Thursday 8 September 2011

To the Fatuous Twat in the seat of POWER!

HEY  FATUOUS ONE! look below your game has been unveiled and you can no longer hide behind your pretense that nothing is wrong in the world you are intent on FUCKING UP! There are good and conscientious people out here in the real world who will hold YOU and YOURS to account for the complete fucking balls up you are making of our lives! below is a letter from Albert Burgess which details all the salient points of why it is YOU and YOUR politician friends that  are the real ENEMIES of the nations peace, you have a last chance to show that YOU the LORD CHANCELLOR respect the rule of law and can understand a simple arguement based on incontrovertible fact...DO YOUR DUTY AND PUT THIS RIGHT NOW, or be condemned forever as the traitor you will prove yourself to be...

Kenneth Clarke
Lord Chancellor
The House of Lords

My Lord

Each house of parliament has a common law cognisance to run its own business, in its own way; neither house can by Common Law interfere in the internal working of the other house.

This is the constitutional settlement placed upon parliament by our forefathers, and described in the Prerogatives of the King by Sir Mathew Hale 1713 Chief Justice of the Kings Bench. And F W Maitland Late Downing Professor of the Laws of England in the University of Cambridge. At the university press 1908.
Sir Edward Coke Chief Justice of the Kings Bench 1628 ruled that parliament may some times pass a law which is repugnant or impossible to perform in which case the common law will intercede and strike it down. Giving the Common Law the status of higher law than statute law.
There are a number of cases of the cognisance of the commons to conduct its own business its own way, but I have not been able to find one case which deals with either house interfering in the running of the other house. Yet this is exactly what the House of Commons has done to the House of Lords, they started this process in 1661 after the restoration of King Charles II when the Commons told the Lords they could not amend a money bill only accept it or reject it, the commons were claiming without any legal authority, complete autonomy in all things financial. This was the commons interfering with the cognisance of the upper house to do its job of scrutinising legislation.  For some inexplicable reason the Lords accepted this state of affairs. This was the precursor to all the subsequent parliament acts.
In 1910 Asquith put forward a money bill and the upper house being erroneously of the opinion that they had no authority to amend this bill rejected it. In fact the upper house had the common law right to amend it and return the amended bill to the commons for approval.
As a result Asquith put forward the first parliament act which limited the authority of the upper house, Asquith told the upper house if they did not consent to this bill he would put 500 new Peers into the hose who would vote for its abolition, when this bill to restrict the upper house was submitted to King Edward VII he refused the assent on the grounds it was unconstitutional and removed a protection from his subjects. In fact it interfered with the cognisance of the upper house to perform its duties in the manor laid down by the constitutional and common laws of England, these laws are so good they have travelled to every common law jurisdiction in the world. Even Talleyrand our sworn enemy said when the English Constitution goes freedom goes.
King Edward VII fell ill and died, and on coming to the Throne King George V was told by a government minister he keeps all his prerogatives but may not use any of
them unless he has the backing of a government minister. This principle is unknown to our constitutional or common law. The assent was given to the 1911 Parliament Act which effectively weakened the authority of the upper house but with no constitutional or common law authority for the commons to even contemplate such a move. The mere fact they are the elected house does not authorise their actions. Because at no time have the public been put in the constitutional picture, which would allow them to make an informed decision. As to whether they wish to weaken the upper house in this or any other way. In fact Asquith toured the country slanting the true position so much as to be an outright lie.
The 1948 Parliament Act was yet another interference with the cognisance of the upper house to perform its constitutional duties, as our forefathers set it up. Once again this was done without the benefit of law, nor is there any justifiable legal principle which can be quoted to justify the unjustifiable.
The 1998 House of Lords Act by the same token interferes with the cognisance of the upper house to determine itself who does or does not sit in the upper house. This is a clear breach of the constitutional arrangements of parliament and is contrary to constitutional and common law.
Each of the above acts has subverted the constitutional arrangements of parliament; this is the major crime of Sedition at Common Law, and at this level of Sedition an act of High Treason.
The letters patent as granted to a Baron of the realm are such as to be a clear and lawful order from the King, to the recipient of the letter patent to undertake certain duties on the Kings behalf, it is clear that the King can not possibly know or understand every thing put before him, he should have a good general understanding of his Kingdom, his subjects, and world affairs. But there will always be occasions when his knowledge or understanding will fall short of allowing him without assistance from reaching the right decision. In order that he has a ready source of advisors who are good and capable men, he uses those peers of the realm that he or his ancestors have appointed to Baronetcies, and the letters patent represent a lawful order from the King to the holder of the Letters Patent to undertake this work. They instruct the holder of the Letters Patent that he must sit in the upper house of parliament and scrutinise legislation passing through the parliament to ensure it is in the best interests of the country and his subjects, it further gives a lawful order to the holder of the letters Patent that he is to act as an advisor to the King. In short the King requires those with the best available knowledge and experience to advise him as to the best course of action under any circumstances.
England is a Monarchy and we all owe a duty of loyalty and obedience to our lawfully anointed sovereign, the letters patent are by our laws to be obeyed. For any one who ever they may be, whatever position they hold within the Kingdom be they farm labour or Prime Minister to come between the King and the holder of the letters patent so as to prevent the holder from carrying out the lawful commands of the King is for that person to set himself above the King. That by our law is an act of High Treason contrary to the Common Law of England and the 1351 Treason Act.
I respectfully submit that is just what Anthony Blair did when he put through the 1998 House of Lords Act. He in effect set Her Majesty’s lawful order to those hereditary peers sat in the upper house at nought thereby imagining the death of Her Majesty as a Sovereign Queen. Contrary to Common Law and the 1351 Treason Act.
He also removed Her Majesty’s honour as a Sovereign Queen by assuming he had a greater authority in this Kingdom than Her Majesty. Contrary to Common Law and the 1848 Treason Felony Act.
I would like you to explain to me why I should comply with any law passed in Parliament since 1911 because since that day parliament has not been properly constructed according to the tripartite agreement set in place by our forefathers, and as such it has no mandate to pass any legislation.
I would further request that for every hereditary peer removed from the upper house, under the 1998 House of Lords Act. A warrant should be issued for the arrest of Anthony Linton Blair one time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on a charge of High Treason for imagining the death of the Anointed Queen of England Queen Elizabeth II Contrary to Common Law and the 1351 Treason Act.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

