Sunday 31 October 2010

Bad Science is Bad Science

Stolen from Subrosa excellent little video

Saturday 30 October 2010

Bank Run Dec 7th 2010....

The French (bless their little cotton floppy hats) are calling for a run on all the banks in the EU, what a spiffing idea folks, lets all take our money out of the banks on the same day and show this system up for what it is, let us little people do something that makes our so called self styled masters sit up and take notice let us for once give them a good kick in the BANKERS!!!!

 Bank run here!!!

For once they have come up with a great idea, it really is time to stick it to TPTB, imagine the chaos, imagine the fear running through the veins of the cold blooded lizards that control the money supply.....IMAGINE!!! I dare you!

Friday 29 October 2010

Seems like the news is leaking out...

It was high time that the people got behind wahat some of us have been shouting about for ages, here is a sample of how its leaking into youth culture..the climate warmer camp and others are not having it all their own way in the media stakes...and though I don't think too much of rap, I actually like this one

Wednesday 27 October 2010


Have you seen this people?

Finally someone is standing up to the creeping terror that is the monster Liebore created with its PC bullshit in our country.

That we are a Christian based society should be in no doubt, whether we follow the religion closely by going to church every Sunday is a choice we are all free to make ( we make our own peace with God), but what we are is a society that wants to have the freedoms to be as we have always been, a society in which our children can look forward to the Christmas holidays and believe in Santa if they want to, a society of boring but unmissable nativity plays and xmas carols on the telly and brass bands in the streets.

To have our ancient holidays hijacked and perverted into a pale travesty by those intent on 'not offending' others who have come here to live is a horrendous betrayal of us all and our roots. To my mind anyone who is offended should pack up and move to somewhere they will not be, its time to make a stand for our ancient rights and customs, its time to back up the EDL and help them protest this PC bullshit, its time we stood up for what we believe in; for what WE want, it is our country after all...

and I had to get this info from here Vlad  thanks mate for the heads up, though if you read the Daily Star you may have seen it too!!!!

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Remember, remember the 5th of November

I want to tell you all about a little thing that is happening on the 5th of November,

A gentleman, named Mr Hurst, is going to an administrative hearing re Council Tax in a place called Llandridnod Wells which is in mid Wales. Nothing special in that eh!, well in the usual run of things you'd be right, these sort of hearings go on every day don't they...but I see this one as being subtly and potentially explosively different.

You see Mr Hurst isn't your usual run of the mill Council Tax protester/evader John is an upstanding (and I mean UPSTANDING) member of the community, he is an ex policeman for a start, he is also a man who believes in the Rule of Law and that's just what he is seeking here on the 5th.

John is in Lawful Rebellion against the system as it stands and has ancient rights on his side, to my way of looking at this if he were to be told OK you do not have to pay, then the floodgates would be opened wide and the scene set for the entire country to refuse to pay on exactly the same grounds. 

If on the other hand he were to be told he had to pay, then he would/will appeal his case to the highest courts in the land and abroad if need be and take anyone who stands in his way down as collateral damage, you see Johns case is based on TREASON, not his you understand, because he is a VERY upstanding man.

John would like it if interested parties could come to the court on the day and see just how justice is or isn't done, let the people sitting in judgement inside their chamber know that the people are very, VERY interested in how they handle the whole issue of the RULE OF LAW, and that they are watching the judgement givers with a jaundiced eye to say the least.

So if you or any of your friends and acquaintances are interested then can I suggest that you turn up at the court in Llandridnod Wells at 10 o'clock on the 5th of November, if you can manage it get yourself a V for Vendetta face mask as well to signify the faceless masses that have put up with too much for too long ....I will be there, how about you!

More here Ian PJ

Thursday 21 October 2010

Worth the visit!

Well finally settling down to writing sommat rather than just posting vids (bit of spare time for a change), wanted to do something on the immigration issues again but feel they're being served reasonably well by some of my friends in the side bar,YOU DO LOOK in the side bar don't you!

so lets see where we go ...a little round up for you of whats been tickling my fancy  at the moment first I have to give kudos to the inimitable GRUMPY OLD TWAT its always a pleasure to see his take on things with his sharp wit and exemplary graphics skills he brings things to life for the reader, today's offering is on the climate debate, one of his pet subjects (though I wouldn't treat my pets quite so cruelly)

Next up and deserving of a follow up diatribe by any thinking blogger (so i guess that lets me out , phew numbers is so heavy) is another blogger that is well worth reading EU REFERENDUM goes for the big cuts issue and tears the government a new arsehole pointing out the serious sophistry in the mealy mouthed politicians words and actions. Always worth a drop in on this blog as Richard North is well researched and has a nice cutting cynicism.

