somewhere, if not I will be forced to drink em myself, no loss!
Have a good time while I am away everyone and do not stop giving out hell to those who deserve it, I will catch up when I'm back.

I will be taking a laptop with me so if I can post somewhere I will Ta Ra for now!!!

Sunday 22 August 2010

Ashes to ashes-council jobsworths to dust...

Sandwell..Sand-well...San dwell....what the fuck are you playing at, picking on OAPs is that the height of your aspirations for your citizens?

Cigarette ash?...are you out of your tiny misbegotten minds!!!

I am a smoker myself and I feel like coming there and puffing up a storm, flicking my ash everywhere and generally making a desperate criminal of myself just to see if one of your flourescent coated nazi scumbags has the effrontery to hand me a ticket.....

Shall I tell you where that ticket will be found milliseconds later?... do you think you can guess?

I have had it to the back teeth with the council apointed jobsworths, I am not JOKING HERE!!!

Let just one of them try it on with me ( a fairly able bodied person) and you will need to advertise for a replacement

70 + year olds are now the focus of the nazi state, as if they did not have enough to worry about with rising prices and all the other shite that is going on, now they cannot even flick ash off their ciggies in peace. What difference does it make to the environment ...NONE...what about all the gum chewing (filthy habit) vegetarians then, spitting gum onto the pavements to be picked up on shoes or bags you put down, half the pavements in the country look like fucking leopards or spotted hyenas!

Sick to the back teeth  with all of you, and if the lady in question needs a few quid to fight you nazi scum then I will reach into my pocket on her behalf, and if (god forbid) any magistrate i,s stupid enough to allow the case against her  then be prepared for mass demonstrations at the council offices, at the courts, at the homes of the officious little bastards that served a completely spurious fine on her.

WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! the Liebore years of your anonimity have passed and we will find you and we will watch you and god help you if you drop anything, anything at all anywhere!!!

Anna Racoon for more on this subject The mad at you Raccoon or GOT here at Grumpy old twat

Saturday 21 August 2010

Indy (thats me) to tour Scotland...

Starting monday evening my sprog and I are going to be doing a round trip of Scotland (he's learning to drive) to give him some serious road time on (relatively quiet) and good roads.

We are doing a complete round the Highlands tour starting Tuesday morning from Loch Lomond and working our way up through Ft William, Ullapool, Durness at the top, across to John O Groats then down to Inverness across to Aberdeen, Dundee then Edinburgh and Home again!

There are 2 reasons for blogging this here;

1. He's a learner so if you're about then please be kind... on the other hand you have been warned now so you could stay indoors about when we pootle past!


2. If you are one of the merry band of Scottish bloggers that occasionally visit my humble little rant here on the blogosphere and live somewhere closeish to our intended route and would like to meet up in a cafe or hostelry for a chat then please e.mail me a contact number and I will give you a bell as we come through your neck of the woods.

Time is limited so I would imagine 1/2 an hour to an hour will be the longest we want to stop in the day, we will be camping overnight though so a pub meal and meet up are not out of the question depending where we stop!

The Hook???

Anyone answering this call by the time we leave (about 5ish Monday evening, last computer session) will have a bottle of Chateau Indy put into the boot as a gift on meet-up (can't say fairer than that now can I?) ((sorry its all red)).

I am not seeking a place to stay or even to visit anyone at their home, the offer is on for a meet and greet so we can put a face to the blog owner, its completely up to you.

Just look out for the Hat!

Friday 20 August 2010

Smokey, Drinky Biker/Survivalist time

Time for some 'me' time I think, smokey -drinky play with toys!

See you in a hangover or two...

Thursday 19 August 2010

What you see is what you get...if youre lucky!!

Pretty is she not?
I think so, what she might think of me and my chances are of course up to her, but whatever, I like looking at her and the women like her that inhabit my world. Some may call me names like "dirty old man" etc. but I really do not care what they think!
Women have every right to be free to dress as they wish, however, and the point of this post really, I do not include in that right the complete covering of anyone, male or female, and I will give you some reasons why.
When I can see a face I can tell whether the person it belongs to is happy or sad, in need of help or content to rely upon themselves...many things can be told from a face for those observant enough to percieve!

For an old man like me there is a certain pleasure in the sight of a pretty young thing dressed to thrill her intended quarry (whoever that may be), we have fought against repression for hundreds of years in this country, we have fought for the right and the safety for these young things (and the not so young things) to express themselves as they wish, and I for one would not see them stopped from doing so. In my lifetime I have seen fashion go round full circle through mini skirts, midi's, maxi's and back again...
and I would much, much rather see this...

or this

or this

than this

or this

well not as you might think because I can see more flesh and become excited by the sight of it (thats just a nice side effect) but more because I can see the faces of the women, and the less clothing (or tighter) the less I have to worry that they are hiding something beneath the cloth they wear. For instance I do not have to worry that what is beneath the robe and veil is one of these...