PS Although Albert (bless his little socks) respectfully submits the above , believe me Kenneth there is precious little respect left for you and your ilk out here in the real world and absolutely none from theis blog, you and yours have ridden roughshod over our rights for too FUCKING LONG! get it right for once and give us (the people) that which has always been our right as sovereign risk too much going on the way you have been...

Hat tip to Cap'n Ranty and Nominedeus 
also blogged on by Ian PJ

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Is Sleazy Tony's shit finally hitting the fan?

The papers are plastered with his ugly Fucking mug again as he oozes slease over Muammar Gadhaffi, it always was obvious that he was there for a profit, lets face it he won't get out of bed (or into one for that matter) without there being something in it for himself.
What beggars my belief is that this 'reptile' hasn't been dumped into a jail cell long before now...
Not content with greasing his way to riches with the daddy it appears that he even helped the son to write his thesis enabling him to achieve a degree from the LSE, who also it appears benefitted from daddies largesse...
Everywhere he goes the stench of corruption follows behind him! Will he be arrested and charged for his crimes...somehow I doubt it and it makes me sick to think that he will get away with it all and run laughing all the way to the bank...shit , his ugly bitch of a sidekick is even a completely fucking useless judge...just shows that there really is NO justice left in the country when trash like them can pull the woolsack over everyones eyes so easily!
I presume by now all the judges have been dinner guests or met socially and none can now try him as they know him personally, perhaps it would just be best if he was found under a tree with a blunt penknife and a couple of asprin...c'mon MI5/6/CIA you know how it goes dontcha!

In other news this fucktard... not only fucking Libya over with the glee of a sadistic eight year old pulling the legs off flies to watch them buzz in circles on the ground but is also intent on arming the police with whatever they need in the way of new powers so they can quell any signs of rebellion here at home (see I don't do political party favouritism). In a week that sees his mates the Banker Wankers walking off with million pound bonuses this piece of political excrement wants to shaft the people some more, and to hear he wants the sentencing in the courts to be televised so all good citizens can watch and go "TSK TSK" makes me want to puke!. Far better that all court cases are televised for the protection of the public from abuses of the powers he is so eager to invest in the ones he thinks will save his bacon smelling ass whilst he troughs down with his Banker Wanker chums in luxury!

