Saturday 29 May 2010

Balls attempts to thrust himself into Labour leaders seat shocker!!!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse in Wankminster...

Ed (Blinky) Balls erects his flagstaff in a campaign to come to the fore, skinny though his support has been(he has found it hard to pump up 33 hand shakes for his nomination) he has managed to hold his own and now may get his chance to shaft an entire country!!

What possible qualification can the man bring to the job in hand, I have to ask? His tight grasp of fistcal policy? No?... then maybe his consistancy in his unwavering stance on the need to go to war...No?...well what about his insistance on examining schoolchildren properly (hmm maybe)but ...Nah?

If you were a world leader and were about to have a meeting with the British PM would you want headlines like "Sarkozy agrees Balls agenda", " Balls in Merkel fiasco", Balls deep in disaster zone","Obama affirms 'special relationship with Balls", just think of the possibilities on the international front ...and then consider the domestic news... "Balls between a rock and a hard place on the economy", "Balls spouts tissue of lies","Global warming of great concern says Balls"

It surely cannot happen, not even Liebore supporters could be stupid enough to give him a helping hand into the Labour leaders seat! Well maybe they could, we can live in hope I suppose!!!

I would love to see him as leader interrupted in his speech to the Liebore party conference by a heckler..."Balls cut off in mid flow" would make such a lovely morning headline don'tcha think????

Friday 28 May 2010

The Card Trick...

Nicely explained and oh so true

You know I am fed up to the back teeth with being dumped on from on high and made to pay/suffer for the enrichment of the few who really do nothing but fuck it up for all the rest of us, bankers, politicians, governments, corporations, multinationals, oil companies, vested interest groups....the list goes on and on....

I love the card trick above, its truth is easily apparent if you even pause to think about it, we are sovereign...we are the power...we are the base upon which everything else rests. The trouble is that we do not realise our position and are therefore no better than slaves to the system WE contribute our sweat labour to.

Can you deny it??? Can you honestly say that you are happy at the bottom of the heap, I can only tell you that I was born free and for the whole of my life my mind has looked out from the mountaintops while my body has been imprisoned by the system. Examine that statement and see if it is not also true for yourself...

I want my freedom all of it, mind and body... those who have stolen my rights are traitors and cowards, hiding behind cadres of brainwashed thugs who do their violent dirty work and feel that they are somehow better than us, the underlings, it is time to realise that being a member of the general public in this state gives you no rights or rewards for your general law abidingness.

If you are not a MASTER or one of the chosen uniformed then you are just a CRIMINAL who hasn't been caught yet!!!, but make no mistake you will be caught in their web of lies and deceit, you will transgress for they have set the system up so that you do!!

It used to be that there was a LOT of LEEWAY in our society for personal beliefs and foibles to exist without running into trouble with the LAW. Those were the days of the COMMON LAW jurisdiction which said ,'NO HARM NO LOSS NO CRIME', but they have legislated all the room from the world we live in so we are no longer 'FREE' to swing the proverbial cat!

NO HARM NO LOSS, should be the whole of the LAW and I want it back!!!

Its up to us to defend ourselves from the incursions of the state and its apparatus, learn the LAW, the REAL law and refuse to co-operate any further than the REAL LAW allows you must!! Make them aware that you/we will not be herded into the cattle trucks bound for their extermination camps, remember if you are sent down to prison for any one of the innumerable offences that they have created , then you are an economically neutralised person, that my friends amounts to extermination in this system. For where will you get a job after serving your time, will even Mc Doughnuts have you???

There is much squealed about the feckless unemployed who do not work, I wonder how many have criminal convictions that mean they are virtually unemployable???and if there are a significant number in such a position then what do benefits paid to them amount to???...

WHY CHILDREN isn't it obvious, they are being bribed to be good and not go all out to theive and rob to survive...they are given just enough to keep the majority of them quiet and reasonably peaceful...of course there are some who still rob and theive and deal drugs etc but they are a minority of those who recieve benefits, if that were not so then the 8 MILLION odd that are on benefits of one sort or another would have long ago plunged this nation into internicene warfare on the streets!!

I want my freedom back, I want NO HARM NO LOSS LAWS!!! I want to see my society living and working together for a future that is clean of the real PARASITES, the BLOODSUCKERS at the top who cheat and steal and make OBSCENE profits from all of US!!

If YOU feel like this too, then learn how to say NO!...its very simple...N...O...means NO!!!

Look at Lawful Rebellion and the Freeman agenda!! actually LOOK for the way/the answer for IT IS there to find. If YOU would be free, and give that RIGHT to your children and their children to come..LOOK for the answers and then just say NO!

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Sod politics, for today but please remember this!!!

Attention all you drivers out there!!!

I have come here to tell you all to please be very careful when out driving!!!

Because at this time of year I am just learning to walk...

So please don't run me over...

Just look how sweet I am, and remember when i get big, I will eat loads of those nasty slugs that eat your garden plants!!!

Please watch out for me ...thank you!!!!

Tuesday 25 May 2010

European CIA, the birth?

Thanks FRASER for this one!!!

There is another video if youre interested

Monday 24 May 2010

Still wanna play the EU game Dave??

This is on the Freeman Wales site, if you are interested outlining the treasonous acts of our government and its predecessors. Dated 8/05/2010

Isn't it time we had answers to these Questions, isn't it time that these things were in the public domain instead of the hands of a few brave and principled people. Are the British public going to stand by and see TREASON done and got away with , robbing them of their rights of self determination???

What do you think? What are YOU doing? Why are YOU not calling for our sovereignty to be restored to us???


Flying Scotsman!

When at last Gordon Brown decided to throw in the towel and resign, his cabinet colleagues decided it would be a worthy gesture to name a railway locomotive after him. So 'Sir Humphrey' went from Whitehall to the National Railway Museum at York, to investigate the possibilities.

"There are a number of locomotives at the NRM without names," a consultant told Sir Humphrey. but they are mostly freight locomotives."

"Oh dear, a freight locomotve is not very fitting for a prime minister," said Sir Humphrey. "How about that big green one, over there?" he said, pointing to the 'Flying Scotsman'.

"That one has already got a name" said the consultant. "It's called 'Flying Scotsman'."

"Oh well. Couldn't we rename it ?" asked Sir Humphrey.

"I suppose for the prime minister it might be considered," said the consultant.

"That's excellent", said Sir Humphrey, "So that's settled then...let's look at renaming the 'Flying Scotsman'. How much will it cost? Remember we can't spend too much, given the expenses scandal!"

"Well", said the consultant, "Why don't we just paint out the 'F'."

Saturday 22 May 2010

Please, don't do that Dave!!!

Story here

Davey boy walking and giving his security men skid marks!!

Whilst I actually approve of Daves habit of wandering the streets as if he were a normal bloke (albeit with burly armed security gorilla's )as amark of respect for the common man, which is what it seems to me to be. A sort of trust that he is safe in the country he leads. I have always found the presidential motorcade of Bliar and others, an addmission that they fear the people, as indeed they had need to for what they did to us and our country.

Dave, I have to say this, though it goes well against my principles , as I feel you all should have to walk the same streets as us...

Please, PLEASE!!! stop doing it NOW!!!, its not so much that I fear for your safety, as personally I could not give a flying fuck what happens to you...its more the thought of what would befall us the people if you were to be asassinated by some quite deranged loony, or even an ordinary loony , or even just a pissed off voter, or...well anyone really including Lib Dem hired hit men...(possibly)...

The fact is CLAGGY would then be in charge of the country (didn't think of that when you made him Deputy Dawg did you??)and then where would we be????

Please for the sake of us all, get in the car... NO...GET IN THE FUCKING CAR DAVE!!!, pay attention to the security people whose lives you are needlesly risking (and thats not to mention the boxer cleaning bills every time they are out on the street and see a hijab come round the corner), think about their families, THINK!!! you would go down in history not only as that stupid bastard PM who was killed walking to work, when there was a perfectly safe armoured bently to ride in, you mate would go down as the Conservative who gave power and the PMship to a LIB DEM...

