Friday 11 March 2011

The Hat Is Back

Its been a while people but its time for a rant or two at the expense of the idiots that supposedly rule us!

I am heartily sickened by the crass ineptitude of the Fuckwits that be, 'rulers' I am sorry but what I want from a ruler is the sense to actually rule , making our lives better and not continually worse!

If this is the best they can manage then I have decided I do not want to be 'ruled anymore by anyone so the message today folks is HEY you PTB...FUCK OFF!

This is just a quick test posting to blow the cobwebs out the system.
I dont know if any of my old friends and readers are still out there but what the fuck, I started once I can do it again.

Much has happened since I last wrote and vented my spleen on the goings on in the world and this country in particular, revolution all over the place (why the FUCK have we not risen yet?), HUGE lies and deceit from all our governments, and massive earth changes going on...

I FUCKING HOPE SO because I am so sick of what is here and now and controlling our every breath, it is time the planet shrugged them off and started again...GOOD LUCK EARTH!!! have a nice future  and if you ever see another Macdonalds crush it quick!

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