Wednesday 7 September 2011

Is Sleazy Tony's shit finally hitting the fan?

The papers are plastered with his ugly Fucking mug again as he oozes slease over Muammar Gadhaffi, it always was obvious that he was there for a profit, lets face it he won't get out of bed (or into one for that matter) without there being something in it for himself.
What beggars my belief is that this 'reptile' hasn't been dumped into a jail cell long before now...
Not content with greasing his way to riches with the daddy it appears that he even helped the son to write his thesis enabling him to achieve a degree from the LSE, who also it appears benefitted from daddies largesse...
Everywhere he goes the stench of corruption follows behind him! Will he be arrested and charged for his crimes...somehow I doubt it and it makes me sick to think that he will get away with it all and run laughing all the way to the bank...shit , his ugly bitch of a sidekick is even a completely fucking useless judge...just shows that there really is NO justice left in the country when trash like them can pull the woolsack over everyones eyes so easily!
I presume by now all the judges have been dinner guests or met socially and none can now try him as they know him personally, perhaps it would just be best if he was found under a tree with a blunt penknife and a couple of asprin...c'mon MI5/6/CIA you know how it goes dontcha!

In other news this fucktard... not only fucking Libya over with the glee of a sadistic eight year old pulling the legs off flies to watch them buzz in circles on the ground but is also intent on arming the police with whatever they need in the way of new powers so they can quell any signs of rebellion here at home (see I don't do political party favouritism). In a week that sees his mates the Banker Wankers walking off with million pound bonuses this piece of political excrement wants to shaft the people some more, and to hear he wants the sentencing in the courts to be televised so all good citizens can watch and go "TSK TSK" makes me want to puke!. Far better that all court cases are televised for the protection of the public from abuses of the powers he is so eager to invest in the ones he thinks will save his bacon smelling ass whilst he troughs down with his Banker Wanker chums in luxury!

Other news yet centres on some woman beating twat thats won a million on some tv show or we care, no really I mean it we care, the way I see it it is just an excuse to use up space in the Media so that more important (real) news can be either buried or forgotten...

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