Friday, 9 July 2010

Moat, the debrief (what!!! you mean he's not dead yet!!!)

Well surprise , surprise...what is it they say good intentions pave the road to hell!

Raoul my son!, you promised a whole different scenario just a couple of days ago...and now you are cowering on a riverbank trying to figure out how to live?... you unutterable coward, the people could have had 'some' sort of grudging respect for someone that did what they said they were going to...but this...

...This just shows you to be the bully and coward that you really are, thoughtlessly taking the life of one and attempting to take the life of others! What are you some sort of spoilt brat bully that has so little backbone that he caves in once he knows the jig is up?

That's not good enough matey, didn't you realise the eyes of the world would be turned your way?... Did you think you would walk away from this as some sort of hero...the only hope you had of doing that was to do as you said you were going to and go down as some sort of latter day butch Cassidy /Sundance kid alone against the assembled forces of the arrogant oppressive state!

Now you are just some sad little bully boy caught in his own web of lies and deceit and there can be NO respect for you left in this life! If you walk away from the riverbank you are facing life imprisonment and that I believe is too good for you and those like you. You are a classic case for bringing back the death penalty and a swift dangling from a rope to rid society of your dangerous presence.

Far from being a protestant at the repression faced by your fellows by the hands of the Police state you are in fact just another advert for them as to how good and forbearing they are to the criminal underclass.

Millions of eyes have been glued to TVs around the globe watching your saga unfold and you have at the end decided that perhaps you can make a lot of money selling your story... I do NOT want to hear it !! NOT now NOT ever! your chance has come and gone!

Freedom fighters may be wrong in their beliefs but this was no freedom fighter, this was a spoilt brat of a failed bouncer who was trying to show the world how 'hard ' he was, this he has failed miserably and let us hope he has taught others who may be like him a lesson...


You readers of this may think I have wandered from one side to the other over this issue and to some extent that may be true. I still stand by what I have said about the Police and the way they police and I still stand by my thoughts on how certain classes of society feel about that policing. What I have ended up doing here in this post is pointing out the inescapable truth of this scene... If he were to have had any credibility, he would have had to carry through his own logic, failing to do this , he showed himself to be no more than a petulant overgrown kid that does not want to play with the big boys anymore...TWAT!!



subrosa said...

He's deid Indyan, or so the BBC say. Cannae argue with anything you say though.

Indyanhat said...

So I have heard this morning Rosa!

In the dark and wet of the night, television stations are pouring over what little they know in minute repetitive detail, and still the truth is we will never know what occurred on that riverbank, if he was jumped and the trigger got pulled by anyone, then it should be a murder inquiry, manslaughter at least.
If he died by his own hand alone in the rain then, whatever led him to do it at that point at least he died as he said he would and has paid the right price for his crimes

I would see the death penalty brought back for such crimes of violence which are incontravertable in their evidence! which may lead to armed struggle against an oppressive state meaning automatic death but if you choose such a route should you expect anything less!

James Higham said...

I trust the police in this as far as I can trust Obama.

Indyanhat said...

OOOhhh! James and that nice Mr Obummer is sooo sincere too!LMAO!!

wv is 'dumbil', apt eh!

joe said...

Indy,it now looks like the coppers fired a taser at him i hve linked to you over at mine.

Indyanhat said...

Thanks for the link Fraser,

They Tasered him and he convulsed and pulled the trigger?, that sounds like reckless endangerment if not murder to me mate!

joe said...

Northumbria Police Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim said that during the six-hour stand-off at Rothbury, Northumbria, officers had been striving to persuade Moat to give himself up peacefully.

She adding: "During this time officers discharged Taser. However this did not prevent his death."

HaHAA you dont say you cunt!I copied that from the telegraph website

Indyanhat said...

She is a real piece of work that one!
Scarey shit when people like that are in charge of 'our' safety eh!

Anonymous said...

Well done the police.

One less bullying macho twat in the world.

Get a load of the absolute garbage posted on here. Anyone would think he was Robin Hood.


There's no such offence as 'reckless endangerment', presumably you mean manslaughter.

Indyanhat said...

James , thanks for your comment, I am always ready to stand corrected, Maybe there should be an offence of reckless endangerment eh!

As to "well done the Police", I am not sure I can agree with that one though I do know where you are coming from with it, I think!

If they had sat back and let him kill himself without pressuring him in anyway or if they had talked him down and into custody then I would say well done the Police, as it would have shown that they did all the right things. Reports of tasers being used in the final try muddy the waters and give the people on the site you mention the chance to say "poor Raoul" and then try and turn him into a Robin Hood type figure!
Hopefully it will die a death fairly soon, though because of the action of the Police it will get more weight than it should.
I believe Mr Moat and his actions were totally reprehensible and had he fired upon the Police when he was cornered then shooting him dead would have been the right option. What did happen strikes me as 'not' the right option and that is why I have written as I have about it all.
I wonder how many will turn up for his funeral?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder how many will turn up for his funeral?"

Certain members of British society seem to treasure the memory of their vicious thugs and nasty criminals in general.... the adulation accorded to the likes of the Krays and Biggs etc appear to illustrate this. I should think that Moat's family can rely on a similar send-off.

Anonymous said...


Firearms situations are never, ever predictable. Moreover, I have no idea why a taser was used at all. Firearms situations demand firearms.

Moat was not a suicidal nutter with a gun threatening to kill himself; he was a confirmed murderer, and one who had threatened to kill police officers and then upped the ante even more.

Let's be honest - it's better that a scumbag like Moat died rather than a police officer.

There are issues to review - mainly concerning the way that the media intruded on the scene, and the way that the police tried to get their story in whenever they could.

The Chief Constable seemed more concerned with assuaging public opinion than doing a proper job.

Moat's brother's whinging is a joke - where was he and 'the family' when his 'kid brother' was beating up his girlfriends and kids.

Indyanhat said...

Yes anonymous I think it will be a large-ish do, but it shouldn't be by rights...

James, I agree with you in that I would rather Moat die than another innocent life be wasted, but I still have to hang on to the line that says 'all things must be done by and according to the law' which really leaves me wondering why they used tasers on him...

I also kind of agree with you about the media circus from all sides...and his brothers protestations now are too little , too late, it feels like he has seen his chance for 15 mins of fame and is grabbing it while he can...I would guess however he has not thought it through enough to realise what his new found position is going to cost him on a personal basis once the media turn their beady eyes on him too!