Thursday, 21 October 2010

Worth the visit!

Well finally settling down to writing sommat rather than just posting vids (bit of spare time for a change), wanted to do something on the immigration issues again but feel they're being served reasonably well by some of my friends in the side bar,YOU DO LOOK in the side bar don't you!

so lets see where we go ...a little round up for you of whats been tickling my fancy  at the moment first I have to give kudos to the inimitable GRUMPY OLD TWAT its always a pleasure to see his take on things with his sharp wit and exemplary graphics skills he brings things to life for the reader, today's offering is on the climate debate, one of his pet subjects (though I wouldn't treat my pets quite so cruelly)

Next up and deserving of a follow up diatribe by any thinking blogger (so i guess that lets me out , phew numbers is so heavy) is another blogger that is well worth reading EU REFERENDUM goes for the big cuts issue and tears the government a new arsehole pointing out the serious sophistry in the mealy mouthed politicians words and actions. Always worth a drop in on this blog as Richard North is well researched and has a nice cutting cynicism.

While you are touring the web do drop in on UNFORGIVEN this blog is the public consciousness of the wrong un's and invites both your decisions on conduct, votes for or against damnation and will happily nominate any evil gits you wish to put up for the judgement of the blogosphere! Trawl through ,I'm sure there are some you will wish to throw into the pit!

BARKING SPIDER another interesting blogger into dealing out the required measures for those self righteous fuck wits in our society that need a good ass ripped in place of the old retentive one they had and have abused so much through their miserable holier than thou lives, especially dedicated to the downfall of enemies of free speech. 

This blogger should in my opinion be viewed as a national treasure, he writes some lovely little diatribes on the "against smokers lobby" today's offering is no exception and he never fails to raise a rueful little smile or two from me at the very least UNDERDOG BITES UPWARDS .

Interesting little snippet here from Sabine of VICTIMS UNITE on the Criminal Courts, I direct you there with the intention of telling you before you go to have a look at some of the cases that Victims Unite are trying to fight through the courts, the miscarriages of justice are simply jaw dropping as are the resulting ruin of ordinary peoples lives. A page well worth a study to educate yourself on the tactics that can and will be used against you!

...AND last but not least if you have got this far and haven't visited a site then DO GO to my mate Odie's place at WOODSTERMAN this is an American Blogger who simply seldom fails to make me LOL, PMSL and generally be in need of either a new computer from splurging my coffee through my nose onto the keyboard or have to fetch a mop to wipe up the PMSL results....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED and today's offering is well up the scale...unbelievable fucking pictures no REALLY unbelievable pictures!

Well till I get time to write sommat of my own I'll leave you with the thoughts revolve around all these things including bells and pepper!

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