Friday 30 July 2010

For Ellen

Death brushed past us
black wing feathers rustling
Turning warm day to cold
before alighting nearby

Darkened, the skies
as the noon hour was passed
and the rush of the air
stilled a breath with its blast

Stopped, was the world
or so it did seem
as the life of a girl
became as a dream

wish though we may
we cannot breathe warmth
to the cold light this day

passed is our friend
gone with a sigh
that our strength could not mend

the only goodbye
as all here that loved her
break down...

The way it is and the way it should be...

Zeitgeist the Addendum, you can watch the first movie, but this one tells you all that many here on the web have been talking about from the monetary system through politics, religion ,slavery to what there is that can save us and the planet we live on . Its long at 2 hours but it may be the best 2 hours that anyone could, at this stage of the planet, ever spend

If you haven't seen it then I recommend that you watch it;
You will find both parts here;

There are alternatives to the way that the world is run, believe change can be possible and tell other people about what is going on and how to stop it!

 Link given by Billy on Corrugated Soundbite Here

Thursday 29 July 2010

Give back the Kho i Noor...

You want it back, then pay for it!!!
Its been cut into a decent shape with added value and is worth Oooooo...lets say £160 Billion!!!
Thats probably only about Oooo lets see,
1,139,964,932 Population of India
divided into £160 Billion
about £150 pounds per head
Too rich for you , then Fuck off and buy one somewhere else then!!!
...and while we are on the subject of money, if you can afford a space program then you can afford to give us our AID money back as well!!! 

On a lighter note than usual...

What the fuckity fuck fucks going on here!

Thin Passenger thrown off plane to make room for FAT teenager!
Fat Fucks Flying


Fuck the FAT bastards who fly on planes,I am sick to the back teeth with them, they waddle down the boarding ramps, clog up the aisles, where two normal sized people can squeeze past each other, overflow thier seats invading what little space that you have anyway, are generally obnoxious if you dare to complain, use up fuel at twice the rate of normal people,get THE SAME luggage allowance as ordinary people, and quite frequently stink of BO through both poor hygene and being unable to reach round themselves to clean themselves properly.

...and now they throw a thin person off a plane to make way for a FAT teenager who needs two seats but has only paid for one...unfuckingbelievable!!!

Listen, I do not care why someone is FAT be it medical or just sheer greed, but I do care that they get MORE consideration from airlines than I do!

If I am average weight for my height fair enough the cost of the seat is fair to ALL, after all we are basically paying airfreight prices for a commodity. If I am significantly overweight then I should pay more for my journey, after all it is the fuel we are paying for isn't it? It has always galled me that some 20+ stone behemoth gets the same seat price I do and the same luggage allowance, where is my 10 stone extra allowance? I am subsidising the flight for these lard asses!!!

To see that an airline has thrown a normal sized farepaying passenger off their flight makes me MAD!!!
Sue the fuck out of them !!!

H/T to Caractacus for the second pictureand this link FAT FUCKS FLYING 2

Tuesday 27 July 2010

David 'Hussein' Cameron

What is it with the leaders(sic) of the Western World are they ALL closet Muslims?

Where is the Tory Backbone? when the election failed to show a clear majority for the Tories it wasn't time to ditch all their principles and turn into snivelling sychophantic grovelling apologists. It was time to drive HARD bargains and lead the country.

But what do we get? we get a decidedly pale imitation of Tony Blair!

I despair, I really do, there is NO HOPE of real leadership from ANY of THESE PEOPLE, they are all as bad as each other, selling us the British people to the highest bidder and making a laughing stock of our once proud nation.

WE do not wish to be in the EU Dave! when will you get your thick cunting head around that small fact!

We do not want to subsidise more failed economies and we do not want an islamic dictatorship as one of our partners at all!!! Turkeys Human Rights record is worse than lamentable, but our governments have turned a blind eye to it for years, is it all alright now because you have consistently ignored the abuses that have gone on...Turkey is more in the Islamic camp than it is in ours,, did they let us go through their Northern Border to invade Iraq, did they let us fly through their airspace then...NO!!!

Why are you kissing arse everywhere in the world? why are you bending Britain over a table to be shafted by all and sundry? 

You sir are not a TORY you are a craven coward and from the first I knew you would only bring us grief. We cannot rely on any of the standard 3 political parties to represent our interests (junior partner indeed, you patronising snivelling toad, tell that to the massed graves of OUR fallen before the Yanks bothered to get involved.)

I had little respect for you in the beginning, I have none at all for you now, I wonder who would get in if a new election was called tomorrow!

I pray to god it would be 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' and UKIP or even the BNP got elected for as far as I can see these two parties are the only ones that truely represent the views of the British people and want to protect this Island of ours from the horrors of the unelected criminal EU friends you and the other two mainstream parties brownnosingly court as friends!


Original piece here The Mail and also comment here Subrosa and here Old Righty

Saturday 24 July 2010

The price some pay...

I have just spent some time reading through a bloggers blog, it wasn't/isn't easy reading, though it has its humourous moments even if they are dark and dangerous moments for ordinary people to venture in...

I do not pretend to have been to the places that this man has been, nor do I pretend to fully understand the reality that he paints for whoever may happen upon his written words. I do however feel a kinship with him, for I too have known dark humour and black moments of time in my own life. The more I read the more I identified with the writer, and my understanding has grown from this contact.

It is all too easy for the ordinary person to not see the reality this man lived and still lives, some years ago I studied the First World War poets and their graphically detailed accounts of the horrors they lived through and with. I never thought to see their like again, as the writers of that era were the poets and writers of their generation (mostly lost to the inevitable end in those days), but this writer has chimed those chords, a modern day experience of the same futility and frustrations that were apparent in the earlier writers.

I  wish to applaud this writer and his work, though I am sure he seeks none from me or anyone else, he writes for himself, to exorcise his own demons and the honesty and sincerity with which he weaves the pictures of his life and trials is a refreshing, if difficult to experience, change from todays ordinary world.