While you are touring the web do drop in on UNFORGIVEN this blog is the public consciousness of the wrong un's and invites both your decisions on conduct, votes for or against damnation and will happily nominate any evil gits you wish to put up for the judgement of the blogosphere! Trawl through ,I'm sure there are some you will wish to throw into the pit!

BARKING SPIDER another interesting blogger into dealing out the required measures for those self righteous fuck wits in our society that need a good ass ripped in place of the old retentive one they had and have abused so much through their miserable holier than thou lives, especially dedicated to the downfall of enemies of free speech. 

This blogger should in my opinion be viewed as a national treasure, he writes some lovely little diatribes on the "against smokers lobby" today's offering is no exception and he never fails to raise a rueful little smile or two from me at the very least UNDERDOG BITES UPWARDS .

Interesting little snippet here from Sabine of VICTIMS UNITE on the Criminal Courts, I direct you there with the intention of telling you before you go to have a look at some of the cases that Victims Unite are trying to fight through the courts, the miscarriages of justice are simply jaw dropping as are the resulting ruin of ordinary peoples lives. A page well worth a study to educate yourself on the tactics that can and will be used against you!

...AND last but not least if you have got this far and haven't visited a site then DO GO to my mate Odie's place at WOODSTERMAN this is an American Blogger who simply seldom fails to make me LOL, PMSL and generally be in need of either a new computer from splurging my coffee through my nose onto the keyboard or have to fetch a mop to wipe up the PMSL results....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED and today's offering is well up the scale...unbelievable fucking pictures no REALLY unbelievable pictures!

Well till I get time to write sommat of my own I'll leave you with the thoughts revolve around all these things including bells and pepper!

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Romanians beggars?..think again...and a bit of USA...

Had to post this one ....

well what do you think, he should go to 'work' without his phone!!!! or at least switch the f'in thing off!


Hat tip to Vlad Tepes

this in from the US as theyre about to vote on keeping/losing Obummer

Hat tip to Left Coast Resistance

Don't say we were not warned !!!

Fifty years ago this was put out and what didwe all do...yup we signed up for the 'isms' option and now look where we are! hat tip to Charlie from Scottish Sovereigns!

Monday 18 October 2010

Sorry..who killed Osama bin Laden..

Do we appreciate finding this sort of thing is withheld from us by our MSM propoganda services, unless of course this is right...
HMMMM who to believe, decisions. decisions....

The time is NOW...and they know it!!!

They know its over, but they will not give up without a fight. 
Prepare yourselves folks this is not going o be pretty or easy, make sure you have your food-stocks stashed and make sure that you can last for as long as possible .

As the man with the billboards has been proclaiming for all these years...


wheeeee!!! France set to explode!!!

Saturday 16 October 2010

Osama to come out of hiding!

if you havent seen it, here it is , if you have its worth it one more time, I hadn't!

Friday 15 October 2010

Is this the beggining of the currency collapse???

worth a watch there is big trouble to come here

sorry its a link folks but I dont see an embed for this!


Monday 11 October 2010

Youre going the wrong way boys..but are we suprised

Our brave police running from rioters/protestors, how come they run from the Islamists and beat the countryside alliance to a bloody pulp..
Something really does smell about this...and we the British people should be very worried!!!

It is quite clear from this video who the aggresors are and isn't it about time that they were stopped from this sort of behaviour?

Where is the coverage of this in the MSM, whrere is Andrew Marr to give his considered though twatish opinion on the days events...

There is war on our streets and no one is telling the ordinary British Public about it, no one is telling the truth...

Time to stop the rot, time to make Britain the place it was once again, in short its time to stand up and be counted...

Write to your MP send them this link and tell them what you think of the situation, do it soon or you will not be able to do it at all!!!

Ou est les Raton Lave (Anna Raccoon)

Where has Anna gone her site says 


until 2011 have I missed something? Has she been got at?

One of my favourite bloggers gone for a whole year WTF!!!

Friday 8 October 2010

Singalonga papi

If Dioclese is going down then I for one am going with him...

I feel sick...I agree with..Tony Bliar!!!!

What the F*** is going on...

You may well ask that particular question dear readers.

It appears that (I can hardly bring myself to type this again) Tony Bliar and I finally agree on something!!!

The Christ is my advisor war mongering genocidal Twat, has come out and said reported (sic) here that the West is and I quote  " outspent, out maneuvered and out strategised by Islamic extremeism!!!

