Thursday, 29 April 2010

I wanna know what kind of drugs hes on...

and where he gets them from!

Brown was like some sort of robot on the debate tonight , stolidly towing the party line...
the only real problem with that was we all know that even if the party line is offering to 'fix' all our problems now, it was that fucking wanker that fucked it all up in the first place.
I nearly choked on my tongue when I heard the mendacious twat saying that they (LIEBORE) would regulate the financial was him...NEVER was him (personally) who de-regulated and refused to reign the financial houses in...lying two faced git!!!
(I really shouldn't watch this shit at my age ,I could go any minute with a heart attack or stroke when being lied to directly)
His constant nodding and gurning made looking at the screen an absolute nightmare. If it wasn't for copious amounts of home made wine (a cheeky little red at 17-18% by vol) I'd never have been able to stand it.
How he had the gall to stand there and grind out the party line like he did after the 'Bigotgate' happenings the other day is beyond me. If I had been in his place a deep sense of shame would have had me quietly locked in a darkened room somewhere swinging gently on the end of a rope!!!
Well into the second bottle, I was beginning to feel like saving my used corks up for a trade in on a contract on that jumped up little twat Clagg what a political opportunist we have there in that one, still I don't suppose we can blame him for that as he probably wants the 'Blair package' of benefits, and I have a feeling his missus would be almost as nauseating as CH...CH..CH..(nope can't bring myself to say it in case she comes back, with that letterbox leer of hers) the parallels between the two couples are frightening, at least I think so...
Dave, Davie, Dav... Daft bastard is what I want to say...where he should have been getting really nasty and goading old Gorgon into a furious mistake (a la Bigot) he was all Oxbridge gentlemans debating club...twat!!! We need a leader who will stand up for the people and get angry on their behalf...cut the opposition to threads over their gaffs, remind the country that it was the gurning gorgon that goofed it all up in the first place, whilst hiding in the tresuary selling gold to his mates...
Still I felt he was the most assured of the lot and did seem to have some idea of how a PM should look on TV... but as he isn't that yet he should I feel have thrown caution to the winds and had a real go at the Gorgon...Clagg he should have just ignored as befits a political lightweight (god help Britain if that little twat holds the balance of power)

Where were the smaller voices, will they get their own debate, now that might be worth listening to. Where was UKIP and co. discounted by the all powerful media circus, it seems it is only a three horse race...but is that really the case?
At the end of the show all I could think was there was so little difference between them (apart from personality, if you can attribute that to any of them!) that the country should show some real sense for once in its history and all decide to vote for the Monster Raving Loonies, at least they seem to listen, if only to the voices in the walls of their padded cells. Frankly if this lot tonight are supposed to be 'sane' I'd rather have a loony!!!

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