Possibly carrying one of these...

or maybe the robe wearer, male or female, is wearing one of these...

I do not like to feel unsafe within the borders of my own country, and the truth is that anybody wearing clothing which is so all enveloping, and of a religion which espouses violence towards me and my kind, IS a potential threat, no matter how innocent they may compain they really are. Also women who wear as little as this

rarely are able to hide abuse such as this

This is the result of 50 lashes for appearing before men not of her family wearing less than the full niquab, even though such a thing may have been unintentional/accidental. I do not agree with this sort of brutality at all, and will always defend a womans right to be safe, wearing whatever she likes, but NOT to hide permanently behind a winding sheet which will serve just as well as her death shroud!

Ladies of the world should be celebrated for their beauty, and their freedom to cleave to any one of us 'men' should be her choice and decision, the wearing of the Burkha and Niquab is nothing short of a kind of chastity belt for a slave!

For any who may disagree with me, I would suggest that you go to a country that requires the wearing of such garments, for you really do not wish to be a part of this 'my' country, or you would live by the mores of this country, and respect the fact that the Burkha especially, can and does seperate you from us and causes fear and revulsion.
I admit this 'my' society has many things wrong with it but it does not need or wish to be taken over by a fundamentalist religion which forbids half of itself from showing their face!

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Lord Pearson of Rannoch resigns

Well what can I say?...a politician resigns as head of his party!!!

Well done sir!, it is unheard of these days to hear that a politician resigns because he personally thinks he is not up to the job,let alone the head of a party doing so. 

Personally Lord Pearson I think you have done the right thing on two counts, firstly (and to give defference) you have the humility to realise that you are not the right man for the job and therefore should not stay in place when you believe others could do the position more justice, secondly I think that the british public are somewhat put off by titles (rightly or wrongly) and it is possible that the party were hampered in this respect.

I doubt you will read this but I wish to say, Well done that MAN!!!, yes MAN for it takes a MAN to admit his limitations!

I understand from the press that Lord Pearson wishes to devote more of his time to causes close to his heart, namely helping people with intellectual impairment, teacher training, the threat from Islam and the relationship between good and evil.

I wish you much success in these endeavours sir, though you did not have to look far from the field of politics (or even outside of it) to find intellectual impairment on a grand scale (the entire Liebore Party for a start) and the threat from Islam is exacerbated by those who hold power here in Britain, of any and all hues it would seem. Also the relationship between good and evil is obvious in anything political v the people, wouldn't you say!

As for teachers...well the less said etc...

Still Good Luck Lord P and do keep us up to date on your blog won't you please!

Monday 16 August 2010

Coming to a High Street Fashion Boutique near you, the latest fashion...

Yes its the new fashion ladies, the 'must have' of the century and for all time, and it is available in any clothing shop anywhere in the land, it comes in a choice of colours (depending on how daring you are, and how much you want to 'inflame' the male religious zealot).

Hurry now the queues are getting longer as you read this

What about a sexy little black number, fit for any occasion... yes you too can radicalise and revolutionise your wardrobe today! No more need for extensive wardrobes that bog you down on the pre-holiday "what shall I pack" front!...

Think how much fun you will have with the family, and no more sticky expensive sunblockers...result!

Here is the answer, a one size fits all ...and fits all occassions as well, now doesn't that relieve some of the stress of your daily life eh!

(Free harem bedroom version with every heavyduty Burkha)

Well what are you waiting for???? get down to your local CLOTH store and buy yourself the latest blanket from Burkha products (comes in a series of weights to suit the weather, from light and silky for summer wear to extra heavy horse blanket for the more challenging northern winters!)

The PRICE???? need you ask ...only a small token is needed from you, lovely lady, to take this garment of your choice away with you today...a little thing that is not needed by you in this 'new' society anyway...a mere trifle...your  freedom...

(is this why muslim women wear burkhas, so this kind of brutality is not visible???)

Follow these links , you need to know these things, if you don't already!

Sean Robsville


Atlas Shrugs (last pic comes from here)

 h/t Barking Spider
where I found the original link to Sean Robsville that inspired this piece!,Time to WAKE UP LADIES!!!!

Many thanks to Smoking Hot for directing my attention  to this

Islamic Dating site, see how much fun you can have!!!  I am not responsible for anything if you go clicking further links from this page!!!!