Burning our World

This page is reserved for those politicians who delight in making the world a much worse place than it could be, the politicians that are BURNING OUR WORLD!!

They are in NO particular order, just as they come to light and into my radar!!!

You will probably recognise them right away, please contact me, if I have missed any pertinent details out of their resumes! 

Why is the world like it is?
Why do the ordinary people suffer everywhere?
Why can we not all live in peace?
The answers to these questions are complicated, at least that’s what we are told by certain groups of people like politicians and bankers.
They always know best how WE should live and more importantly how we should be regulated.
But it seems the more they are allowed to control our lives, the more the three questions above get bigger and MORE problematic , not less.
Surely if they really knew anything about how to run things, then there would be no POVERTY, FAMINE, WAR or PREVENTABLE DISEASE anywhere in the world!
This site is about showing the world who they are and what they have done, I/WE cannot hope to be able to prosecute them through the courts, as they OWN them and the JUDGES that sit in them.
HONEST PEOPLE have little power in THIS world! But we can bear witness and spread the word!

Ex Prime Minister of The U.K.
His accomplishments include;
Leading LABOUR to power at three successive elections
Bombing Serbia
War with Iraq
War with Afghanistan
Dodgy  Dossiers
Infringement of civil liberties
The whitewashed Inquiries
The Treasonous ceding of sovereignty to the EU
Complicit in the destruction of the Gold Reserve
Misleading Parliament
Making MILLIONS from his support of WAR
Creating super dense business webs to hide his accounting
Shredding the evidence!!!
It still beggars belief that anyone was stupid enough to vote this mans party into power the second time let alone the third! It was obvious that they had NO intention of fulfilling their election manifesto, from the very beginning their term in power was shot through with sleaze and scandal, as well as the waging of aggressive war on sovereign nations which had never directly attacked the U.K. (in blatant contravention of the UN and International codes of War!)

Thanks to grumpyoldtwat for the poster

Ex Prime Minister of The U.K.  aka CUNT, the Lying Scotsman, Gordoom Broon, (no friendly nickname as he hasn't got any friends)
His accomplishments include;
Supporting the WARS
Decreasing budget allowance in real terms for M.O.D. In time of WAR
Selling U.K. Gold Reserves, at bottom of market
Misleading Parliament
Throwing Nokia’s
Infringement of civil liberties
Blaming everybody but himself (Sue)

 Many thanks toThe Patriot Post  for this picture

Barak Obama aka Barhack O Blahblah, Bumtrack O Bummer (skidmark to his friends), and sometimes simply just CUNT!!

His accompishments include;

Becoming President of the United States of America (without a birth certificate)

Doubling the National Debt in under 2 years

Playing Golf while the Gulf drowns in Oil

Blaming everyone except himself and his administration

Becoming the first Communist President 

Villifying his special relationship friends

Appeasing the Muslim world

Failing to keep to international agreements (Basel II)
Taking personal resposibility for the interest payments on the delayed BaselII payments

 Stealing from the Queen (an O.A.P.) ((shame on him))

(will he won't he, start world war 3)
The biggest mistake Americans ever made was voting for this one, and we all thought G.W.Bush was bad!!!

Hat tips to barkingspider. and nourishingobscurity.


 This piece of Alaskan tottie may yet make the White House, and if she does watch out world this woman will happily press the nuclear button just to bring Gods Judgement to mankind, still if I'm gonna be fucked over by anyone I would prefer to think that the whore of Babylon was at least semi attractive and Sarah certainly manages that, just imagine if it was Hilary Clinton Eeeeewww!