Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Running up to Exams.

It is only a couple of weeks until my first year exams, I have to toe the line here, which is difficult knowing what I know from the Freeman/Lawful Rebellion stuff I have looked at over the last couple of years.
The two fields of thought are diametrically opposed but inextricably linked, it is evident that the teachings I have recieved so far are heavily biased to the status quo and where I have (carefully) shown a little of the knowledge I have gained of the Freeman system, those who have been on the recieving end have shown absolutely NO knowledge of it, either that or they are being VERY cagey about discussing the possibilities.
I have to admit I am getting somewhat angry about things and my essays are slanting more and more into contentious areas,(I will publish one or two here when they are through the assessment process) to be fair the contention has not as yet caused anything to be marked badly, and I can only assume that the lecturers responsible can at least see the arguments have some merit.
Don't get me wrong here the essays are still within the pale, as far as academic work goes, I will have to leave serious all out contention till later in the course, perhaps my dissertation will be the place to set out the FULL Freeman/Lawful Rebellion arguement, though I make no promises that that is what I will do.
I am NOT studying this stuff to become a Lawyer, I am doing it to be as well informed of the playing ground and its rules as I can be.
I hope that the knowledge I gain will be of some use to those who like me are fed up to the gills with the system that is.
NOTHING in any post I make is LEGAL ADVICE or meant to be taken as such by anyone , as so many have said before me, I only point the way...look it up for yourself!!!


Amusing Bunni said...

Good Luck on your Studies, Indy

Indyanhat said...

Thanks Bunni, thats a really nice thing to wake up to this morning, my first exam starts at 8.15 and I have to leave home in 10 mins or so to get there in time. Its a glorious pink hued dawn here right now and I only hope the rest of my day goes as well as agood morning good luck from a new friend thousands of miles from here. You are in truth a real star!!!