Thursday, 4 November 2010

Th...Th...Thats all folks!

Well nearly all, there will be one more post on this blog, as I have promised to update some of you , my readers, an update on the John Hurst case which is on tomorrow Friday 5th November, that will be my last posting on this blog, full stop, no coming back!

The whys?...  

there are many reasons why I am ceasing to blog at this point, the major stumbling block for me is the question of personal security...I have people who depend upon me and their safety comes FIRST!, no arguments, no concessions!

secondly, it is my belief that this system is in imminent danger of full collapse, if/when that time comes there will be no Internet to access anyway and if there still is I believe it will only be a tool for TPTB to trace and eliminate dissenting voices. Yes I understand they already know all about me and where I am but I will no longer be here for them to find come the day, the longer it takes for that day to come, the further away and harder to find I will be. If you want to understand what leads me to this thinking then I suggest you read  
The Alta report's  and understand what they are saying to us!

thirdly,  there is much work that has to be done to further any chance of our collective development into a truly 'free' society and I will have little time to keep this blog, with its very small readership, going!

For those who do read my blog I wish to apologise for this desertion and say thank you for giving me your time and comments. Some of you have turned into real friends and comrades in this titanic struggle which is facing all of us here on planet earth, special thanks go to The Cap'n , Spidey ,CS ,Fraser ,GOT, Rosie, Bunni and of course D&C, without whose friendship and support this blog would not have come as far as it has, Thanks mates!, if you will send me your e.mail addresses then I will keep in contact!

To all the people from all over the world who have dropped by in the last few months (5,600 odd visitors and 9,995 page views since I started keeping count) I thank you too! and please click on to the people above if you do not already read them, they are worth the look, there are others as well who are listed in my side bar and to all of those I say thank you also you have taught me a lot, funnily enough between you all you have taught me why I must leave! LOL!

I will leave the site up for the next week or so for those who might wish to look back through the old posts they may have missed, but then it will be gone....

Well all that's left to say really is...

Take care and look after your selves and those that you love!

NAMASTE (the divine in me bows to the divine in you)


Barking Spider said...

Sorry to hear you're leaving us, Indy, it seems like you've only been here for about five minutes. :-(

If you click on the email button in the sidebar of my blog and send me a message I'll get right back to you with my email address, mate.

Ah, okay, I've just found your email address down the page. ;-)

Captain Ranty said...


I understand and support your reasoning.

Mind yer back mate.

You can get me here:

captainranty at btinternet dot com



opsimath said...

I'm sorry to see you go, Indy - your blog was always entertaining as well as being controversial; it will be sadly missed.

However, all good wishes for you in whatever you decide to do with all your new free time, and see you again in the new year, perhaps!

Well, how many bloggers can actually give up? It's like heroin, only more addictive!

Have a good Christmas!

Quiet_Man said...

Take care, I only found your blog recently and thanks for the comments on mine.
Family has to come first.

Caratacus said...

Bollocky bumholes.

Still - it was good while it lasted Indy. Thanks for the laughs (+ ruined keyboards...)

Old kenpo saying, "He who hesitates, meditates ... in a horizontal position"

Watch your back amigo!

fraser said...

Indy,I'm sorry to hear this.Your blog started shortly after my old one,so it was interesting to see how we both progressed.Although in recent weeks i had noticed a slow down in your posting,but had put it down to you being busy.

I have the same concerns sometimes,about the home office snoopers but fuck em!We have to stand up to the establishment some how,but you have to do whats best for you.

You have my email,and its on my blog.I also hope to see you pass through my comments section occasionally.

You will be missed.Goodluck mate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that you're leaving the blogosphere so soon Indy. Shame ... you were one of the new stars IMHO. Take it steady and keep in touch ;-)


Catosays said...


I enjoyed your blog and reading your comments on mine.

I wish you and your family all the very best.

My e-mail's on my blog if you'd be kind enough to keep in touch.

Dazed And Confused said...

Caeser's praying for rain, lightning flashes around
The prophet is screaming, his head hits the ground
You should hear the warning if you read the signs
Play with your own life but don't play with mine
There was Moses and me when the wind took the change
He hands out the menu, he moves out of range
If you knew the action, you see us so blind
Play with your own life but don't play with mine
Oh oh oh oh
The shape of things to come
You're not invited to stay, you're not intended to go
Can you tell the future? I don't think so
You should hear the warning if you read the signs
Play with your own life but don't play with mine
The shape of things to come
You're living your way, I live in mine
May be tomorrow we will collide..

Corrugated Soundbite said...


Much like the Captain, I have to support your reasoning. My blogging has slowed down considerably as I read, learn and prepare (I imagine you've been doing a lot of that too).

People think I'm mad when I tell them I'm building up and maintaining a stock of pasta, soups and other assorted dried bits and pieces (which last two or three years) for when the shortages inevitably come.

I'll be keeping in touch by email. And thanks for your posts over at mine.

You'll keep you and your loved ones just fine, without a doubt. You're that sort of a bloke.

All the best,

All Seeing Eye said...

Bad news for the rest of us, but its for completely the right reasons.

Look after yourself and look after your family - its the first and only true duty.

Richard said...

Good luck, mate, and thanks for the cross-linkies, comments etc. Take care and be good.

Anonymous said...

I echo what everyone else has said, Indy! And thank you for linking me and considering me a friend, I'm in good company with you and our other friends.

I completely understand your reasons. It's way worse in UK than here (although we are fast catching up)
Stay safe & God Bless and I'll write you.

When you delete the blog there is a way to download something and save it somewhere, so you should consider that, you wrote such good stuff, and took such lovely photo's too!

Cheers and stay in touch, reading and visiting & commenting us. Namaste to you, too.
~Amusing Bunni

Anonymous said...

I have only just discovered this site and your blog. Wow what I have missed makes me mad as Obama! Good luck L