If you would see what Tony Blair and his like have done to our young men and women in the armed forces ( if only some of them) then go and read his stuff. Read it and maybe shed a tear for the lost who may never find themselves again. Was there any need for this man's pain? Was there a real reason to subject this man and others like him to the unremitting terrors of war, for if the only reasons were commercial and to line the pockets of bankers and politicians then the price was too high, and I have one more reason in every soldier who suffers like this man to hate Tony Blair!

I wish you well mate, and hope you find peace, Thanks!

Sudden onset planephobia?, or what...

Does it come as any surprise that one should become scared of flying?

Obviously when you spend many hours in a plane every year for years on end one must at some time realise that although the odds of anything untoward happening to the particular flight you are on/going to be on are supposedly infinitesimally small they must shorten with every new airborne sortie...

Even with all the pre flight checks and safety proceedures, even with hightened security at airports and on the planes themselves, there is always the possibility of an unknown element, a serendipitous mischance, a gremlin in the works.

Is this why there seems to be a new found reluctance for certain persons to venture across the pond?

Certain persons, who until recently were forever popping backwards and forwards across the briny to the USof A. Persons who may be considered to be seasoned travellers suddenly developing a simultaneous aversion to flight!!....?

Can there be another explanation?

Can there be any other reason why these people should so suddenly not wish to be in the company of their old friends and colleagues? Surely not!!

These old friends only want a little chat...nothing too serious...just a few outstanding questions need answering...

Is this any cause for fear...

My guess is that they know that it is and are reluctant , not to fly, but to set foot in the jurisdiction of the USofA who are renowned for their hospitality to people they think may be able to help their enquiries. Even keeping some of such people in luxurious hotels in the tropics for years on end  and to prevent any hint of boredom setting in even go to the extraordinary extent of flying their guests to other hotels around the world for periods of R&R.

I wonder if these certain persons have come to the realisation that biting the hand that puts your poodle snacks in your dish is a very silly thing to do, especially when that hand belongs to a feeder that,
a) doesnt like poodles, 
b)only kept the poodle whilst it was in the prime of life and able to service the keepers wishes, and 
c) not only owns guns (lots of them) but actively likes going around blasting the bejasus out of small furry animals for the fun of it!!!

Ooooo poodlekins, I really hope for your sakes that there is NO skeleton buried in your flower bed...I really hope that you are blameless (as if) in this instance, for remember the keeper was happy enough to go off to WAR on the strength of a very flimsy dossier of dodgy claims not so long ago...and who knows what they have been told recently concerning certain things with a Libian flavour...

Oh I do so hope that you will all be extraordinarily renderred, I do so hope that they will waterboard the 'truth' out of you.

It probably will not happen, but I for one will go to bed with a happy little smile on my face thinking of you cowardly bastards bricking it at the thought that your game may have completely unravelled on you...


I shall dream sweet dreams tonight, hahahahahaaaa!

Hey why don't you blame your inability to fly on BA strikes or volcanic ash, or just admit to having no cajones!!

Thursday 22 July 2010

Ever wondered how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew???? No need to wonder anymore!!!

smartarse French Twat...thank you!!!

Why I 'HATE' Tony Blair!

For me it is something that will never go away...back when Labour were a reasonable alternative to the Conservatives, back when they had credible ideals, back when the likes of John  Smith were in the party and tempering the mix with intelligent input, Tony Blair came to the fore...from be leader of the Labour party.

Which he and his cronies were quick to re-label as NEW LABOUR, new indeed they were, elected on the same 'hope' ticket that has recently got O'BUMMER into the White House. Hope for the struggling masses sick to death with sleaze and the rampant self interest of the politicians who held power at the time, yes the Tories!

We were ALL sick to the back teeth of those money grabbing lying bastards, and we desperately hoped that 'New Labour' were going to be the party for the people!!!

How wrong we were...we believed the promises of their manifesto and many of us voted for them ( I did NOT), and they got in with a landslide majority...

It would be easy to say I was not fooled by them at the time, the truth was more mundane, I had moved and was not registered to vote, so I cannot blame anyone who did, as I myself may well have voted for him and his 'New' party.

However there was something about the man I could not stomach...had it been John Smith as leader I would not have hesitated, but the Blair man?....anyone who could marry her was obviously a 'wrong un' in my estimation...and so it transpired to be!

The sleaze never stopped (it didn't even pause for breath) and I watched as time and again (even with a huge majority) the 'New' party of the people, ignored the wishes and needs of the people and set about feathering its own nest.

They LIED, from the very start they lied, and then they kept right on lying as well as screwing the system up completely...

How anyone had the stupidity to vote them in the second time is totally beyond me...they were discredited and nothing they could promise in a manifesto was worthy of belief, we had already waited for the result of the first manifesto which never arrived.

The truth was the sleaze of the Tories was still too close, too fresh, the British public had not had time to forget...

...and so in they went again, I voted this time but here in Wales it was a vote for Plaid, my nationalist streak coming out perhaps, it would not have mattered who I voted for , here Plaid get in every time whether they deserve to or not!

...and again they ignored the needs and wishes of the people who voted for them, again they wasted a huge majority and the opportunity to do some real good for the people, and Tony?...Tony took us to war, again he LIED, and then just went ahead and did what he wanted to do...sod everyone else, he did what he wanted to do and went with his American friends to WAR....

In the face of the largest demonstration in British history (2 Million people marched on London and protested around the country, against going to war, more people probably than voted for him) and yet he ignored public opinion and sent our troops off to maim and kill innocent human beings and be maimed and killed in the name of OIL and PROFIT!!!

I 'HATE' you Tony Blair, for the lies you have told, for the people you have diminished and then murdered, for the way you have wasted our future to line your own pockets with the 40 pieces of silver Satan has promised of course do not care that I 'HATE' you, for you have found forgiveness in the Holy Roman Catholic Church haven't you?... look back at the history of that institution and you will find no hope of salvation there my hated enemy, no hope at all....

