Wars and Rumours of Wars

Find here examples of mankinds greatest idiocy...War!!
What we face today as a world careering into the wall of oblivion that rises ever higher in front of us, is compounded by the actions of those mentioned on the pages prior to this one.

Here we will follow all things to do with war and the waging of war, from the reptiles that make and sell the armaments to the ordinary people who become embroiled in the destructive process, from civilian through to service personell, We are here to document the attrocities which occur, and in some cases how they began before they were attrocities (think politicians). I have NO axe to grind, and am neither for nor against ANY side, I am just observing and commenting on that which I see in the world. I am if anything an enraged pacifist, who is sick and tired of listening/seeing the results of mans inhumanity to man!

We have to ask where the next war will break out. There are a couple of contenders at the present time, America is making threatening noises about IRAN, and North and South Korea are squareing up to each other as well...
Today there are the well known wars of Afghanistan and Iraq, neither with any real end in sight, and hundreds of thousands dead in both places!

            The picture shows the 24th US Marines patrolling in a POPPY field! (who'd a thought it eh!!)

Will somebody tell me why America and the UK attacked Afghanistan in the first place, oh yes I remember the official reason, there was ONE man there that they wanted to 'get'. So instead of sending in a special ops team or two to 'nullify' the problem when he was, relatively, accessable (instead of hidden deep within the Hindukush mountain caves), they (our governments) invaded the country, AMAZING!!!

Now this country has 'NEVER' been subjugated for long, we brits tried it, and gave it up as a dismal failure, the Russians tried it and they too were forced to withdraw, partly because the good ol USof A was funding a certain man (amongst others) to ORGANISE the resistance against the Russians, not only were they supplied with money but they were also supplied with arms. Now it is said that if you give a gun and ammunition to a Hill tribesman that they have never seen before , then they will deconstruct said weapon and then make copies (by hand) somewhere deep in their mountain lairs! So not a brilliant idea then!

However, the Russians were expelled eventually and a religious sect called the Taleban took over in the power vacuum that was left. These religious fundamentalists rulled with an iron hand and within a couple of years of attaining power, amongst other things had 'outlawed the growing of Opium poppies' to make Heroin from! Were they rewarded by international acclaim for reducing the Opium production by 91% ...NO, were they given aid to build another form of economic base there?...NO! They were left mostly alone to eke out a precarious living in their barren and desolate drought ridden country.

Then one day a man (yup same one as referred to above) supposedly decided to get together with a few followers and commit a previously unheard of attrocity in the heart of America (several thousand miles and a couple of oceans away! Why the USofA? why not Russia? after all it was the Russians who were last there commiting all sorts of mayhem, surely grudges should have gone that way!

The rest as they say is history and Afghanistan the host country to this man (who is/was actually a Saudi Arabian,and gained most of his post Russian funding from Saudi Arabia) was attacked in the effort to stop this man from doing any more Terrorist acts!

I have always said 'follow the money', and in this case you really must do exactly that! At the start of the campaign against Afghanistan I wondered what that reasoning led me to. OH surprise there was a GAS PIPELINE that an American Consortium wanted to build (for massive profits) that the Taleban had refused them permission to do so. AHA! there is the money angle, for as everyone knew there was nothing else there anyone would possibly want...was there?

Then after the invasion when Poppies started to bloom again all over the place, I saw another reason Drugs!
Suddenly Afghanistan was producing more Heroin than ever before, and Hashish,...

...and so it rested there until just a couple of days or so ago when America suddenly announced that Afghanistan was sitting on top of incredible mineral reserves...Hmmmm!...OH! quelle suprise!!! and the USof A had only just found out that they were there....only one word for that my friends LIARS!!

The Russians had known they were there 30 odd years before  and had made no secret of it and now all of a sudden the USA had stumbled on to it, and the nasty Taleban were no longer in control of it , their puppet dictator Hamid Kharsi was!!!

HOW MANY DEAD FOR YOUR GREED AMERICA!!! and who do you believe now actually caused 9/11, still the towel heads??? Still Al Quaeda??? then why did your government then go on to attack IRAQ, a land rich in OIL and fiercly against Al Q and its near neighbour IRAN...

Try this quote, then follow the link;
George W. Bush didn’t set the precedent that the United States doesn’t admit to making mistakes or apologize for its actions. What he did was puff up this long-standing reluctance to speak truth with a chest-thumping arrogance. The degree of secrecy and the extent of “war off the books” that we live with today makes the Iran-Contra Scandal seem quaint. 

SHOCK and AWE!!!

Picture from johngaltfla.com
Well worth a visit to see his site

and here is an interesting take on the MEDIA in the war zone and elsewhere scoop.co.nz

 ...and Here is where we went to next...IRAQ, home to Saddam Hussein the military dictator!!!

Why did we invade this country?, well they had weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION, apparently not as it turns out, though they certainly recieved plenty from us , the occupying/invading forces. 

Above you can see a pretty firework display courtesy of American Bombers who are to quote one of the American LEADERS (Rumsfeld I think) "BOMBING THEM BACK TO THE STONE AGE!!!", Oh how the folks back home clapped and cheered to see such destruction played out on their TV screens as night after night The American Air Force did what it was told and almost literally "Bombed them back to the stone age".

For all his faults Saddam Hussein was not a TOWEL HEAD and he had instigated school and hospital building projects. Bhagdad was a civilised city and metropolitan in its outlook. Yes I know he gassed the Kurds on his borders and did a bunch of nasty things to those he thought opposed him , but doesn't that sound a wee bit familiar!!!(see above piece entitled Afghanistan).

Oh yes those WMD's he was supposed to have had...anyone like to hazard a guess where they came from...NO...c'mon youre just being coy here...We sold them to him, thats right we in Europe and the US sold them to him when he was 'our' friend and was fighting the nasty towel heads next door in ...IRAN!!!
Life gets weird sometimes doesn't it, so Saddam was against the people that Washington is making all the noises about attacking at the moment because they are making....WMD's!!!....it gets complicated doesn't it, but nevermind we conquered Iraq and now control its OIL so we are all right?...Well no, not really as we do not want IRAN to get nuclear capability as they may 'destroy their OIL DEPOSITS ' with them if they do and then their OIL would be worthless to us, so quick, quick we had best invade soon...

Just exactly who is the aggressor in this part of the world now eh!