It would be at least spray painted on your headstone if it happened, and think how that would upset Sam...and guess who would be consoling her as well Dave don't want that, Sam doesn't want that ...and WE certainly don't want it...

Please do not take this as a vote of confidence in yourself as its not meant that way , We just do not want to be led (and fucked over) by a man who definitely LOST the ELECTION!!!

Facebook group now available to convince DAVE (the silly billy) to


please feel free to pass this on as it is a matter of vital NATIONAL IMPORTANCE!!!

Thursday 20 May 2010

Cameron State Visit and Art Theft coincide!!

Speculation was rife today as Davey boy took the quatro to Paris to meet with a dubious little frenchman. The meeting took place only a short time after several very valuable paintings went missing from a Paris art gallery/museum. The paintings which were said to be worth up to 100 Million pounds and as good as GOLD, were carefully removed from their frames after being taken from the gallery where the alarms were somehow bypassed and nothing was seen by the resident guards.

Certain sources are saying that there is a new Pink Panther about on the international scene, and whilst it appears unlikely that it was Davey boy himself, some are wondering just exactly who the dubious little frenchman was that Davey boy was in such a hurry to meet up with. Initial reports suggest that it could have been the French Premier although after what he said recently about letting the UK go to the wall this seems unlikely, even Davey boy has more class than to mix with that sort of person.

Some are wondering if in fact Davey was meeting up with a middleman to take delivery of certain items of value as a hedge against the hyperinflation about to hit Europe and France in particular. It remains to be seen if similar occurences attend Daveys impending visit to the German capital where he will meet a famous old con woman who has just recently managed to steal hundreds of millions of Euros from the german public and got cleanly away with them!

The mind boggles at the timing and audacity of the move. Davey is certainly living up to his promise to include a whole new team and attitude to government, after the drab and boring Brown years a little elan and dash will go a long way to making us all proud to be British once again!

Inspector Cleusseau has been brought out of retirement to take charge of the investigation and Cato said this evening that the great defective was still up to the mark on international thingies, having recently bought several pairs of Calvin Klein boxer shorts all on his own!

Wednesday 19 May 2010

HEY CAMERCLEGG!!!! i hope youre watching!!!

Oh look look the cities are burning mummy!!!
Are they all banks mummy?
All it takes is a population tired of lies and repression and you are suddenly in the middle of your own BBQ fueled almost entirely by your paper issue...
We wait to see if you save us first and thus yourselves or if you too sell out to big business, WE will see!!!

Humpty Currency sat on a wall, Humpty Currency had a great fall


The UK, which is not in the Euro Zone and which has a worse budget deficit than Greece, contributed £15 billion. The new UK government is planning to cut a massive £ 6 billion of costs out of its next year’s budget which will bring major hardship. But as a last act, the outgoing labour government committed £15 billion which if paid out will never be repaid. The whole thing is a total farce. Governments commit trillions to rescue banks and sovereign states but cannot even make budget cuts of a few billion in their own countries. This shows that the world economy and the world financial system is being run by morons who only have their own self interest in mind and do not understand the consequences of their ruinous actions.
Have a read of this


Oh lets say thanks to the great Scottish Economist Brown, indeed let us shower him with laurels, this country and its future survival has been sacrificed on the alter of his economic acumen....
Personally I want every last one of the LIEBORE aparatchiks stripped of every single penny they have, not every penny theyve made since being in office don't get me wrong, BUT EVERY PENNY THEY HAVE !!! YES ALL OF IT!!

I want all of them reduced to benefit level now , made bankrupt and disallowed from holding any office ever again. Sound drastic, its not drastic enough for the murderers of our economy and the treason of the GOLD sale!

I would also like to see all the able bodied of them given 6 weeks basic training (with no fail standard applied) and all put on the front line of the wars they have instigated around the world!

"Theres NO money left" man, should be reduced to penury as we are, NO I DO NOT HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR SIR!!!!, and neither should you in such a priviledged and powerful position, penury and made to sleep rough on our streets after being on said front line above for 3 years. For you sir, that is MY sense of HUMOUR!!!

The Liebore party, for its acts of economic terrorism (for thats what they were) should be made a proscribed and outlawed institution, never more to darken the corridors of power with their union backed bully boy support. Only then will we see politics revive through the smaller parties coming into their own!

(Thanks to Beatdrifter on Flikr for the pic)

Tuesday 18 May 2010


This was posted back in 2009

And this a couple of days ago, they make essential reading for the future to come


This is all ONLY sense and a good PRECAUTION to take given the state of global finances. If you haven't been following my blogs and the headlines of the
then I suggest you look back at the economy bits and trce the links for yourself, DON'T believe me if you wish, but at least check what I am saying and why.

Monday 17 May 2010

Voting problems, I should coco!!!

Have you seen this people!!! watch it and then watch part 2, this is the land we live in...


Just watched this you NEED to as well, I know its about America but it IS the same here
WATCH IT spend an hour WISELY and then prepare for the SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN and our government can fiddle all they like but ROME WILL STILL BURN!!!!

Sunday 16 May 2010

Here we go again..UK vows to back US against Iran

Read it HERE
Didn't they learn the last time?

I am so sick of the War Mongering stance of our government and the big boys club. Literally the playground bullies of the world, saying I have the right to ALL the sticks and you have no right to any of them even for a peaceful purpose like lighting a fire to cook your dinner on...

How can that twat Hague promise the UKs support SO easily again when our forces are overstretched and underbudgeted already. Ah hang on I hear you say its just support for a round of UN sanctions, (do you not remember thats how it started with Iraq). Is it hell as like, the USA have been making noises for some time now about 'sorting' the Iranian problem, yeah right ! The Iranian problem is that they have OIL lots of OIL and the USA do NOT want them to be able to defend/destroy it.
Just look what happened in IRAQ the USA have literally stolen all the oil and we poor fools in the UK did'nt even get a sniff of the fumes the Americans had it away so fast!!!

I refuse to support any action against Iran, I watched as the people of Iran tried to overthrow their hardline government and I watched them dying in the streets. There are MANY good people there and WAR on them would be a massive crime. The War we need to fight is against the corrupt governments of the world, the governments dictated to by the multi national corporations (mostly USA) why are we not seeking sanctions against the hostage situation of the world banks?, they are far more deadly than Iraq even with a nuclear capability!

Who would they throw it at anyway, yeah right, ISRAEL, do you know I am very tempted to say I DO NOT CARE!! In over 30 odd years of observing the situation there I have never to my recollection ever seen a serious effort on Israels part to offer a just settlement to the people it displaced, only theft after theft of the land and indignity after indignity heaped on the poor and starving dispossesed. The old saying 'you made your bed' springs to mind.

No I do not condone the violence from either/any side, I do not condone violence AT ALL!! and I am fed up with all the sabre rattling that goes on

If you read the economic press stuff, you will see that the inflationary spiral has only two outcomes either we all go bankrupt (again) or WE ALL(that means the world) have another WAR to strip the asset base back to somewhere manageble. Personally I prefer the former, as the latter course, as the analyst's point out, will only delay the former situation from happening for a few more years, but by then WE will have lost ALL our rights and the Police will be armed soldiers on our streets and William Hague et al who progress us down this road, will hopefully be burning in the fires of hell!!!

Saturday 15 May 2010

Bring back TYBURN, Traitors Gate and Death for Treason!

Long have I known that there was much that was concealed from 'US' the people, but what exactly!, and where does one find it?

The various 'FREEMAN' productions of information were there to hint the way, but still there were things 'missing', things hinted at but unclear. To me at least the various pieces of information seemed to add up correctly as far as they went but...somehow they were not complete.

Today I have seen a piece which has added up the columns, totted up the scores and arrived at an (for me ) unempeachable reality. I urge you all to see for yourself.The authoress of this information is now sadly passed away fighting with her last breath for the people of this her country and being bullied and villified in this countries courts...