If I met you I would try to arrest you for crimes against humanity, for WAR CRIMES and the blood of innocents which are on your hands...make no mistake Mr Blair if salvation depends on NO ONE holding a grudge on you for anything I will always be there to deny you your place in heaven, even if it means I to have to spend eternity in perdition. At least that eternity will be easier for the sight of you suffering for all the sins you have committed!

There is much , much more detail to the why I 'HATE' you saga and I may get around one day to actually putting it ALL down , but for now at least my readers may understand that the reason why you are so disdainfully held by me is that you failed us, you lied to us, you profited from our misery and our deaths in foreign fields, and you stole our rightful future from us, to be in the club with a few other evil bastards!.


Monday 19 July 2010

Bliar and doesnt care we know it!

I have waited a couple of days to post this as I wanted to see what sort of outcry there was here out in the blogosphere, trouble is there has not been one and I wonder why that is...

Has everyone grown tired of the old Blair baiting that went on or is it a case of everyone finally giving up on the hope of ever having this man answer for his crimes. For it seems it does not matter how blatantly this man rubs our collective faces in the proverbial shit, it would seem no one any longer posseses a working sense of smell therefore its not really shit is it, its just a bit of mud.

I am not sure now what to say on Bliars meeting with Gaddafi, about his ever more obvious conflict of interests with the people of this nation, about the reek of hypocrasy that comes flowing like a river of effluent from the man whatever he does or says...

In between wanting to write this piece originally and actually doing it today, I read a long and somewhat dry piece over at Cap'n Ranty's place which, though old news now, seems to be an echo of my feelings, it really is worth a read and following the links provided as it so acurately describes our own pet psycho/sociopath Tony Bliar and his other governmental friends of all political parties who are in continual power in this country.

The Gaddafi meeting should be suspicion enough to look for the proofs and bring Bliar to book for his double dealing betrayal of this country, but there never seems enough impetus from anyone who can bring about his downfall, is he just too rich now or is it because of his powerful sociopathic friends that we do not see him in the dock!

Only a couple of days prior to that piece there was another on the torture of British citizens wherein the paper trail leads straight back to Bliar and Number 10, obvious lies and misleadings of Parliament have so far gone unchallenged...perhaps for the reasons Cap'n R blogged about, but I wonder if it is just a malaise that has settled on the once proud British people that they are just glad to see the back of him and do not want to sit through having the dirty washing cleaned in public!

Personally , I feel sickened to the core by all of it and am beginning to wonder what the point of blogging about it really is, perhaps I should just stop thinking about it all and realise that some things (to me they are the most important ones) that make us human are now beyond our reach....

Thursday 15 July 2010

Balancing the book, PC David Rathband...

Last night I watched an interview with PC David Rathband, victim of the shotgun wielding Raoul Moat, I have been waiting to hear more of this part of the story and to tell the truth was surprised to see him make a statement so soon.

His quiet dignity and measured tone showed me what a brave man that he is, his determination to recover and return to service in his obviously beloved Police force speaks volumes.

This is the face of the cool head that I have been writing about wanting to see in our Police, I have nothing but admiration for this man who though seriously injured tried under extreme duress to do all the right things. I watched and listened to his account of what he believed at the time were probably his last moments in this life, his immediate concern was to let his fellow officers know what had happened and where Raoul Moat was, to try to ensure that this chain of events would be no longer than absolutely neccessary.

It was easy to feel the emotion welling inside him at the thought of not being ever again in the arms of his wife and family and I for one choked up when he talked of that fear and choked on it. I had hoped to put that interview with him in this post but could not find it on Youtube, so the press release from his brother will have to speak for him.

PC Rathband and his brother show the dignity this situation demands, in complete contrast to the media frenzy over the other side and the statements made by Moats brother. Mr Darren Rathband  reitterates his brothers previous statement and also gives the news that David will be welcomed back to service with the force whenever he feels he is ready.

There were no accusations, no railing against the injustice of what had befallen his brother, just a bare statement and then he slips away through the crowd . Two very brave and dignified men who's calibre we could all do well to emulate!

I cannot for a moment imagine Raoul Moat even attempting to pick himself up from such a situation, indeed he preferred to use violence rather than sort his life out and become a man!

I wish PC Rathband a speedy recovery and hope that medical science will one day be able to give him his sight back, so he may enjoy his world and family once again. He deserves that, Good Luck David!

Some sense and perspective from Anna Raccoon

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Exxon given go ahead for BP take-over!!!

I hope we are all watching with interest the new developments in the BP oil spill fiasco, it was with a certain sense of inevitability and deep suspicion that I read yesterday that the American Government (read Capitalist Rapists) have given the nod to Exxon  for a 100 billion take over bid for the beleagured BP, which has been continuously slagged off by the same administration for the last few months.

Does anyone else see a pattern emerging here, sorry not emerging!, it is now fully formed and out in the bright light of day!. Is it not obvious that the American government  (in all its forms) has been cornering the Oil producers all around the world by whatever means is needed/necessary?

Again we have a disaster scenario which 'forces' the seemingly oh so reluctant government to step in and sequester the OIL reserves and production facilities to themselves.

Remember this from 3 weeks ago?


I ran the story on UK NEWS NETWORK (sorry I missed the comments folks, and the link didn't link! will try again on this post for you, see bottom of page)

Can there be any doubt left that the good ol USofA is prepared to do whatever it takes including killing its own and polluting the entire ecosystem in its mad lunge to completely dominate the reserves that are out there beyond their control?

I can see it...if you look you can see it too...the problem is what can be done about it?
Whilst we are diverted here by the EU, our idiot politicians and their own little carpetbagging agenda, and idiots like Raoul Moat, the USof A are trying to buy out one of Britains best ever assets, even though they half own it anyway. What will happen to the PENSIONS which are tied to BP if it is taken over by Exxon? I am sure whatever happens 'we' will come out as net losers in the end!

