Friday 11 March 2011

The Trouble with Government

Why do we bother voting for the fucktards that keep screwing up the country?

What is it about the sheeple that thinks that anything is ever going to change for the better?

Generations now have swapped one party for another to infest the seat of ultimate power over the people of this island, they call it democracy but it is far from one of those.
For them democracy is a simple majority of those that vote, errrm isn't the problem here that a majority of the people don't vote at all, and therefore the larger part of the people of this land are subjugated by often less than a quarter of the population!

This is a disgusting thing to understand, all the fuck ups of the last few parliaments have been planned ,initiated and executed by less than a third of the votes of the entire population. How do any party have the gall to intimate they have a mandate from the people, that is just absolute fucking TOSH!

A simple majority (let me explain this to the PTB) is 51% of the population, and “if you aint got that you aint got jack shit!”, anything less and there is no legitimacy at all and I for one see through your games and posturing and lies!

The answer is to say to you all GO FUCK YOURSELVES! For I do not want to play your silly fucking games that take the lives of innocents all over the globe. No more you twats!

I have for years watched as the 'elite' legislate against us the people, they fine and incarcerate us in our thousands every day, whilst at the same time they are committing the same crimes and far far worse and answering to no one! NO ONE! Not you, not me, not the police, not the courts, not even their fellows in parliament, who give their chums the bankers vast fortunes for screwing the entire economy into the ground.

Well I am totally hacked off with living off the crumbs from the high ones tables, I don't know about you but I think I have a good idea that most of the people feel the same way.

I stopped blogging a while back because I was convinced that my blog was being monitored by the PTB, yes I know its a sign of success, but I wasn't prepared enough to deal with it all.

I have since then become all too visible to them, and there is no advantage to remaining hidden any longer, so hold onto your 'hat' we are going for a little ride, we are off down the road to revolution (which means going back).

I do not know if I can be bothered to watch the government and it's puerile machinations on a daily basis, there's just too much to slam into them about!, maybe I will pick up on the larger issues such as the FUCKING CENSUS!!! (they can stuff their heads up their arses before I fill that in, and I urge you not to as well ((there I have broken the law saying that)) ),

and talking about breaking the law how about this one FUCK THE EU!!! I will harp on about the FUCKING unelected, unrepresentative, bribe giving, criminals over there for as long as I have breath, which may not be for very long seeing as the FUCKING CUNTS over there (and our complicit treasonous government) have quietly slipped the death penalty in for people who disagree with the EU!!!FUCKING ! Bastards!!!!

Tony FUCKING Bliar gets rid of the death penalty for treason , commits treason, and then we are immediately signed up to the EU where they have the death penalty for treason against a superstate....UNBEFUCKINGLEIVABLE!!!!

I want that bastard Bliar hung for his crimes against us here, and the poor fuckers he has had bombed to death, nothing less than the extirpation of his entire bloodline will suffice!


Unknown said...

Death to tyrants! Unbelievable and unforgivable!

funambulist said...

The little Latin I ever had has rusted solid due to inactivity, but the phrase: 'Sic semper tyrannis!' has such a lovely ring to it, doncha think?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Indy,

I agree with most of what you say here except the tyranny of the majority. 51% of the population have no moral right to impose on the other 49%. All individuals are equal, that is why our constitution and bill of rights are so important.

joe said...

Alright Indy,I must say your reserection took me by supprise?

I love the anger,passion and feeling in the post,but I will also take issue with the 51% ruling the 49%,I don't except that anymore.

Another man cannot have authority over another.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Solid mate.

That death penalty for disagreeing with the European Empire took me by surprise (it shouldn't), could you give us a link?

Welcome back BTW.


nominedeus said...

Thank you gentlemen for picking up on the fact that I am back on here.
Let me lay a ghost to rest here that you have so quickly spotted, I do not agree with the simple majority ruling the rest , I was trying to point out that any , ANY claim to legitimacy can only be based in such a majority a minimum,and that would be a
very bare minimum at that!
Things have moved on since I was last ranting about all sorts of stuff, we are standing squarely on a crossroads of personal responsibility, we are growing up to embrace our freedom from governmental interference it is time to assert ourselves in the struggle against tyranny, let us embrace the struggle, let us understand the needs of the time ...and let us win the battles and war for our independence.
Gentlemen is good to be back and unafraid of the consequences!

nominedeus said...

@ anonymous ( git yerself a fucking name m8, i like your comments so man up) the EU death penalty is hidden from plain site but look here it has been found and exposed

Wake up now folks or it will be too late!