Having seen this picture and heard this story of one woman's fight against the UNLAFUL TYRANNY of our governments for the last 100 years or more , I am persuaded to take up her fight on behalf of 'US' all. There can be NO rest from this endeavour, there can be NO excuse or force which should be able to make us give up this struggle!!!

'WE' are 'THE PEOPLE' and from us 'ALL' power is derived, without 'US' the British Nation would never have been built, WITHOUT THE BLOOD OF OUR FAMILIES AND ANCESTORS, there would be no Monarch and NO Parliament, No country even, just a loose grouping of tribes living on the land. That really is the point though isn't it 'WE' live on this 'OUR' land and none should be able to deny us that right or take that right from 'US'!!!

We have been sold into slavery almost totally by the powers that be, but it is not too late . It is not too late to reclaim that which IS ours by right!!

Those who are placed in positions of priviledge to defend us and our RIGHT, that try to sell that right away, those who are in Parliament who do not listen to the will of the people, and strip 'OUR' Constitution away from us are TRAITORS and should be subject to the ultimate penalty of the LAW OF THIS LAND, which is still that of the trip through TRAITORS GATE to the TREE at TYBURN to swing in the wind for all to see and realise that TREASON against the people has its price and that price MUST be PAID

Bring back the TREE at TYBURN and let those who abuse the powers given them under the CONSTITUTION live in fear of the knowledge of the price for their TREASONOUS actions ,MAKE NO MISTAKE, though it may sound barbaric , what other sanction can we use on those who would enrich themselves at our expense whilst destroying the country WE CALL HOME!!

It took an 83 year old lady, suffering from leukemia, to pull all the pieces together in my mind but now my mind is whole, I am fully resolved to continue her fight for the sake of this OUR COUNTRY!!!


I can't believe how quiet and inconsequential its become...

Whats up?

I'll tell you, everyone and his/her brother were out and commenting POLITICALLY until just a couple of days ago. Where have they all gone?

Are they still lying drunk and insensible after their celebrations over getting rid of GORGON BROON? I wouldn't have thought so as it wasn't really that big a deal and the resultant coalition are no real cause for any outright joy as yet!

True they appear to be making certain moves in the right direction but...I guess its just me, I'm a suspicious sort by nature...

but... I have heard too many times the phrase COMMON PURPOSE to be very happy about the state of the governing classes. What worries me is in many instances where the term crops up it is not a natural part of the sentence, yes I know its reasonable English but have you noticed that there is often a small momentary pause before the term is delivered/inserted and the term itself is often also STRESSED in relative isolation to the sentence that surrounds it.

I do not want my erstwhile leaders to tell me they have common purpose at all( in the small sense of unity between them , rather than the large sense of the insidious socialist garbage charity teachings), what I want them to do is represent the people of this country and show their commitment to doing something constructive for us.

Rather than hear the buzzword COMMON PURPOSE (with any and all its connotations) I would rather hear them saying they have reached a constructive agreement to look after us and not feather their own nests.

Examine all the times you hear 'COMMON PURPOSE' and see just how many of those instances actually flow properly in their sentence construction, yes it is a semantic point and yes I may be being pedantic about picking up on it, but 'IF' it is there as I percieve it to be, we all need to be very worried.

I chose the blog title INDYSPAREINGS to reflect many things about what I percieved my purpose in doing this blog to be, firstly my nickname is INDY which equates to IN DEE(p) (SHIT), PARE is a word that means to cut/slice away. Phonetically it also sounds like IN DESPAIR INGS showing my disgust at what is occurring in my world and country.

Read it in any way you like, if you have bothered to think about it at all, the point is it means more than at first appears on the surface and so does the term COMMON PURPOSE, too normal a phrase to be picked out by those with their eyes and ears closed is used too often in too strange a way to be just a phrase ordinary people use and those using it are NOT ordinary people by any stretch of the imagination...

Just because I'm paranoid does NOT mean they are NOT out to get me, remember that, and look into what COMMON PURPOSE is and does!!!!

You have been warned !!!

Thats a heads up for you , it doesn't take much finding, read the other side as well if you wish, but DO THINK about it, there is much work still to be done by us Bloggers and the decent people of this our society, I hope they come out of their various comatose states soon and pick up their pens again.

The BIG BAD BOGEYMAN has NOT left and gone away, its only a figurehead that has passed, the cancer is still killing the victim... US and our SOCIETY!!!

Thursday 13 May 2010

Constitutional and Administrative Law Exam

Well I was up bemused and early this morning (5.30) to get to my first Law exam, where I was pleasantly surprised to realise I actually knew a bit, hopefully enough, for the purposes of answering the questions
I have to admit studying has been very difficult over the last week or so as the ELECTION has occupied a LOT of my time and energy. Nevertheless, what I have learned through reading the blogs etc of the people to the right of the screen in the blog list and others not named there seemed to stand me in good stead.
There was one essay question that went right to the heart of it all that I thought about doing but decided against in the end. I made that decision as I was very likely to 'go off on one' as a result of having been on here so much and I thought that all things considered they just didn't have enough paper in the exam hall to do it justice and I would probably have failed as well.
Still thats one out of the way and I'm fairly sure I've done enough to pass. The next one is Contract Law next week and I have a few niggling thoughts that I will be drawn into going off on one about the 'Freeman 'sort of view of things just for the hell of it, I am sure they will not be able to understand or even mark it if I do though but we will see.
So to all you bloggers on here who I have enjoyed so much sharing interfret space with, thank you for your views and if I fail its all fucking GORDOs fault or that bitch Sue!!!
As to a serious political type blog today to assess the new incumbents the Condom alliance ...well I just cannae be fucked, I'm off to get seriously bladdered and have a little lie down on someone soft and lovely (if she'll let me) so until I resurface tomorrow have a LOVELY DAY, I know I will, the end of civilisation as we know it can wait, and if it can't then at least I'm off the hook for Contract!!!

Wednesday 12 May 2010

bX-6rscy0, error code anyone help??

I cant comment on any blogs as all I get is this does anyone know what it is and how to fix it please!!!

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Public notice: GSF releases Finality of Settlement Part II - A Memorandum of Law and Economics

Public notice: GSF releases Finality of Settlement Part II - A Memorandum of Law and Economics

The founders and trustees of the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) have released the Finality of Settlement Part II on the GSF website. It lays out the facts of law, crimes against humanity, and extreme fraud. It will be served upon key de-facto world leaders as well as to those who are in charge of producing wealth. It is now on the public record worldwide. Feel free to mirror and distribute the PDF and this notice under the Rayservers Licence.

The following statements may sound harsh, and we do apologize if any offence is taken.It is high time to address these issues of law, money, and crimes against humanity.

The implications in law of the multi-generational Ponzi fraud that is being harvested worldwide is staggering. If you are a de facto world leader and think that somehow you can isolate "your country" from this mess, you are grossly mistaken. If you are an industry leader who is attempting to take refuge in such leaders, you will be disappointed as well. If you are waiting for handouts as a "settlement", you are likely in for severe disillusionment. If you think that the DTC accounts have "money", WAKE UP !! The only lawful money is gold and silver and it is long gone from the various treasuries ! If a "lender" practices fraudulent conversion to monetize the instrument executed by the "borrower", the borrower becomes the true creditor. This is true worldwide on a national and personal level. Worse, the unit of account is a circular fraud, a 100% fiction, with two layers of fraud - bank liabilities to pay legal tender, and legal tender itself. Bank liabilities are not legal tender. If you did not know these facts, you have been defrauded.

It is a statement of fact that the UNITED STATES, the UNITED KINGDOM, all courts, and all "legislative" bodies are corporations. Look them up on Dun & Bradstreet. This pattern is repeated worldwide. We have NO COURTS OF LAW. In the United States, the 11th Amendment stripped the courts of common law jurisdiction over law and equity, thus publicly stating that all treaties since then are void on their face since they cannot be enforced.