We are watching the dissolution of what we thought of as the British Isles and all its power is being drained away, all its wealth and its ability to govern itself!.  Sold down the river by the political classes, Bliar was the worst culprit he got far too chummy with the corporate criminals that run America, now he is reaping the rewards of his treachery and we are suffering the consequences, but do not just blame him!, the subsequent governments after Bliar are continuing the rape of the British Isles and its population, THEY DO NOT GIVE A TINKERS FUCK about us!

America waits ...until November to get rid of OBUMMER, yet who will they get instead? More of the same old, same old I fear, for now it seems too late for us the people to do anything but cry over spilt milk/oil/blood!
THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE folks, now we can enjoy the fruits of our own dis-engagement and let us face it...IDIOCY! (lets face it , too many colours of opinion and not enough unity of purpose, thats how they have gained the victory)

The part of the article on the BP black ops is about a third of the way down the page, although it all makes very educational reading!

Sunday 11 July 2010

Obsession with paramilitery equipment is a 'grave' mistake!

Vindication of many of the views that I have put forward over the 'Moat affair' in the last few days comes today from an unlikely but well informed source, Brian Paddick former Metropolitan assistant deputy commissioner writing in the Daily Mail has a lot to say on the matter of Police, policing and the equipment they use to do it...

The contrast was strange and disconcerting. Dressed like extras from Robocop, we saw a group of heavily-armed police officers taking aim at the hedgerows last week amid scenes of Northumbrian tranquility.
Well we at least know why they were equipped in this fashion this time;

Aside from the body armour and the radios, there were automatic rifles, pistols for closequarter combat and Tasers.
It does seem rather reasonable in the circumstances doesn't it!...lets get to the point shall we...

Yet the huge weight of equipment on view will strike most (especially city dwellers) as far from unusual. We are all too familiar with bulky body armour, guns and a range of modish extras that have turned the old-fashioned bobby into something resembling a High Street stormtrooper.

Ahh, here we go, it is a fact that the Police are routinely dressing this way all around our fair country...

the ordinary policeman or woman has been transformed beyond recognition - with damaging results for public confidence and even for their ability to do the job itself.
the conviction that the right appearance helps secure the trust and respect of the public, has been gradually lost.
 Too right mate no one wants to approach Robocop with his gun held across his chest to ask for the time or directions...people are becoming afraid of doing so because of how they look...

the police have been the authors of their own difficulty - not least in the way they present themselves in public.
What is going on ? mean there are Police (or ex Police) who can talk sense!!!...

senior officers decided they would allow police officers to routinely wear body armour. This was despite the officers being shot in the legs, which are not covered by body armour, and despite gunmen rarely targeting police officers.

Rarely targeted? if he says so then I suppose there must be some truth in it eh?

The sight of policemen in bulky armoured vests creates a psychological barrier between them and the public and raises people's fear of crime. We assume the streets are dangerous if officers appear to feel the need, as a matter of routine, for protective clothing.
Ahhh... the crux of it!...psychological barriers, and assumptions that our streets are not safe!!

These regrettable changes are little to do with the world outside the police station. The murder rate in Britain has barely changed for decades (between 550 and 650 a year) as has the level of serious violence directed at police.
Well strap me down to a table lest I fall over in a dead faint, so for DECADES the rates of violence and murder are virtually unchanged, that is not what we the general public have been led to believe now is it Mr Bliar?...

I believe that the look reflects the macho, male-dominated nature of the organisation. Some officers have always looked to resolve situations by force as a first, rather than a last, resort.

OOOhhh...Brian now there IS an many of the arbiters of law are in fact the violent that we the public need protecting against is it? correct me if I have read that wrongly....(as if)...

It is often said that Britain is policed by consent, where officers are seen as citizens in uniform operating with the support of the public.
It 'was' often said Brian, there cannot be many who still say it unless they are actually Police personnel or politicians (hawk...spit!)...

Yet the militarisation of the beat bobby is eroding that unique relationship - to the extent that police community support officers are now officially seen as 'the bridge between the police and the public'.

Oh Ho...the acceptable face of Policing are they? what bobbies used to be, unarmed and mostly trying to be a friendly deterrent presence on the streets, whilst Rambo in his battle gear is running around doing 'more' important stuff!! (like what, giggling like schoolgirls over x-ray images of naked public in airports?)

It is fortunate that the damage is not beyond repair.

What exactly makes you think that for gods sake...people now fear and revile the Police force, for when called upon they take forever to arrive and rarely if ever do the callers see a real resolution to the problem they called about in the first place. What use to me a crime number!, I want to see some bastard jailed for breaking into my car and stealing my stereo etc, mostly my insurance excess means its not worth the claim and loss of no claims...

The extendable batons should be hidden from view. CS spray and Tasers should be held ready for use in patrol cars.

Too right they should mate there is nothing more incongruous than the sight of a fully armed and protected officer in a quiet leafy suburb where there is nil chance of being attacked as its broad daylight  and the complainant is the only one around for miles ...(though hang on a sec...maybe just maybe its us they are frightened of as we are so pissed off with their usual fob offs, we just may...)

Which leads us back to the beginning and Mr Paddicks Headline;

How can the public feel safe when the police are so scared?

 Quite so Mr Paddick, quite so....

I wouldn't want to ask him the time something might go off accidentally while he was looking for his watch!!!

Is this the face of Tasercop? was he the trigger man?

To me this is NOT the face of anyone I want to be in the Police force, how does he strike you?
Does he come across as a person weighed down with the responsibilities of an armed siege, looking for the best outcome?
Or does he look to you as he does to me, a blood thirsty gung-ho yob who is itching to pull the trigger ?

This is the sort of face I have seen too many times on drunken yobs, about the business of starting a fight, nasty, brutish and just eager to do as much damage to someone as they possibly can...

This is not the expression that we need on the faces of those who uphold the law, it is a difficult enough job to ask anyone to do but those who should be doing it should, to my mind, NEVER look like this...