I wonder if he is including the cost of all the little parcels of propoganda he and his mate Bush had dropped on to the heads of the otherwise unsuspecting people of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Still aside from little quibbles on my part about things like that , the true horror of my position slowly sinks in...I agree with HIM..the devils outrider, the snake oil liar, the would be destroyer of the world (thank fuck he didn't get the EU presidency) and I fel almost suicidal about it...How can I be in agreement with him!!!!

Its  not like I can change my position to the contrary one so as to staunchly remain defiant to him personally...

I am going to have to live with it I suppose, but Tony let me tell you this doesn't make us mates or anything, I'm not about to go down the pub with you for a few pints, and if they ever ask me to sit on a War Crimes Tribunal on you then rest assured Tony I shall weigh all the evidence calmly objectively and completely without predjudice imprison you for the rest of eternity in a small solitary cell with a daily complement of 200,000 fresh fleas added for your enjoyment!

I am now going to go and get drunk and try to forget that this has ever happened!!! (sound of retching)

Lying Politician Disposal unit ...perhaps one day!

Oh wouldn't it be a lovely way of disposing of unwanted mendacious politicians!

Sunday 3 October 2010

States of unrest...protest music sunday!

They say that the time of the protest musician is over...NO IT IS NOT!!!
If you like it and want more go to Youtube States of Unrest

Please don't sue me, this is not a joke!!!

A gay fat Muslim woman went to work one day ...have you heard this one?...well don't worry petal neither did she but she still sued her employers for a huge sum and retired happily laughing all the way to the bank!!!
Harridan Hardperson the deputy Liebore leader, forced through a piece of legislation to 'protect people at work' from every conceivable slight.

The legislation called the Equality Act, has effectively stopped anyone in the workplace from ever cracking a joke again...Nope, you read that right, you are not allowed to crack a joke at all for fear of being sued, but not only the joke crackers are in danger here the boss of the company can also be sued even though they had no knowledge of the incident in their workplace at all..

Oh hang about it doesn't end there, even if it was a customer or a contractor making the joke they can be sued...!!!

Oh dear, it even extends to customers being able to sue...

WTF is going on has the whole world gone BARKING MAD!!!

Instead of repealing this piece of crass stupidity the present government are actually implementing it with immediate effect...did we vote new labour back in somehow...

Oh fellow bloggers this is no joke for does it not mean we can no longer write our little satirical pieces , our little jokes...for many of them are read (if not composed and published) while at work, and what about those whose remit at work is to look at our blogs (there must be some, police special services etc) doesn't that put us squarely in the sights of the PTB?

Can we now be sued for our opinions if they  are couched in a tongue in cheek way??

Hatchet Harridan and the Liebore party must be laughing their socks off at the moment, how stupid can the fools in the coalition get??? Well judging from this they can get pretty stupid, just when small businesses need all the help they can get half their staff will be suing them for every perceived slight personal or third hand they can find...

As soon as my missus heard the news she said ,"well****** had better watch out then he is always making inappropriate quips as the only male in an office of females", you see what is offensive to one may not be offensive to another the trouble is now even if we know who the 'other' is we can no longer make that quip in case the some get to overhear it in some way...

This is a recipe for a dull drab and disastrous working world, and we should all be jumping up and down screaming for its repeal...

Just think comedy venues and comedians are at a stroke extinct for the venues are a workplace and the audience are the customers and someone will always be able to take offence now won't they!!!

One of our (the British) best attributes has always been our ability to laugh at ourselves and life (with all it contains) but now we are no longer allowed to do so, Damn the Liebore Party, Damn HairyArsed Hardcunt, damn them to the deepest reaches of hell and the coalition fuckwits who have finished her work (and ours) for her!

Original story from Daily Wail

Friday 1 October 2010

Green climate bombs

I am absolutely appaled by this video, you may hav seen it elsewhere but I want my little say on this one...

Is this some sort of indoctrination of kids, is it meant to innure them to the sight of people being blown apart?

Is it tryin to tell children that if someone does not agree with what the PTB say it is then OK toKILL them, is this now the way to continue debate...

The sheer calousness of these thought trains and the impact they will have on school children is abominable in the extreme...THIS IS NOT COMEDY!!!

It can never be seen as COMEDY and to suggest that it is, or could be, shows a moral destitution on the part of the makers or those that think that it might be.

What price the sanctity of life now then, what next euthanasia, the smokers, the fat....!!!

This is sick and should be banned, and coming from the GREEN lobby who preach the sanctity of life and biodiversity it makes me want to puke....

First posted to my knowledge by GOT and EU Referendum has a good posting on it as well as Subrosa