Notice to military leaders - you CANNOT have a lawful war run by illicit corporations posing as legitimate government. A deliberative body such as the UNITED NATIONS is one step worse ! They have NO AUTHORITY under the Natural and Common Law, the Law of the Land to declare war upon millions of sovereign people of the land and cause harm or loss. Ignorance of the law is NOT an excuse. Thou shalt not cause harm or loss to another is the essence of the law. The full force of Natural and Common Law is applicable at all times in all places and cannot be annulled by the declaration of emergency, war or other device by any State or entity.

We will attempt to contact every de-facto world leader in their de-jure capacity as one of the sovereign people of the land, entrapped by circumstance. Most are entrapped, having discovered these realities after they have taken an oath of office. Did you know that the oath of office in America is a voluntary loss of American nationality? All oaths of office come under 22 CFR, Foreign Relations, Sections §§92.12 - 92.30, and all who hold public office come under Title 8 USC, Section §1481 “Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalized citizen; voluntary action; burden of proof; presumptions.”

The solution, lest humanity perish in the next world war, is a return to lawful money and a system of lawful trade. With lawful money we can return to a just society, eliminate parasitic behaviour, protect the environment, and remove forever the spectre of annihilation.

This is a public notice. Her Majesty the Queen of England, President Barack Obama of the United States, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of the United States, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Le Président de la République Nicolas Sarkozy of France, The Reigning Emperor ( 今上天皇) of Japan, Presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano of Italy, President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, President of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of the People's Republic of China 党和国家最高领导人 Hu Jintao, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations, in no particular order, amongst others, will be contacted as time and resources permit.

If you are a military leader such as Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you need a copy of this document on your desk. If you are a Navy Judge Advocate General you need to be aware of these matters. Same goes for USA and UK Provost Marshals. You also need to be aware of the Rod Class case that is before the US Coast Guard. The same goes for heads of major military forces. The pressure to begin the distractions of war to mask the frauds will only increase as modern money mechanics crushes the ignorant of all their property and strips the deluded "rich" of their imaginary "trillions".

We will also contact the BIS and all central banks, and those we believe are the financial powers, the intelligence agencies such as the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, etc... We trust that the various alerting mechanisms that the powers above posses will put them on notice of our lawful intentions to exercise our unalienable right to a society of law not fraud by statute.

Only armed with knowledge, we shall take on this task of restoring lawful trade. Let this proceed and do not hinder us - it is to your advantage in the end !

Given all what we have said above, we DO NOT seek publicity. We are only interested in parties who can let the natural common law restore itself, for the Natural Law has never ceased to act. The alternative is to let Nature act via the next great war and punish those who have done violence against it, even if it be through ignorance.


The Global Settlement Foundation and its trustees are law abiding, neutral parties. We do not wish to cause harm or loss. Our duty is to return lawful trade and lawful money to the people of the land – the people of the Global Isles - by facilitating the return of the rule of the law, lawful money, and accountability.

Certain parties have, by their own actions, implicated themselves in crimes against humanity. Unfortunately this list of people includes practically every Head of State, legislator, government official, regulator, judge and law enforcement officer together with their partners in crime – the bankers to the world. The People of the Land will have to reign them in, and bring about justice via lawful grand juries. As a neutral party, our role is to provide the lawful alternative.

However, dear reader, by proceeding to read the material in this document, you will have to take action – or become party to the crime of Misprision of Felony. If you are a government servant, that is, “an official”, reading this – awaken, do your duty to return to your masters – the people – that which is theirs by right – and that which has been stolen by fraud. If you take no action, hinder the efforts of the Global Settlement Foundation or the Sundarsson Trust, cause harm or loss, waste our time, spread malicious lies or rumours, you will be held liable, subject to lawful arrest, arrest of your bond, arraignment in a lawful court of record or grand jury, incarceration, bills in lawful money, &c.

Finality of Settlement Part II

A Memorandum of Law and Economics
A Declaration of Trust and Passport of the Trustees

Contact: PGP Key

All rights reserved without prejudice.

Well its sooo hard not to feel positive!!!

Hey Hi and welcome Davy boy!!

Yup thats it thats all you get matey, I predict the nations euphoria will not last long and your boyish locks will be turning grey as I write this,

I hope you realised that Liebore threw the election and then the coalition talks on purpose so as NOT to be in power (where you are now) when their droppings hit the proverbial...

Good luck with the coalition with Lie Down party, but be very careful who you have in the cabinet. If you put any of the Socialists in then Liebore will know your every move and leak it before you can get to the doorstep to announce it.

The coming few weeks will show us how badly things have got out of control and you are walking into a wave of strikes and discontent from the lefties in the unions. I do not envy you your job at all, but I can tell you how to get the country behind you and perhaps stick with you through the hard times...the answer to that one Davey is to repeal loads of Liebour legislation...
Get rid of speed cameras except in proven accident spots would be a good start rein in the police force and curtail their powers, reinstate civil liberties eroded by Liebore, and as your first money making scheme get rid of ALL the Quangos that aren't absolutely needed (thats most of them),cut the bloated states throat and get shot of all the uneeded managerial positions that have been created (don't worry about making enemies they all voted Liebour anyway), institute a nursing drive to put more nurses and doctors in the NHS in place of the managers, and Davey for gods sake take a referendum on the re-ratification of the EU and when the people tell you NO don't sign up for it , use your brain and just walk away.

Then when you have done all that willl come the hard bit nationalise the banks, and print your own currency. Get out of the hands of the bankers as soon as possible. Cancel the debts to everyone of the greedy bastards and declare British sovereinty again, fly the flag you profess to love proudly again , institute a program of land cultivation for the good of all and make the yobs and criminals work for their food and ours.

You of course will not do very much of any of this let alone roll back the database state, so I will watch you as you flounder around without the support of the Nation and watch as you sink into the quagmire left for you by the Liebore wasters that went before you, I can't say I am happy at the thought but I will say to you that I for one will be watching you and your banker chums VERY closely, and if you thought Gorgon took some shit from the bloggers just wait a few weeks until the initial euphoria wears off and they start on you...when they realise that politicians are ALL the same...

PS voting yourselves a pay rise would be a very VERY silly thing to do...

PPs Do not forget to charge the outgoing with all the crimes they should be tried for that one would get the public squarely behind you!!!

No matter what form or type of government you have, if the economy is run by a private interest, you live in a Fascist society.

The evident lesson from history to take away from all this, is that it has been clearly understood that whoever controls the money supply and economy, controls the country. No matter what form or type of government you have, if the economy is run by a private interest, you live in a Fascist society. Or as President Franklin D. Roosevelt put it: “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”

They have been warning of this for hundreds of years and now the reality is here, read the article and see for yourselves what we have been and will be living under
Full story here

Monday 10 May 2010

So Clegg screws Britain!!!

Well you'd not believe there were so many two faced lying bastards in any one place would you.

In the middle of financial meltdown, when the country needs people of integrity/honesty we get Clegg!!!
So much for the conservatives have won the right to govern, and a deal based on the needs of the country, this toad now plays two ends against the middle, who does he think he is Clint Eastwood?

On a falling share of the vote this 'TOOL' is now in the position of king maker or should that be country pauperer.

I have never been so disgusted in all my life, and NO I AM NOT A TORY, what I am (or at least pride myself to be) is an honorable person. Just as I think most of the British public think of themselves. I have NO PROBLEM with people voting the way they have, though I find it hard to believe that so many cannot see the lies and sleaze, they had the right to do so.

What I cannot stomach is the two-faced mendacity of a man/party that will say that the people have spoken and this group have won, and then change their minds like a crack addled whore jumping into an axe murderers car because he offered her more readies.

Well I can't say I wish you luck thats for sur,e but I do hope that the axe is at least sharp and you don't suffer for too long, as even an inconsistent idiot deserves a little mercy.