This is the face of hatred, the face of Papa Baby Docs enforcers, the face of totalitarian state police who care little if anything for the people that they are supposed to protect!

Seriously look at him, would you want that face anywhere near your life/family? I wouldn't!

It is the expression of the animal rage and blood lust that lies under the surface of far too many of the people who have positions of power over us, we have seen it before in the Hunt protest policing and various other places where confrontational situations have occurred.

It is time these (people) were weeded out of the Police service and cooler heads put in their place.

Was he, or someone like him, the one who tasered Mr Moat? I am sure he would have if he could have, aren't you?

Funnily enough out of all the pictures I have seen of Mr Moat if you had put the worst of them beside this face and asked me to choose who was the more dangerous to my well being... I would unhesitatingly have answered this one!

No wonder they waited till it was dark, eh!

Mr Raoul Moat was undoubtedly a bad and dangerous problem for society to deal with, but it should have been the duty of the Police as PEACE OFFICERS to arrest this man to stand trial for his crimes. Society needed to see what if any reasons he had before pronouncing sentence on him, (I will agree that such sentences that are available are too lenient for this type of crime) society needed his 'myth/legend', call it what you will, to be defused in the undergrounds popular imagination! It was a stupid act to leave doubts in anyone's mind as to whether the death was 'fair' or not, for that only leaves the door ajar it does not close it!

I do not believe that a line will ever now be able to be drawn under this affair, too many people do not believe the Police versions of events in the general run of life and dealings with them, and this could have been completly televised/recorded so there was no doubt in anyones not tell me that it would have been too graphic, they televised 9/11 and 7/7 didn't they?

Sanitising death in such circumstances does society no favours!
Thanks to Rantin Rab for finding the picture

Saturday 10 July 2010

Death by Taser!! Raoul Moat was he unlawfully killed?

I am completely gobsmacked by the news just released today and given to me by my mate Fraser, that the Police who had completely surrounded and contained the threat from a man armed with a shotgun. A man who was pointing his gun at himself threatening to kill himself, not threatening anyone else it would seem!

That made it a simple waiting game NOTHING more NOTHING less, all they had to do was keep him contained and talk him down.

This they chose not to do, they could have given him drugged drink and food to put him to sleep but someone, someone had the bright idea of TASERING him. Was this an order from the senior Police officer in charge or was it on the lone initiative of one of the officers who was a bit pissed off with waiting in the dark and rain and was prepared to forgo a little overtime pay to be able to sod off home and have a bath and a nights kip?

I am not happy at all with either possibility, if the former, orders from a senior officer then did they not know what the effects of Tasering someone are?

For those who do not know ...the Police claim it paralyses the subject, that is only partly true, the paralisation actually follows a massive whole body muscular contraction, and Mr Moat with his finger on the trigger and gun pointing at himself was only going to see/experience one outcome of such an action, that was the discharge of the weapon he held.

Can this be anything but deliberate murder of an otherwise fairly well neutralised threat, I don't think so. If a line of dominoes leads up to the trigger of an atom bomb which is held by someone and someone else knocks over the first domino who set off the bomb the person holding it or the domino toppler?

If the latter option of some bored with it all copper taking it on his own initiative to discharge , whether deliberately or accidentally, that person is guilty of murder, we expect more from our so called defenders than that sort of action. Go to jail move directly to jail and do not pick up £200 as you pass go!

I have little doubt that a police force that can get away with killing a completely innocent man who was NO threat to anyone by shooting him several times in the head at point blank range, I refer to John Charles De Menezes here, will have little trouble justifying last nights action and whitewashing the whole affair out of existence!!!

I am afraid that NO ONE can feel safe with armed idiots running around the country , all hopped up on how righteous they are as arbiters of the law. It must be time to call ENOUGH and take ALL such devices out of the hands of the ordinary run of the mill police person, we need highly trained people in charge of weapons of death IF we are going to allow them to have them at all.

I do not 'buy' the argument that they need to be armed with the arms they have, from mace, through tasers to guns, the British people are not in the majority violent gun toting criminal psychopaths. Yes there are those in society who can and do use guns to hold the world to ransom in their criminal endeavours, but the answer is not less arms on our streets but more...we should all have the right to defend ourselves and our communities from the bastards that use weapons against us for their personal gain! They might think twice about shooting someone if they realised that at least some of the people who witnessed the crime would fire back!!!

As for the Police and even our government, this must not be covered up this was an unlawful killing and must be dealt with appropriately, if it is swept under the carpet again then we ALL need to fear any Police person carrying a gun or Taser...and I mean fear for your life!!!

Friday 9 July 2010

Moat, the debrief (what!!! you mean he's not dead yet!!!)

Well surprise , surprise...what is it they say good intentions pave the road to hell!

Raoul my son!, you promised a whole different scenario just a couple of days ago...and now you are cowering on a riverbank trying to figure out how to live?... you unutterable coward, the people could have had 'some' sort of grudging respect for someone that did what they said they were going to...but this...

...This just shows you to be the bully and coward that you really are, thoughtlessly taking the life of one and attempting to take the life of others! What are you some sort of spoilt brat bully that has so little backbone that he caves in once he knows the jig is up?

That's not good enough matey, didn't you realise the eyes of the world would be turned your way?... Did you think you would walk away from this as some sort of hero...the only hope you had of doing that was to do as you said you were going to and go down as some sort of latter day butch Cassidy /Sundance kid alone against the assembled forces of the arrogant oppressive state!

Now you are just some sad little bully boy caught in his own web of lies and deceit and there can be NO respect for you left in this life! If you walk away from the riverbank you are facing life imprisonment and that I believe is too good for you and those like you. You are a classic case for bringing back the death penalty and a swift dangling from a rope to rid society of your dangerous presence.

Far from being a protestant at the repression faced by your fellows by the hands of the Police state you are in fact just another advert for them as to how good and forbearing they are to the criminal underclass.

