Sunday, 3 October 2010

Please don't sue me, this is not a joke!!!

A gay fat Muslim woman went to work one day ...have you heard this one?...well don't worry petal neither did she but she still sued her employers for a huge sum and retired happily laughing all the way to the bank!!!
Harridan Hardperson the deputy Liebore leader, forced through a piece of legislation to 'protect people at work' from every conceivable slight.

The legislation called the Equality Act, has effectively stopped anyone in the workplace from ever cracking a joke again...Nope, you read that right, you are not allowed to crack a joke at all for fear of being sued, but not only the joke crackers are in danger here the boss of the company can also be sued even though they had no knowledge of the incident in their workplace at all..

Oh hang about it doesn't end there, even if it was a customer or a contractor making the joke they can be sued...!!!

Oh dear, it even extends to customers being able to sue...

WTF is going on has the whole world gone BARKING MAD!!!

Instead of repealing this piece of crass stupidity the present government are actually implementing it with immediate effect...did we vote new labour back in somehow...

Oh fellow bloggers this is no joke for does it not mean we can no longer write our little satirical pieces , our little jokes...for many of them are read (if not composed and published) while at work, and what about those whose remit at work is to look at our blogs (there must be some, police special services etc) doesn't that put us squarely in the sights of the PTB?

Can we now be sued for our opinions if they  are couched in a tongue in cheek way??

Hatchet Harridan and the Liebore party must be laughing their socks off at the moment, how stupid can the fools in the coalition get??? Well judging from this they can get pretty stupid, just when small businesses need all the help they can get half their staff will be suing them for every perceived slight personal or third hand they can find...

As soon as my missus heard the news she said ,"well****** had better watch out then he is always making inappropriate quips as the only male in an office of females", you see what is offensive to one may not be offensive to another the trouble is now even if we know who the 'other' is we can no longer make that quip in case the some get to overhear it in some way...

This is a recipe for a dull drab and disastrous working world, and we should all be jumping up and down screaming for its repeal...

Just think comedy venues and comedians are at a stroke extinct for the venues are a workplace and the audience are the customers and someone will always be able to take offence now won't they!!!

One of our (the British) best attributes has always been our ability to laugh at ourselves and life (with all it contains) but now we are no longer allowed to do so, Damn the Liebore Party, Damn HairyArsed Hardcunt, damn them to the deepest reaches of hell and the coalition fuckwits who have finished her work (and ours) for her!

Original story from Daily Wail


tris said...

What I can’t, for the life of me, work out, is why the Conservative government is not repealing this law immediately. I’m assuming that, but the time of the election it had left parliament and was awaiting Her Majesty’s signature, and that was why it went through. But quite seriously, it is so life changing and such a n opportunity for litigation (against which Mr Younger, of the bow tie and speech defect [oops, SUE] was just railing on behalf of the government the other day) that we must all now just keep our mouths shut and answer only in monosyllables when asked questions.

I paint just one wee picture.

Did you hear the one about the typical lazy unemployed person [oops SUE] is sent for to go to job centre about the fact that he hasn’t managed to get a job, where a pile of lazy civil servants [oops SUE] are standing around gossiping as usual (which is why we need so many of them) and the said unemployed person is about to be roasted for not taking the zero hour contract in the job 40 miles away on night shift with no transport, when he thinks he may just have heard the words “lazy” “fat” and “lesbian” and a few giggles.... and he could swear he heard the word “fuckin’”. So he sues the arse off the Dept of Work and pensions and never needs to go back to the dole office again. Lazy drunken git.

I make no secret of it. I dislike the Conservatives. They are about the rich and the privileged. They don’t understand, or try to understand, what it is like not to be born with privilege or money, like Osborne or Cameron or Clegg [ooops easy mistake to make]or an awesome amount of oooomph which makes you shake off the shackles of living in working class squalor and set your sights for the Norman Tebbit or David Davies. But I thought that at least they could be trusted to get rid of this kind of idiotic nonsense.

Life for most of us in this country is pretty dreary. It rains and it’s cold; most of us struggle and are going to struggle more; unless you’re a banker or an MP (or Lord) or top business man or civil servant, you’d be far better off not being here. But the one thing we have is a great sense of humour.

Now, except in our own homes, we will have to curb that.

I wish I were Finnish.

PS, if you get sued for printing this reply, please don’t come to me looking for money.... It serves you right for all these terrible names you called that poor old witch Harperson. I mean if you were a QC, married to that thicko Dromey, wouldn’t you be driven to some sort of madness too [oooops SUE]

Indyanhat said...

(oops Sue)
If I get sued then they will have to whistle for their money as I do not have any...
That apart, this 'law' is so iniquitous as to its breadth and reach that it should be thrown out before it got in, are they all totally f'in mad...I am not a Tory fan either but I would have thought that their core supporters (small businesses etc) will be very ,very tee'd off with this...great vote winner (not)!!!

And I suppose we will all have to disable comments to our posts as we would become liable for any breach by our 'customers'...sheesh!