I am now left with NO ALTERNATIVE my afadavits will be off in the post just as soon as I can arrange for them to be notarised and I will henceforth obey none of the Statutes that the PTB foist upon us.

I will live free or die by their hand but I shall do so A FREEMAN UNDER GOD!!!

Magna Carta and where we now stand

Some time ago the queen was petitioned on behalf of the BRITISH PEOPLE and failed to respond in the proper manner!!!

It is now and has for some time apparently, been lawful to no longer support Her or her Government

A Petition to

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

presented under clause 61 of Magna Carta, 1215

February 2001

To Defend British Rights and Freedoms


as our humble duty, we draw to Your Majesty’s attention:

1. the loss of our national independence and the erosion of our ancient rights, freedoms and customs since the United Kingdom became a member of the European Economic Community (now the European Union) in 1973;

2. the terms of the Treaty of Nice, 2000, which, if ratified, will cause significant new losses of national independence, and further imperil the rights and freedoms of the British people, by surrendering powers to the European Union:

to read more go to The Magna Carta Society Blog


Theres a lot of talk about where we are at and what should be done about it, I'm saddened and sorry to tell you IT IS TOO LATE!!

The time to do something was at the end of the first labour term of office, when it was plain (to any who did not have their political head up their political arse) that Bliar and co. were fiddling all the figures and lying through their teeth about everything.

Letting them back in was the worst mistake the voters of this country ever made! All your rights and freedoms have been taken away and signed over to the EU, and you did not see it then and you do not see it now...there's none so blind as will not see...

We are now liable for the Greek debt under EU policy!!! ( See this from CONSTANTLY FURIOUS) and we never got to say a thing about it, With our IMF 'contribution the total is around 25 billion,

DEMOCRACY!!! you fools who are squabbling about Democracy and a new constitution are deluded. What we need is the real Constitution of this country put BACK IN PLACE!!!, but we have no power to do this...

March on Westminster and riot as you no doubt intend and this island will be put under MARTIAL LAW by the 'caretaker' PM and it will never get out from under it again!! You happy marchers will be at the least arrested and imprisoned (probably for acts of treason, life imprisonment) or what is more likely if you are loud enough, violent enough and number enough shot in the streets where you stand.

If you doubt this then you need to look again at what the police are 'prepared' to do, remember Menezes?, and it won't just be the police, you will face the ARMY too, not just ours but the forces of the EU come ostensibly as peace keepers, it will be they that fire the first shots (by accident) and if that doesn't send you all scurrying for home to behave, then they will just do it for real, on purpose, until dissent is gone!!!

There's been a lot of talk of the New World Order, and how they are trying to take over, I'm sorry for anyone who still thinks they are trying, they have done it already with the help of Bliar and we are just so much head of chattel.
see for yourself at FRAZERS SOAPBOX

The Power 2010 org. are out there with the far left communists inciting the people who have some sort of ideals, of there being a fairer way, into massing for protests, protests in of all places LONDON, the most watched city on earth. You who attend will all be identified and either quietly nullified afterwards or you will not be going home from the march at all.
The Power 2010 org. and the COMMON PURPOSE people sound like they are on the side of change but ask yourself seriously , if the COMMON PURPOSE people were on the side of the people, why have they been secretly training the leaders of Councils and those in Government,police etc for the last 10 years or so?

No they're not 'for' us they have their own agenda and it is not one they have shared with us until now. Put away your purple scarves and hats and things and think hard about how it should be done, the only way to change this system is for us all no longer to 'work' for this system, stop buying , paying ,traveling, working. Stay at home and refuse to come out, turn Britain into a ghost town and do it consistently until the Constitution is reinstated and ALL laws passed by the illegal Parliament from 2000 on are repealed by the Queen personally on our behalf...(including the Lisbon Treaty)stay home until a referendum is called on it and while you are at home study the whole structure and know what is taking place...

The shame of it is too many of us will not do this and they will keep this system going, and we unfortunate 'protestants' will be dragged along 'VELCROED' to the coatails of the malformed bitch of a society we cannot tear ourselves free from!!

Go and die on the streets if you wish, but do it a long way from me...I will stay indoors and await the collapse of this system which WILL come in very short order, when that day comes there may be a way to make things better ,once the bloodletting stops!

For a little (actually a lot) more information go to
CAPTAIN RANTY and listen to what the wiser heads are saying...
thanks Cap'n, Frazer,BoM and CF, for the artiles linked to here, I'm glad some of us anyway have pulled our heads out of the sand of the election crap!

Saturday 8 May 2010

WHY Grannie knew how to suck eggs...a Warning and a Prophecy

To those who do read this blog, bear with me a minute while I lay the groundwork for the younger folk among us...

I'm in my mid fifties now and that means my Grannie lived through 2 major WARS and both survived and brought up a family through the days of rationing.

The old saying is 'you can't teach Grannie to suck eggs' and you know why don't you? because she already knew how of course...

Now Grannies in the old days were resilient and resourceful women, they planned for the future as much as they dared and to make sure that there was a better future in store for her children, she most likely went without something she wanted/needed to put a little aside for a rainy day. Credit was almost never taken out in those days, you made do with what you had.

These days we are used to an easy consumer life, we buy what we want, very often ON credit of some kind, and we spend most if not more than we earn and pay back the minimum amount on the 'card' every month to stay within our wage. This has worked well for us for quite a few years now...

Now, today we are looking at (if we care to see) a strange new reality coming. There IS going to be a huge accounting VERY SOON. In front of your eyes SOVEREIGN NATIONS are literally going bankrupt, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and even the good old USofA are folding under a mountain of unsustainable debt. Theres plenty of sources in the world that have been warning for a long time that this situation would come/was coming and there are lots of theories as to what has caused it (go look them up if you want to know), but I'm not concerned here with such things I'm talking about Grannies...

In every Grannies, fresh baking aroma filled, kitchen you would find a thing called variously; a pantry, a stock cupboard or some such, which was filled with basic food stuffs, enough of most things you need to last for a good period, probably if carefully used a couple of months or so...'yeah so what!' I hear you younger ones say, 'today we go to tesco/asda for what we need'.

I hear you, now you listen carefully !!!...60% or more of 'OUR' food comes from abroad and WHEN (not if) our system follows the other SOVEREIGN NATIONS into bankruptcy, we wil not be able to afford to import those food stuffs anymore and most of us will not be able to afford them if they still did manage to bring some in.

Now what I am trying to tell you is YOU had better get yourself a pantry NOW while you still can, today I spent £400 on basic foodstuffs designed to last a careful cook for a whole year at least and remember I grow a large part of my/our vegetable needs every year.

When the shit hits the fan of the MASSIVE debt that GORGON BROWN has saddled us with, overnight your money is going to be worthless, its on OUR/YOUR doorstep NOW!!!
The pound is dropping like a stone, due to OUR NOT having a working Government and the longer that situation lasts the further it will drop...

I believe (I hope wrongly) that within the next year we will see fuel prices so high you will not be able to use your car, food prices will, because of the fuel price, also rise and shortages will start to happen. At some point the whole shooting match is going to collapse and there will be people rioting, striking and stealing just to survive, such is the poisoned chalice BROWN passes on to the next Government.

With our downfall and that of the other nations of the EU and the western world, things are going to get very VERY tough for a while until something is sorted out by someone, in the meantime the inner cities will be bathed in the blood of the desperate.

Don't be one of them I implore you for the sake of your family, get prepared NOW build a pantry of essential items (and thats nearly everything you normally buy that will keep without a fridge/freezer, dried and tinned food ) and then once set up go about as normal buying your normal shop and rotating through your stock. If the worst does not come then you can quietly run the whole thing down again but if it does come and you have NO food what will you do then?

Grannie knew how to suck eggs DO YOU?

Please feel free to repost this to anyone that you know or care about, being food secure for a couple of months or more is not in the present situation STUPID!!!

Friday 7 May 2010

Waking up with a Brownover...