Millions of eyes have been glued to TVs around the globe watching your saga unfold and you have at the end decided that perhaps you can make a lot of money selling your story... I do NOT want to hear it !! NOT now NOT ever! your chance has come and gone!

Freedom fighters may be wrong in their beliefs but this was no freedom fighter, this was a spoilt brat of a failed bouncer who was trying to show the world how 'hard ' he was, this he has failed miserably and let us hope he has taught others who may be like him a lesson...


You readers of this may think I have wandered from one side to the other over this issue and to some extent that may be true. I still stand by what I have said about the Police and the way they police and I still stand by my thoughts on how certain classes of society feel about that policing. What I have ended up doing here in this post is pointing out the inescapable truth of this scene... If he were to have had any credibility, he would have had to carry through his own logic, failing to do this , he showed himself to be no more than a petulant overgrown kid that does not want to play with the big boys anymore...TWAT!!


The end of the Moat saga?

Negotiators are trying to talk Mr Moat into giving himself up....

There are reports that Mr Moat was chased through the village and cornered at the riverbank by the allotment gardens...

as an aside , it is hilarious watching the live news with the presenters, who are on camera, who do not realise they are on air their tie straightening and expression straightening are hilarious!!!

Mr Moat is very alone  within a cordon of Police officers... the Police do appear to be being very careful not to push this situation to the point of Mr Moat committing suicide  or being shot by the Police themselves...

Personally I am amazed at the restraint that is being shown, will this reassure the general public that the Police are better than many believe them to be, it would be good propaganda for them if they managed to achieve a peaceful outcome!

God what a media circus this is ( and I suppose I am apart of it) the reporters are scrambling to find a view point which they can see all much will the house residents charge for the privilege of using the upstairs back bedroom window...

Hopefully this will end with no further loss of life or injury... but ended it appears to be...

Breaking news on the Moat front!!

watching the news as Mr Raoul Moat is surrounded and holding a gun to his own head,

I have to admit to being wrong earlier when I wrote that I believed that the Police would shoot him dead as soon as they saw him... there appears to be a reticence in the mix now and the Police (fair play to them ) are trying to negotiate with the man  concerned.
What the outcome will be as darkness falls is anybodies guess.. There has been a stand off situation for the last hour or so...

I can only hope that the Police act as Peace Officers as opposwd to enforcers... they seem to be trying to do the right thing...

What will happen now???

There seems to be a difficult situation in that the Policfe do not seem to have a clear shot at the fugitive...

The police have been very busy crashing cars into themselves trying to get to the scene (surely that must be dangerous driving?) It would seem that there is little hope that Mr Moat will be able to escape this situation to continue this vendetta against the police, the police have completely cornered him and unless he points the gun at someone other than himself then they will NOT open fire at him... will he die tonight  or not? your guess is as good as mine!!!

Why the almighty rush to get a Moat?

The rozzers, hundreds of em, are all over the particular part of the country Mr Moat is supposed to be hiding out in, kitted to the max in bullet proof this and that and even (at huge cost to the taxpayer) shipped armoured cars from NI, still they haven't found him

So what do they do...try harder to tighten the cordon?

NO! time honoured fashion honed from years of avoiding violent scenes, while violence is ongoing, and only turning up hours after the perpetrators have flown the coop, they have quietly backed off. Preffering instead to call out the SAS and for fucks sake 'fly overs' by Tornado jets with heat seeking devices (as if that is going to show much other than bunch after bunch of scared shitless coppers hiding where they feel safest...)

The reason they are escalating the find Mr Moat campaign is somewhat different to the usual  he is a danger to society line (as indeed he may well be) I for one think it has more to do with every day, hour, minute that Mr Moat manages to evade capture or death, there is a section of the British public that thinks "go on my son, you show the bastards" and as this opinion set swells the police are shitting themselves that others may take up the flag  when it is ultimately dropped from the lifeless hands of Mr Moat.

Make no mistake there will be NO attempt to take this man alive, they have already decided that a kill from a sniper at half a mile is what is needed, for everyones safety !

Mr Moat is turning into a latter day Robin Hood/William Wallace type of figure in the minds of too many people who sympathise with his anger, regardless of the rights or wrongs of such views, that is what the police are so afraid of because they know their heavy handed arrogance over the last few years has engendered a simmering attitude of resentment against them. They have revelled in their role as subjugators and final arbiters of the law, when in fact in most cases they are merely abusing the law as it stands for their own targets and sadistic pleasure.

Do not misunderstand I support the police when they act as PEACE OFFICERS but that is a role they left behind them many years back. They do do a very hard and difficult job which has many things within it that you or I would quail at doing, attending road accidents etc peace officering again, its when they are policy and rule enforcers that they rub virtually every part of society up the wrong way. They chose their path through the leadership and lobbying of the unelected unnacountable ACPO organisation , who have argued for more and more police powers and exhorted their member forces to fulfil stupid and discriminatory legislation on otherwise harmless citizens

This is not forgotten from those that they have hung out to dry in the wind, and it is little wonder that Mr Moat is becoming somewhat of a legend among certain of the more put upon sections of our out Mr Policeman there are many, many Mr Moats out there who are watching and laughing at your seeming incompetance , and I wonder if they are just sort of keeping score, to see how many 'he' gets, then Mr Policeman be worried for the next one will be trying to better that score!!

I blame too many video games... and the way YOU have policed over the last 20 years. You would have far more support from the public if you had known, understood and stayed within the law yourselves and ruled with a lighter touch, few revel in repression...

Thursday 8 July 2010

Any doubts left about the NWO?

H/t to Barking Spider

Many bloggers are concerned about the coming NWO and what it is going to do to ALL our freedoms, it really is long past time for people to WAKE UP to what is being perpetrated by the international cadre of BANKER WANKERS and POLITICAL LICKSPITTLES, this video is not just of concern to the Americans, it should concern ALL of us!!