Other news yet centres on some woman beating twat thats won a million on some tv show or we care, no really I mean it we care, the way I see it it is just an excuse to use up space in the Media so that more important (real) news can be either buried or forgotten...

Monday 5 September 2011

RANT TIME (revisited)

Everywhere and everything is in fucking chaos, there are pitiful mewling voices from governments the world over saying..."Why don't our people love us anymore" or "They are thugs and criminals and must be prosecuted to within an inch of their lives"

I personally am totally sick and tired of the 'governments' and their posturing, their blaming of the people for all the ills of society...HAVE YOU FUCKING FORGOTTEN it was you that banned us from disciplining our children, it was you that criminalised vast swathes of the otherwise law abiding public with your speed cameras and overbearing policing tactics,it was you that bailed out (correction 'gave away our money') the greedy bastard Banker Wankers...

and now the shit is hitting the fan...what are you going to do! give the police more powers is your answer Mr Camiknickers, what a stupid fucker you are you chinless twat!...sort out the inequalities in the system first, slap the bankers into oblivion and FUCK the Rothschilds private bank off the face of the earth, yes chinless one we know all about them being behind both sides of every war for the last couple of hundred years and coining it like Midas on a supermarket dash!

Merkle is getting her comeuppance over there in deutschland as she so justly deserves, the EU is a conglomerate of debt ridden junkies squealing for a last fix before they go under, the USA has been downrated to AA+ status and the sleeping giant of China and the Asian alliance is waking from its pretended sleep and raising its sights to the carrion carcass that it has been aching to strip clean for so long lichen has grown over their incisors!

Why are we at war every fucking where Davey boy does it make you feel like a 'real man' having the deaths of thousands on your conscience, or does it make your flacid little penis useful to your wife again you evil toad! (perhaps that was a little too vitriolic...nah!) You and your fellow troughers have ruined this world, the world we could have had and all been happy and well provided for in YOU and your ilk have denied to us! Bastards! FUCKING MINDLESS MURDERING GOON BASTARDS!

I hope your employers (the real ones, not us) pay you handsomely for your perfidy,I hope that for your sake they take you with them when they retire to their bunkers as the streets become awash with the blood of the people you have betrayed at every turn, for if they leave you behind Davey I do not believe that you will last for very long for all your contacts and public schooling, maybe the 'feral youth' that erupted into the so called riots gave you pause for thought and a change of underwear, yes Davey they WERE that close to you and your gaff werent they and they will not have forgotten the lessons they learnt in police yes thats right the boot was on the other foot this time round wasn't it!, the kettlers kettled, completely out manouevered and out classed by a bunch of kids...that had to be the funniest thing this year!!!

(and I mean no disrespect to the decent people who were caught up in the fracas and lost their homes/possesions/ and in a few cases their lives, I even like you abhor such violence, but you place the blame in the wrong is yours and yours alone ((well all 640 odd of you)) and your repressive policy enforcers!)

Why have I risen from my slumbers to rant at you febrile mentalists again? I am noticing the price of food...its going up isn't it Davey, it is getting so that ordinary people cannot afford to buy meat and veg to feed themselves with, the price of fuel has driven many vehicles off the roads even given the supermarkets interventions on prices (calculated I would opine to drive small independent garages out of business), there is little time left for the ordinary folk to prepare for the 'hard times' ahead and precious little spare cash to stock up with either, when the supermarket shelves go empty after a couple of days, will you and Sam be inviting the neighbours round to share your pantry stocks..and what will the poor people do then Davey...I rather think that they will...errrm whats the escapes me for the moment ...ahhh yes they my fuckwitted wonder will RIOT! only when that time comes it will be for real!

PS sort out the Libyan mess you have embroiled us in and get us the FUCK out of the Fucking EU NOW!!, and hey Davey boy, when are you going to invade Bahrain don't tell me you don't know about their government massacree of the peaceful pro democracy protesters...FUCKING HYPOCRITE!!!