You know, I took great exception to McDooms comment of a while ago that the great British Public were 'not educated enough to decide on a new voting system',well now it appears that he was right!
Though for educated, I would substitute intelligent, after a long night of sitting through the election coverage (and 3 bottles of my home made wine)I fell asleep at 7ish only to wake with a huge Brownover.

Again and again, we watched, as seat after seat fell or swung wildly to Davy boy, at the time of dropping off he had taken 80 odd seats from mostly Liebore...but the cold light of day see's McDoom holding the front door of No.10 firmly shut as the bailiffs shout through the window for him to come out and deal with it!

Several things were wrong with last night, the 'I didn't get to vote brigade' in several constituencies were perhaps the worst, and I can well imagine their chagrin after standing in line for hours only to be turned away. It was a national disgrace to hear that there weren't enough ballot papers in some polling stations as well, did they not have one for every person on the register and if not why not?

The mood outside these places could easily have turned ugly, and perhaps should have, as for the first time in a generation the poll was well subscribed, so well subscribed in fact that on the figures of how many voted for who, Davy won by several country miles.
ast count I heard he was 2 MILLION yes, 2 MILLION, votes ahead of Liebore and Mc Doom, Thats 2 Million newly disaffected and disenfranchised voters, disaffected because after coming and voting their votes have counted for nothing, disenfranchised because they can now see that their votes are, in this voting system, not a democratic reflection of the government that we get.

Well watch out folks!, the word on the web is that we are in for serious problems coming to a doorstep in the front of your house/flat/mud hut very soon. When we needed change and strong government to maintain confidence in the running of this nation , we got the opposite!

I am pleased at the result in one way, as I blogged a few days ago, Mc Doom should face the full responsibility for his/Liebores past misdeeds and out of power he would not have suffered that.

If Mervyn King is right that the party elected will be unelectable for a generation, then does that mean that they all will go to the wall this time round and we will see a new era in British povertics, (sorry slip of the thought processes there, but I like the sound of it)for poverty is what we face, and without a real and rational solution to the problems inherent in the system we will forever suffer from a Brownover.

Many thanks to all who voted with intelligence (not you, Liebore voters you had a chance to change the lying tossbags)

...and a special thank you to the lovely people I shared a live blog-in with through until the early hours, many of them are listed in my 'Bloggers I value' list, some were new to me and I will try and add them to my list as soon as may be, hopefully I can get a list of contributors without ploughing through the complete thing in replay (damn why didn't I take notes)

Cheers people and I hope our Brownover goes fairly soon!!

For the sake of the country as a whole let it be today!

Thursday 6 May 2010

Light blue touch paper, retire to Australia

Greece is going up in flames!!

“Others tried repeatedly to storm parliament, chanting ‘thieves, thieves’”

And can you blame them for it? It all seems so predictable, from the outset the EU was a disaster just looking for a time to happen, the vast imbalances that were apparent, to any who cared to look, in the various members economies were bound to have to find a settling point somewhere, somehow.

That the settling point would not become apparent for some years was entirely constructed by the EU itself and, were it not for the banking crisis, may still be waiting to come to fruition.

But now the Greeks have someone to blame...the banks...and they are unleashing the sentiments of many others throughout Europe! Do we wish we could rip the government and the banks down to size? of course we do...then why do we not act as the Greeks are acting now?

“Several other buildings were also set alight during extensive clashes across a broad swathe of central Athens [...] They included the finance ministry in charge of the austerity programme.”

I believe it is just a matter of time, I believe the Greek situation is the blue touchpaper of the biggest firework Europe has ever seen... sod the piddling little volcano in Iceland when Europe blows its top there really will be hell to pay!

Who is going to bail out Spain, Portugal the UK (if or when) its not the Governments of the member states place to quantitatively ease and thus devalue ALL the currencies of the EU and possibly the world, Someone somewhere WILL object strongly to that.

Look to the US and their impending explosion/implosion of debt is this all arranged to equal the pressures and leave the NWO pretty much as it is, one wonders what China will do in the chaos that is about to be unleashed!!

Is anywhere safe? probably not but some places will be LESS dangerous to be than others, Gad I wish I was Young enough to ...retire to Australia!!!

Hat tip to The Tap for his article and pics!

Wednesday 5 May 2010

HANG ON A MINUTE...have we got the tactic wrong??

Sorry to bring it up but...this has been niggling at the back of my braincell for a while now and the only way to get rid of it is to spit it out!!!

I know we ALL hate Mc Doom and his cohort of evil ranting loonie lefties but the thought that keeps intruding on my conciousness has taken that into account and still won't go away!!!

It is just a thought, so it could be safely ignored I suppose, but what if it's right!!!

OK! OK! enough prevarication already...

The thought really started when I realised through various happenings, like the Twitter Twat, Straw's Treating and the Bigot debacle, as well as the postal vote just seems to go on and on...

Then there was a little noted comment from Swervy Mervy at the BoE to the effect of whoever gets in will be unelectable for a generation, due to the measures they WILL HAVE to introduce pissing everyone off so much...

My brain cell is squirming as I write these things down... We have cheered and villified the McDoomites and called for their heads loud and long but..

What if we are doing exactly as they want us to...what if it is their PLAN to not be elected tomorrow. All of a sudden they will be off the hook and in a position to screw things up for anyone who IS trying to fix the mess.

Surely, we have been told that there will be a 'hung' parliament or perhaps at best a small majority for a ruling party,whichever way it goes, and there is a very strong possibility such a government would be defeated at every turn thus forcing a vote of 'no confidence' and a new election. By then of course if Liebore are not in power there will be a 'new ' head to that particular snake. Face it Mc Doom is an electoral nightmare, he's the one everyone blames for everything!!!

Getting Cameroon for a few short months would be no real price for them to pay, in exchange for a comeback tour by Liebor, just before the Lisbon treaty needs signing. Think of it, the Tories are then unelectable for the cuts they have had to make (and we know that whoever is in they will have to make cuts) as the financial sector both national and international will demand them, if we are to retain our rating.

Surely what ought to happen in British politics,and it is what many of us are demanding but not being heard over, is a complete change. Electing Cameroon will not achieve that (its still the same old 1-2 2-1 1-2 system repeated ab nauseum) what we require is the country to overwhelmingly reject at least ONE if not all three major (sic) parties in favour of proportional representation or some other fairer than we have at the moment system.

It seems to me that what should happen is that the TWAT that has so spectacularly FUCKED it all up should be the one carrying the can when the shit hits the fan big time.
I KNOW I KNOW I CAN HEAR THE HOWLS OF ANGUISH AT THE MERE SUGGESTION!!!, but...why are they trying SO HARD to lose this election, what is THEIR PLAN, for plan they will have Fondlebum will have seen to that with Balls-up.

Maybe we all should write on our ballots tomorrow, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE UNTIL ELECTORAL REFORM FOR PROPER REPRESENTATION AND A REFURENDUM ON THE EU, and as opponents of this government, rather than give our support to 'that nice young man' (either other party) let the election unfold, and when Liebore win with whatever majority, but with a drastically smaller share of the available vote (last time they got in, correct me if I am wrong , it was on 22% of the vote of the people of the country) claim the right to civil disobedience, as they CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE A MANDATE FROM US THE PEOPLE, and institute nationwide days of action/inaction to completely paralyse the bastards in their tracks.

REMEMBER the FREEMAN/Lawful Rebellion stuff that showed Statute only has the 'force of law with the consent of the governed'.

Is it time for a silent majority peaceful revolution?
Is it time to make the vandals clean up their own shit?
Is it time to make those who should be accountable for all this , accountable?

Or is it time, as so many have pointed out, to vote for more of the same, whoever gets in?

For many of the people of this nation the vote they cast WILL make no difference, for the majority live and vote in seats which are 'safe' ones, it is only a few in this land that have the ability to change things, and do you know what, I for one am FED UP with those few controlling MY LIFE every election. I live in a 'safe' seat, BASTARDS!!!