It is becoming more and more obvious to me that the WAR ON TERROR is actually just the excuse for a WAR ON US. Who is to blame for all the DEBT, is it us the people or the BANKER WANKERS and the POLITICIANS that they control? We have little choice but to DO WHAT WE ARE TOLD for fear of repercussions (fines,bankruptcy etc) yet have we ever been bailed out with no strings attached by our government? the answer if you are struggling NO!!!

It puts me in mind of the old saying " What profit a man if he gains the world but looses his soul?". Well they (a few) are gaining the world and dominion over ALL  who reside in it, keeping us as just so many head of cattle to serve them in any way in which they may wish, to be thrown aside as soon as our usefulness is over like used tissues!

When will the people WAKE UP to what is going on?, I feel as if I can now really understand how the Nazi did what they did to the ordinary people. They were just simply hemmed in by their own wish for anonymity, by their desire not to be classified along with the wasters/dangerous etc who had to be weeded out of society and given the FINAL SOLUTION.  Too comfortable to raise their voices or heads above the parapet and challenge the truly EVIL bastards who wished to control everything!

I am no doubt on 'the hit list' for the things that I have the temerity to write here, but I would rather go to their 'SOLUTION' with my eyes open than sit in fear and slavery waiting for my usefulness to the system to end...

FUCK EM !!! screw the whole evil lot of them and I hope and I pray that there is a HELL where they WILL end up and spend eternity in agony as their reward for doing the work of and being THE DEVIL ON EARTH!!!

RISE UP NOW and refuse them your taxes to fight their ILLEGAL WARS, enter into peaceful LAWFUL REBELLION and deny them their solution and power base, have the COURAGE to refuse them and say NO now while you still have the chance to do so, for tomorrow WILL be TOO LATE!

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Welcome to the Punch and Judy show!

Finally remembered who he reminded me of and looking at what he and 'Judy' are proposing to do to our constitution only seems to confirm that baby battering is alive and well!

Just like the Punch and Judy of the seaside stall there is no sign of remorse in either of them!

I had been hoping for a 'good' result from this new government, and the early signs did 'look' good, but as time goes on just like in a Punch and Judy show the violence keeps getting worse as the principal actors begin to feel invincible!

Todays Telegraph has a story on the torture victims case in which 'Punch' has declared that it will take too much effort to establish the truth, so therefor they are no longer going to be bothered examining relevant evidence! Unbelievable? no just par for the course when it comes to government.

How is it the British  people elect seemingly decent people and they once in power turn immediately into clowns from some circus of horror!

Pinnochio Blair, Bunter Brown and now Punch and Judy!!
Who is next Desperate Dan Milliband?
Buster Gonad and his Balls?

For crying out loud this is the government of Britain not a comic strip!!!

Life imitating Art!
only in Britain!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

When a Moat isn't a safety factor!

Who is to blamed for the rampage which is unfolding in the N.East, where one man Raoul Moat has declared war on the Police!

There were warnings apparently, the prison authorities knew before his release that he was a 'clear and present danger', and yet he was still released to go and meet out his retribution on those he perceived of as having been against him. Crystallising this hate upon the Police force which he see's as preying on society at large unfairly.

There is no doubt that Mr Moat is a seriously deranged person, but surely we have to address the underlying problem here. He is not alone in his detestation of the Police, many in society believe they have just reason to hate them for the way that they enforce the unfair criminalising laws which have been passed over the last decade or so.

We are perhaps lucky that most people draw the line at shooting/killing in their revulsion at the way in which we are governed and the subsequent enforcement of that governance by the Police. The question we have to be addressing is "how many more Moats are waiting in the wings to exact their vengeance on our society?".

I in no way condone such behaviour, let that be understood, but at the same time I feel that there is a definite mood across society that wants its vengeance to be done. Are we watching not a lone action by a deranged individual, but rather the first in a wave of long repressed ill feeling becoming visible?

Discontent runs deep in this our society, it has been festering for years now , with the erosion of all of our freedoms by government after government. There is a large part of society that does not see the political process as a viable vehicle for the introduction of much needed change for the better, having been betrayed time and time again by the liars and sycophants in government. The sense of injustice runs deep and strong, and the MP's reticence to address this feeling when caught red handed in the expenses scandal only makes the anger worse!

I feel it and many I know feel it, yet we are for the most part the moderate part of this society, preferring pen and paper to the sword and shotgun. The thing is if we feel the pulse of this hatred of authority within society then how strong must it actually be in the sink estates and other deprived and crime ridden parts of this country?

As a blogger I read and watch a great deal of different stuff about peoples dissatisfaction here in the UK and elsewhere. Videos of hordes of people at demonstrations with their anger emblazoned on their faces for all to see, if they would but look!. Inflammatory language is everywhere today and the moderates of this society are becoming more and more marginalised and even threatened by both the extremists and the authorities that are supposed to protect us and our British way of life.

British way of life eh!, that is long since gone, our freedoms stripped from us including the freedom to object to that which we disagree with, always minorities 'must not be challenged' or we are racist or sexist or some other PC bullshit term which in reality is just stripping us of our right to be normal British people doing what the British people have always done.

Well here is a minority that is so monumentally pissed off that he has taken the law into his own hands and fully expects to pay with his own life for the 'priviledge' to have done so. Perhaps he thinks it may make others, who would use the laws of this country inequitably, think twice before doing so again, who knows?.

...but it is time to be worried that this is not a lone, isolated instance  for it is only a month or so since another man went mad remember!

Monday 5 July 2010

A Referendum? Dave you do surprise me!!!

Here we are a few weeks into your coalition lash up and we hear that you have agreed, as part of your horse trading, for a referendum on changing our constitution...I have to admit to being quietly GOBSMACKED (sorry did not mean to shout!) a small minority holds the balance of power and you immediately cave in to a referendum that will change our voting system forever...

Dave ...may I just ask...why when a large MAJORITY of the British people were demanding a say via referendum over our constitution and its powers being given away to the EU did you not give us the referendum you had at one stage promised us?

