Friday, 30 April 2010

A reminder from the past of the future...

Do you Remember this? there have been many prophets and they have taken many guises
Some have been laughed at most are ignored but...
We have come to this...

Surely its just a matter of time now, repression builds only the desire for freedom and the expression of the need for that freedom will tear down any wall eventually. We live in the most watched and policed state in the western world, legislation has curtailed all but a few of our rights as human beings.
Don't forget the message inherent in the film above as you look at this from

PS. I wonder what they will use this for AFTER the Olympics, it would serve a couple of purposes that spring to mind either a secure 'gated' community for the rich and the PTB or as a central Londo Mass Detention Centre, be worried VERY worried either way..

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