I know that the Great British Apathetic Population would probably NEVER get behind something like this , but as I said , IT WAS JUST A THOUGHT!!!

Tuesday 4 May 2010

What you are voting for...REBLOGGED FROM CAPN RANTY

Totally reblogged from CAPTAIN RANTY because it is too important for anyone to miss. More than a hat tip here almost a bended knee mate!!!

Believe me people this is IMPORTANT for us all to know!!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010
What You Are Voting For

I was going to save this until after the election. Then I watched all seven videos and I realised that they contained information that would be useful to you right now. It is brilliantly researched and has some stunning facts. Quite apart from its usefulness, it is also interesting as a potted history. I found it quite fascinating. I hope you do too.

Politicians would have you believe that parliament is all-powerful and can do what it wants. The Rule of Law says otherwise.

This used to be taught at school. It was removed from the syllabus around 30 years ago.

I wonder why.

Scribbled by Captain Ranty at 10:09:00 AM 4 commen

Oil be seeing you!!!

Well doesn't it all just pale into insignificance!

The oil barons have finally screwed us, NO this isn't unecessarily alarmist. If you have followed the link from the UK News Network and have seen the figures you WILL realise that. If you haven't seen the link yet go HERE

For FUCK'S SAKE, they are considering dropping a NUCLEAR BOMB down the thing to close it off...these people aren't bright enough to tie their own shoelaces let alone judge what will happen if they try that.

According to the article it is the second largest oil and gas field ever discovered, which I presume is why the US have not tapped it until now, preferring to drain every other field in the world first before turning to their own back yard where its more easily defended from others. Good tactics if youre selfish son's of bitches who couldn't give a flying fuck for anyone else. Christ a large proportion of the American public can't even tell you where Norway is!!!

But the people aren't to blame and for once neither is Gorgon Brown, what we are looking at here IF this thing isn't shut down in very short order is the complete poisoning of the worlds most important ecosystem, the OCEANS!!!

The OCEANS don't just provide us with a few fish and prawns to eat, they are the main provider of OXYGEN (which we need to breathe) and OZONE which we need to stop the earth burning up under the influence of solar radiation.

The Mayan's prohesied the end of the world as we know it (though they didn't specify just how exactly) was to come in 2012 and this could quite concievably be the reason why, as it will take about that long for the full effects of this disaster to seep through. Its not just the loss of a few fish and birds, think about it, the old saying 'pouring oil on troubled waters is a truism, Ships in the old days did exactly that in the middle of storms to calm the waters around themselves to enable them to save their lives, a brief respite. However if the Oceans are covered in oil then would we have ANY storms!, what happens to our weather systems in such a scenario?


It amuses the fuck out of me that we should be so completely screwed by an administration (the US) attempting to stave off its dire financial situation by 'bringing home a huge new oilfeild on its back door step, and if they do decide to drop a nuke on it, I want to see the video of the gas fireball that goes up!!! BOY O BOY I WANT TO SEE THAT!!!!

I wonder if California will still be there afterwards?

What really pisses me off is this thing is burning like billyo and creating God knows how much CO2 pollution and here, HERE I'm not allowed to have a smoke with me pint!!

This may not be my last post, but it is probably THE most important thing I will ever write, THE END MAY WELL BE NIGHER THAN WE HERETOFORE THOUGHT!!!

IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR...please leave a comment, just so I know that there is someone out there...

Monday 3 May 2010


I have laughed until my stomach muscles cramped up, grinned until my teeth shattered on themselves and cried tears of unrepentant joy at what I have found here The Daily Mash ,if you have not as yet found this do yourselves a favour and head off for a bit of sacriligeous fun in an utterly brilliant format.
I know my sense of humour is twisted but it is sooo nice to find someone else is wanging on down that road with such amazing style...too good to miss!!!!

Sick to the back teeth with the 'serious' election shit then go and visit The Daily Mash.

I am not a Tory but...rolling back Big Brother State!!!

No I'm not a Tory, but Mr Cameron has just said the most attractive vote catcher yet, but has he gone far enough to get my vote?
UK News Network
I want exactly that Mr Cameron but more of it please,
I want to see speed cameras reserved only for accident black spots,
I want to see average speed cameras taken down completely,
I want to see the now BRUTAL and heavily politicised police being seriously reigned in,
I want to see the recent legislation for terrorism and the powers deployed under it seriously evicerated, until it serves only the purpose it was touted for and not used for spying on us the ordinary people you say this legislation is to protect!

You have caught my attention with your action against 'The Big Brother State', I have to admit.. but what are you going to do about the EU, thats the real 'BIG BROTHER' here and now, you cannot just tinker around the edges, you are either for the people of this country and the rights that they should have but which parties of all hues to date have refused to recognise and pare away at every opportunity, or you are against us.

Fix the Big Brother State, I hope you will but make this sort of promise and renege after I (and others like me, who areconcerned about our civil liberties) have given you my vote and I promise you you will rue the day you promised it!
We have little faith in any of you that at present look able to command enough of a vote to 'rule' us, remember that and think on...


It's Back !!!

It is enough to make you puke your breakfast, you innocently turn the page and this stares out at you. There should be a government health warning on this bloodsucking freak of nature!

...And do remember there is a REWARD for the attempted let alone actual ARREST of this CRIMINAL.
Please do have a go at claiming it if you see him ANYWHERE!!!

Before you do though ,do check out the rules to the game in the above link.

Lots of Luck people, it would be lovely to see you a bit richer and him inconvenienced again ...and again, and again.

There's £10,900 odd in the kitty so its not just chump change!

International readers this applies to you too (see link)

Sunday 2 May 2010

Viral it should be!!!!

Just in case you lot don't visit either of these two as a matter of course (you'll find both in my blogs list to the right)



Captain Ranty

I have to agree with you Cap'n this should go viral!!!

Definite doffin to you Fraser, excellent stuff!!!

GE Simulator Results

Found this trawling the web, thought some of you may be interested, Charles Barry gives an open critique of his system and the other usual modelling method system

Find the above and a regularly updated version of it , he will also supply the spreadsheets for the projections and tells you where to get any additional software/programs you may need to run it all in the privacy of your own home.

Thanks to Charles Barry for the info in this post; Hope you find it educational people!!

Don't you hate when Sue puts you with that bigoted woman?!

Have you seen how much traffic is going through here, LOL
There are some quite funny ones to raise a smile with

And I just LURRVE this

Try again Gorgon, even you shouldn't be able to fuck it up that often!

Impressions of a Paranoid (Mc Carthy update)

Impressions of a paranoid:

Well I have to admit actually receiving an answer from the nice man in the electoral office was a bit of a surprise...a shock even!!!

The ramifications of what process I had involved myself in took a little while to settle in. After the glee of being a part of the political and legal processes of this our country, came a slow realisation, a dawning of the possibilities!!!

It was the second line of the email that caused this, ‘your email has been forwarded to the police’.

It flickered through my few functioning brain cells that this was somehow important...

That flickering awoke other, till now quietly dormant cells, The Police...

Thoughts of a doubting nature started to make themselves known on the radar of my consciousness...had I been foolish...had I opened Pandora’s box...what if it were all some sort of internet hoax that I had fallen for...

I feverishly set to at the keyboard to try to back track and find the original screenshot I had stumbled over and acted upon...where was it?

It took a while and a lot of sorting but eventually there it was and I made a copy for my personal records, for it was dawning on me that I may end up one day in court over this...whether as a defendant or a witness for the prosecution is as yet unclear and certainly has its worries!

Other brain cells were struggling into the slowly dawning light of day...if called at all how would I answer the summons...

I have been flirting round the edges of the Freeman/Lawful rebellion movements without being overly committed to any real action, but if actually called to court would I try and play that card? How would that work?

You know it is all very nice and cosy sitting out here in the blogosphere, going ‘Ra Ra Ra’ with the folk here, but to have the possibility of being hauled out into the full light of day and involved directly in the courts and glare of the publicity all that would attract you suddenly find you’re in a very lonely place.