I find it incredible that you are so fuck witted and so dismissive of the populace you say you represent! I would imagine that the LibDems, if their votes were all added together from the seats they won , would not come anywhere near the total of those who were crying out for a referendum on the EU! Why have they got what they want and we have not?

If you had offered a referendum on the EU as a promise in your election campaign then I (and others) believe you would have got in with a huge majority instead of being hamstrung and held to ransom by a bunch of opportunist no hopers as is the position today!

Why do none of you politicians listen to the voice of the people you supposedly represent? Why do you ignore us Dave?

Frankly , I for one do not want you and your coalition messing with MY constitution AT ALL until you have listened and fixed the obvious problem that we face today, namely the abrogation of our sovereignty to an unelected and criminal organisation who are unaccountable to anyone! When they (the EU) have had their accounts signed off (all 15 years of them) then maybe I will be happy for my government to do business with them until that time I WISH YOU TO HAVE NO DEALINGS WITH THEM AT ALL!!!!

How can we the people convince you that we should be listened to over this?

Show some decency and run a referendum on the EU before you mess with our constitution and take notice of what we the people will tell you, though I suspect you already know the answer to that one don't you Dave?...WE WANT OUT!! and our sovereignty back, give it to us NOW!

Saturday 3 July 2010

Contacting me (dealing with spammers)

To all my valued readers, since putting my e.mail add. on my page I have suffered an influx of semi interesting SPAM!
To my knowledge no one who has sent me a message was a serious correspondent (though I may be wrong in this assumption) and on a quick perusal of the subject lines of the mail, I have taken the decision to DELETE all without opening;
Dr Umbongo, I am not interested thanks anyway!
Isasoa (or whatever you called yourself) I thank you for declaring me the winner (twice ) of £950,000, though I find it unlikely that I have done so , having not entered any competition for either BMW or Mercedes Benz, so again NO thank you!
To the various ladies that send subject lines such as "I look forward to hearing from you dear", I do not know you and will not engage with you on any level let alone e.mail!
Windows LIVE tm "dear account holder" I am an account holder, I expect you at least to manage to get into my inbox, again NO !

The point of this posting readers is this, if I have not seen a comment from yourself on my blog and a warning that you are going to e.mail me (with some idea of a subject line) then your e.mail will be deleted. I am sorry it has to be this way but I have to protect my computer from threats from the idiot spammers out there!

Miss whiplash I hope you were serious and will get in touch properly so we can talk!
Anonymous, even if there were pictures like that of me, publish and be damned, I may have a computer but I am not rich enough to pay anyone off...TWAT!

Bliars Blood Money Deposits

Since 2001and the start of this ill-judged and illegal invasion of a soveriegn nation 310 British Soldiers have lost their lives, fighting for what? To line the pockets of Tony Bliar and his wife...

It is with deep sadness that I post this picture of the ones who have given their all in the name of profit, there was no justification for this venture, our country had NOT been attacked and we were at little risk.

The saddest part of all is that we, the people of this country, are now at far greater risk than prior to the onset of hostilities!

I am prompted to mark here on this blog, my sorrow and sympathies to all the families who have lost a loved one, by the blogging of another who lists each loss as it occurs. I am unable to bring myself to comment on those blogs of hers as my anger at the man who caused all these deaths would lead me to say something which may be seen as innapropriate to the subject at hand!

Never before in British history has the life of any British serviceman or woman been so callously wasted for the personal gain of a British Prime Minister! 

Tony Blair should face a firing squad for what he has done and for the profiteering he has done on the back of those actions.

I have never agreed with this venture and I never will, there is NO way anyone can convince me it was a just or right thing to do.

Having said that, I must also say, that I have the greatest of respect for our fighting forces and would not wish to see any of those who stand ready to defend our country harmed if it is possible to keep them safe! That they are where they are and are paying the ultimate price for the deceitful lying of the last government and it's leaders is not their fault and until they are recalled I am afraid Blairs Blood Money Bank will see many more deposits of the lives of our troops!


The above picture comes from Channel 4 News
The blogger who prompted this is here, SUBROSA

May they rest in peace.

Friday 2 July 2010

Well done Chillcot Inquiry...

I, and many others I am sure, have waited too long for this day...many of us thought we would never learn the truth and so we guessed only to be labelled conspiracy nut-jobs...Vindication gives me little pleasure for I know that the next time I/we see the same or similar and see through it , the same name callers will shout the same names remembering nothing of what went before!

Well done indeed Chillcot for releasing the warnings to Bliar and for setting the precedent that it can and should be done. Blair is a murderer and a coward and all his profitting from the war is no more than theft in the form of blood money, theft of the lives he has destroyed, both ours and theirs it makes no difference which side of this 'war' that you are on, the side you are not on (Bliars) has beaten us all with lies!!

My hope is that now there will be a case to put to the Law Lords to arraign Bliar on the charges of genocide which they refused to countenance a few short weeks ago.

It has taken getting Liebour out of power for the shit to hit the fan and be brought struggling and squirming into the light, and now it has and the skeletons are rattling out of their closets I hope that Bliar is getting worried. I hope that he is wondering where he can hide, I expect that the USA will take him in, as they like him for what he has done.

I saw a piece in the paper to warn us that Russian spies are working here in Britain and we should worry about them. Frankly I am more worried about the puppets that are in plain view who are openly working for America and American interests, puppets like Bliar promised freedom and wealth for their treasonous and murderous callousness in regard to their own people and others in the world that stand against American Hegemony and Imperialism.

Thank you Chillcot and thank you also to the new AG who looks like he is to reopen the Kelly suicide hogwash inquiry of the newly bribed Lord Hutton, (self serving wanker with no sense of honesty, decency or honour). This new government will do well to lift the rug up completely and prosecute all who had a hand in such dealings, for then maybe the British people will see Liebore for what they were/are and give their faith to the new government as being people of honour!

As to Bliar being given a medal for bringing liberty to the world, let him wear it round his neck for the firing squad to aim at....