Realistically it stacks up heavily against one, there is (in this case)

1. A barrister
2. the Liebour Party
3. the Government
4. the Police
5. the secret agencies
6. the courts
7. the Media

All against (Gulp)

The question is, am I the only one who complained, or were there others? Where would I be able to find the info I need to defend my side? Would any stand with me?

At the time (the small hours of this morning) all this was flying round my brain in a never ending spiral of confusion. Desperate as I was there was no way and no one I could talk to about it all, I tried contacting a couple of bloggers who were understandably not about on their blogs just when I needed them to be I fired off a couple of emails...and then...

My laptops hard drive started to go into turbo mode, I have never heard it go so fast, I even wondered if it was going to blow up. Drop down menus wouldn’t, I couldn’t close the internet window (it didn’t even say it’s usual ‘not responding’)...I freaked and hard closed it all!!!

Poured myself a very large Vodka and vodka with a dash of vodka to give it a bit of body and sat wondering just how much damage I had done...

After a couple more of the above drinkies, I restarted the infernal machine. This opened up exactly where I had left it and immediately went into over drive again...HARD CLOSED again.

Today I’m back wondering what the fuck was going on...was my laptop being remotely accessed? I don’t know, it’s quieter today...

I write this in the hope someone out there/here will actually read it and perhaps have a few words of advice/comfort to give...

Saturday 1 May 2010

Kerry Mc Carthy the reply from the electoral office

Well folks now its official I think...

Re: FAO Stephen Macnamarra Re Kerry Mc Carthy‏
From: Electoral Services Electoral Services (
Sent: 01 May 2010 13:47:59
Cc: Fair Comment (; Stephen McNamara (

Please see message from Mr McNamara:

Dear Mr

I have as the acting Returning Officer made a complaint to the police.

This is now a police matter and therefore I forwarded your email to them


My details removed for privacy sake but this is official, hope you lot have complained as well!!

We will see where this goes from here!!!

Lookin doon on Gorgon Broon

Ma sun wen a teltit yez te becum a Ministerrr, ah ment o rrrelidgeeon!!
nane o tha daft beggarrr stuff doon in Lunnon.

Ah sun, noo loook at yez, nae hoap an nae prrride lef in yersel,
Ivn yeerrr waantin tae go rrroond cawlin peepl bigots, the pulpits the place ferrr yez, d'yez nae ken tha a taw. Nae wan tells a man o th cloth he canna say sich thungz!

Yeer a wee disapointment tae me n aw, when yez go oot an sey yeer frum a middle clas famly, di yez no think oorrr hoose wuz th grrrandest in th blaak n grrrimy wee pit villudge o Kirrrkudy. Th ony hoose betrrr ferrr miyulz wuz th lairrds. Dyuh no rrrememerrr he evun uzed tae drrap rrroond noo n theyin tae huv a drap o tay wi yr mither n me?

Och ma sun, tae loook dooon n see thi daein aw tha lyin wi serrrpentz yez dooin!!weel yr mither's spinnin ah kn telt yez, an ahm a wee but dizzy ma ain sel.

Ah thocht wi brrrung yez up prrroperrr, no like they Blairrrz didna ai telt yez themz wuz a baaad bunsh, an fer youse tae stey awa frae hum. An wha dae yez go an doo az sooon az a wuz unner th soad! Yez beecumz hiz rrreet han moan, baackin him up n hiz lyin n skeemin, goan tae warrr n killin n maimin an aw in th naame o Goad, itz BLAAZZPHHHEMY LADDIE, an aw th tyme nowin he wuz unner th speall o a Katholik wutch!!

Wheeers yerrr prrride laddie, dud we no lok yez unnerrr th steerrrs offen enuff, fer lang enuff, tae teech yez bettrrrr!

Ahve hud a wird wi th Big Yin up heerrre n he sez yez kn cum upsteerrrs ony on wan condishun, n tha iz yeeve gat tae rrresign yerrr posishun wi an aprrroprriet apolodgy, rrrretirrre tae a prrresbutrrry an liv a selabat life dayin guud wurrks fer th res o yez deees!
Ahm sorrrry sun bu therrrs nae ither wa, !!

Ohh ay th Big Yin jiz telt mi yez hefta dae it befoorrr th elecshun n aw, or itz nae deeal !!
Yer mither n ay hope tae see yez rrreel sooon sun, an frrrae wha ah kn tel mose o th brrritish peeple wan yez tae be wi usz as qwik as may bee tuu!!!

Yerrr luvin faytherrr

PS ahll cleer oot th unnerrr steerrrs cubby ferr yez so's yez kn feeel as tho yer at hame agin! Th Big Yin sez yez kn hev ut ferr th nex cupl o thooosund yeerrrs n aw!

Is this an example of Internet Censorship?

God I hate these sorts of decisions
I left a comment on 'Letters from a Tory' the other day and they have kindly sent a reply/acknowledgement in return.

For which I thank you personally now, TA!,

However my mail server has refused to ID the thing and thinks it may be a phishing site or some such as it does not seem to originate from the right place? So as I am a real coward and refuse to jeopardise my computer it will have to remain unread.
This is what I got:

High risk This message was marked as junk and will be deleted after ten days.
This message has been blocked for your safety. Open message
Thank you for your comment at 'Letters From A Tory'‏
From: A Tory (
High riskThis message may be dangerous. Learn more
Sent: 01 May 2010 11:18:14

My apologies to the sender for this internet cowardice, but I am really a technophobe and the intricacies of the whole computer thing are well beyond my grasp...I really just single finger type into a sort of glorified typewriter.

Ask me to make a decision about security etc and as the above mentioned technophobe I will run a mile...

Why it is marked as such is beyond me as it comes from a hotmail account and I also run that, perhaps you would like to see if LIEBORE are messing with your settings or something, as it definitely says 'this message may be dangerous', LOL!!! They are in control of more than we think!!

This is the link if you want to follow it to the man in question:

Wheres me leathers....I'm gonna join a protest!!!


The news that hundreds of Bikers, yes I do own one, are staging a fuel protest is music to my ears!

We have put up with it for far too long, here,in North Wales the fuel prices are some of the highest in the country and always have been. There is a great deal of anger about this issue simmering under the surface.

Remember its only a few years back that we instigated the blockades around the refineries. Though there was a lot of support, many in the population outside of Wales seemed to treat it either as a joke or an inconvenience. That protest ended and little has been heard since.
Yes, it is time to protest LOUD AND LONG, we need to make TPTB relise that fuel is an essential part of our economy and I don't refer here to taxes. Without the ability to travel reasonably freely, jobs will be lost, firms will go under and the flow of cash around the country will dry up (here in Wales we are heavily dependant on tourism).

Cheaper fuel from lower taxation would allow us the people a significant amount more latitude for spending on other things and thus help the economy generally.

Its time the highly paid politicians and civil servants etc took a cut in their over inflated salaries and pensions, if there has to be any form of cutting back through the loss of revenue that would ensue. Too long have the government profiteered on the back of fuel duty and their mealy 1p rises which have been put up with again and again grudgeingly by us.

I HAVE TO SAY GO ON BOYS!!!AND GIRLS!!!(lets be PC for a moment or one of them might take offence) I for one support you fully, you are the right people for the job, highly mobile, vast numbers, bikers are a policing nightmare when they flock together.

Now where's me leathers I may just go and join the... OH SHIT ON A STICK ...I'd have to go fill up first, sort of defeats the object a bit doesn't it. Give a man a bit more warning next time round will you!!!

Support them people, BUY NO FUEL TODAY MAY 1st, and maybe we should all agree to do this every week for one day, buy no fuel from anyone!!! Some say it would make no difference, whilst others point out that losing one days revenue as a block causes a real message to be sent to both suppliers and government.
Thanks to the people at,
for this tidbit of information,
go there for lots more interesting news and reviews and links to the articles